USPS In Transit To Next Facility – Meaning & How Long Till Package Arrives

The USPS handles millions of deliveries daily, so it is no surprise they have over 500,000 active workers today. Sometimes, when tracking your package, you come across different updates. “In transit to the next facility” status is a common status you may encounter if you haven’t already.

Many customers ask what this update means; others ask how long it will be until their package arrives. Furthermore, some users report that this update has been stuck for days and wonder if there was a problem with the delivery.

In this article, I will explain what the USPS “in transit to the next facility” update means and answer other related questions regarding this update.

What does USPS “in transit to next facility” mean?

When a package is delivered through USPS, it moves from one distribution facility to another. It has to be scanned at each distribution facility, sorted, and loaded onto a truck heading to the destination facility.

Basically, the in transit message implies that your package is on the move to another facility. This facility could be another random facility or the destination facility (the nearest facility to the recipient’s address).

What next after the “in transit to next facility” update?

After the package arrives at the destination facility near the recipient, it will be processed. The processing involves scanning the package and handing it to a courier for direct delivery.

Usually, a follow-up tracking update should be posted to notify the customer. This could come in various forms, e.g., “arrived at destination regional facility”, “departed USPS regional destination facility”, etc.

How long after this update will you receive your package?

There is no straight answer to this question, as it depends on certain factors. This includes the location of the recipient’s address and the number of facilities the package will go through.

That being said, it usually takes 3–5 days to deliver the package, if everything goes as planned.

Why is your USPS tracking update stuck in transit to the next facility?

While the USPS tries to ensure that all deliveries are done on time, delays happen more often than they’d hoped. This is caused by several factors, some of which include;

1. Delay due to heavy traffic or climate change

Some delays are unavoidable; traffic jams and bad weather conditions are examples. Such situations hinder the delivery process, causing delays.

2. Delay of the truck due to natural disaster

No one plans on having a faulty vehicle, but it happens to even the most prepared. Vehicles transporting packages may have faulty engines, and such packages will have to be held back a couple of hours or even days till the delivery can continue.

3. Might have missed a scan

It is also possible that your package has departed the destination facility but was not scanned. So you may assume that the update is stuck, but the delivery is still going on as planned but has not been registered in the system.

4. Item damaged or misplaced

There is also a possibility that the package is damaged or misplaced and cannot be scanned. Although it is a possibility, it is rare and should not cause any panic.

What can you do if this update remains stuck?

Generally, the best practice is to exercise patience, as the majority of the time, the delay is minor and can be resolved. I recommend waiting at least 5 days to see if the status update changes.

If after 5 working days, this update remains, then you should contact USPS customer care. You can contact them at (800) 522-9085 and speak to a representative about the current situation of your package.


Is there any way to speed up the delivery process?

There isn’t any. However, if you wish to have your mail delivered quickly next time, try using the USPS priority mail option. But you should note that this option costs more.

How long till a package moves to the next facility?

Depending on the distance, it may take between 24 – 48 hours, maybe longer.

Does “in transit to the next facility” mean lost?

No, it doesn’t. It simply means your package is moving to a nearby facility.

Why is your package in transit to the next facility for over a month?

There may have been issues encountered during delivery, perhaps the package was damaged or lost in transit. Please contact USPS customer service for inquiries.


The “in transit to next facility” message is a normal message. It means your package is on the move to a facility near you and is a normal process in delivery.

Usually, delivery is completed as planned in less than 5 days after seeing this message. However, if it happens to take longer, then chances are there were issues encountered. Simply contact USPS customer service for more info on your package.

I hope you found this article helpful. Also, see if UPS and USPS are the same.

Thanks for reading.