DHL Scheduled Delivery: Meaning, 7 Issues That May Arise & How To Address Them

“Scheduled for delivery” means your parcel is at the nearest DHL station or with a third party, waiting to be picked up for delivery. 

A common feature with orders at this stage is that they provide extra information on estimated delivery time and date. All you need to do is check your schedule, confirm availability, or reschedule delivery.

In this guide, you will find out how long a DHL Scheduled Delivery takes to arrive, the common issues that can arise, and how to resolve them. 

What Does “Scheduled for Delivery” Mean in DHL Tracking?

“DHL scheduled delivery” means your package is now at a regional DHL hub or a third-party carrier awaiting final delivery. Once your package is scheduled for delivery, it should arrive at your doorstep in a day or two.

You can check the expected delivery date and time to prepare yourself. Also, if you need to place a hold on a “DHL Scheduled” delivery,” it is best to act before the package gets into the delivery van. This way, you can easily pick it up whenever you want to. 

On the other hand, if the package is already on its way, you must wait for it or ask a neighbor to receive it. 

Common DHL Scheduled Delivery Issues 


Not all deliveries go smoothly. Therefore, when the status of an order says it has been scheduled for delivery, a couple of things can go wrong. 

These events can affect how quickly you get your package but should be resolved easily. Let’s look at some of the common reasons you may have to wait extra days for pick up or delivery. 

1. Pick-up delay 

A carrier must pick up DHL Scheduled Delivery before they can be delivered to you. Pick-up may be delayed when the company or the driver responsible for this action encounters unforeseen challenges. 

DHL will, however, update you on why and when to expect your package. 

2. Late delivery or delivery outside office hours 

What if the pick-up time was perfect, but the delivery personnel had issues with gridlock or the truck with your package? These are called delivery exceptions and usually result in late delivery. 

For instance, office packages should arrive during office hours. If you arrive late, there is a huge chance nobody will receive the package. This same rule applies to packages scheduled for home delivery. 

3. Damaged or lost shipment 

Another scenario that could extend the “DHL Scheduled Delivery” turnaround is when your package is lost or damaged. You must wait for such a package to be found or replaced before delivery can resume. 

4. Customs clearance delay 

Customs or port authorities can also delay a scheduled delivery if your shipment is missing essential documents. Congestion (due to clearing several international shipments) may also be responsible. 

5. Tracking errors 

When a DHL package is scheduled for delivery, you need to pay more attention to tracking. Tracking errors or discrepancies can occur if DHL is experiencing a glitch or downtime. However, they are rare and usually get immediate attention. 

6. Communication issues 

Communication issues between the carrier and package owner can also affect the fulfillment of a scheduled delivery. With proper communications, issues like drivers not finding the recipient’s location can easily be resolved. 

7. Missed delivery 

DHL expects you to track your package better after getting the scheduled delivery notification. This will help you avoid missing a delivery. 

What If DHL is Stuck on Scheduled Delivery?

1. Contact customer service 

It is understandable to be worried when an order maintains the “scheduled for delivery” for too long. However, you do not need to panic. All you need to do is contact DHL customer care.

Before contacting them, ensure you have all the necessary information, like the consignment number and package description. 

DHL will check with the distribution centers in your location to discover what happened to your package. You should also get feedback about the status of your package within 24 hours. 

2. Use the On Demand Delivery tool 

DHL also has the On Demand Delivery tool. This tool works for resolving late or out-of-office hours deliveries. In other words, you do not have to worry about not being available for delivery. 

With the On Demand tool, you can arrange a different online delivery method for free if your package is under DHL Express. Otherwise, you must pay a fee to choose a new delivery address, day (including weekends), and signature option.

3. Pick up the package

If you do not wish to pay to schedule a new delivery, you can pick up your package from the nearest DHL hub. Please note that this must be done within 7 days after the last delivery attempt.

Is “Scheduled for Delivery” different from “Scheduled for Delivery as Agreed” on DHL?

Scheduled For Delivery and Scheduled for Delivery as Agreed are somewhat similar updates. The only difference is that the latter means the assigned delivery date will be abided by. 

In other words, Scheduled For Delivery works with an “estimated delivery date and time,” while “Scheduled For Delivery as Agreed” confirms the exact day and time for delivery. 


What is the fastest DHL service?

DHL Same Day delivery is DHL’s fastest service. It can pick up a shipment of any size or weight and deliver it that same day.

How long does DHL take to update tracking?

DHL updates tracking within minutes after confirming any progress with your package. 

How many times does DHL attempt delivery?

DHL attempts delivery twice and for free. Failure to receive your package after two attempts means you must pick it up at a DHL Parcel Customer Point.

In a Nutshell 

When a DHL package is scheduled for delivery, it is already at the final pick-up station — awaiting delivery at the consignee’s address. As the recipient, you should get your package within 24 to 48 hours if everything goes to plan. 

However, if issues, such as your package getting damaged or lost, you may have to wait longer. You can contact DHL customer service to follow up on such a package. 

DHL’s On Demand Delivery tool may be the most convenient option for late or attempted deliveries. It should also help with most of the delivery modifications you need. 

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