FedEx No Scheduled Delivery Date Available At This Time – Meaning, Factors Responsible & Solutions

FedEx accepts and processes millions of packages for delivery daily. Moreover, if you are familiar with their shipping process, you would understand that the “no scheduled delivery date available at this time” update is usually harmless. 

This is because it signifies that your package has either yet to arrive at the facility or just joined a waiting queue of pending orders. Once the item undergoes sorting and scanning, you should get a scheduled delivery date. However, this may not always be the case. 

This guide sheds more light on what it means when FedEx tracking displays the “no scheduled delivery date available at this time” update and the factors responsible. You will also learn about how long the update should last and the resolution steps you can take. 

What Does “No Scheduled Delivery Date Available at This Time” Mean, and How Long Should the Update Last? 


“No scheduled delivery date available at this time” means your package or order has no estimated delivery date yet.

This is usually because such a package is yet to or just arrived at a FedEx facility and is progressing towards inspection, scanning, and being on the move for delivery.

If this is the case, the update should only last a few hours (for expedited shipping options) and a maximum of 3 days (for standard shipping). In other words, you should know when to expect your package after 3 business days, regardless of the shipping option. 

Factors Responsible for “No Scheduled Delivery Date Available at This Time” 

Aside from being a usual stage for package delivery, these are other factors that can result in this update:

1. Sorting exceptions 

Sorting exceptions are unforeseen factors that can delay the processing of a package for delivery. This can occur if a package is considered hazardous or missing an important clearance document during inspection or clearance. 

The port or sorting facility will contact the sender for an easy resolution. How long the entire process takes depends on why the package was delayed and how fast the seller responds. 

2. System or mechanical errors

While this is rare, system errors can also be responsible for why your package has no scheduled delivery date. For example, if a few sorting machines are faulty, processing becomes very slow until they are restored. 

Your tracking update should change within 48 hours (max) if this is the reason for the delay. 

3. Package got missing during sorting 

Since FedEx processes millions of packages daily, it is not unreasonable for a few packages to get missing in the shuffle. Such packages usually get found, provided it is not a case of theft. 

If FedEx cannot find the package, they will contact the sender to arrange and deliver a new one.  

4. Your package is in the wrong truck 

Your package may also be in the wrong truck. In this case, correction can only occur once the truck returns to the depot (after completing its daily deliveries). This means you should have a scheduled delivery date within 24 hours. 

What to Do If the Tracking Update Fails to Change 

Contact FedEx 

If you have waited for 3 business days and the tracking status for your order is stuck on “no scheduled delivery date available at this time,” please reach out to FedEx. 

You can also fill out an online form to inquire about the reason for the delay. Ensure you have essential details such as the tracking number and address information to aid the representative in finding out what is wrong. 

File a missing package claim 

While it is rare for FedEx customer service not to have a solution for package delays, it is not impossible. Such scenarios will only need you to file a missing package claim

This claim helps you with getting a refund or replacement if FedEx ends up not finding your package. 


Does FedEx deliver before the scheduled delivery date?

This is possible. You need to call FedEx and request the current shipping option be changed to a faster or expedited one, depending on when you want the package. 

What are the benefits of scheduling deliveries?

Scheduling deliveries allows carriers to ship and deliver packages in bulk. This helps lower delivery costs and guarantees efficiency. 

What is the difference between a delivery date and a shipment date?

The delivery date is when you are supposed to receive a package as a buyer, whereas the shipping date is the day your package arrives at the shipping company. 

This means a package can be shipped on July 17th but may not arrive at your location until July 22nd.

Wrapping Up

The “no scheduled delivery date available at this time” update means FedEx is yet to know when the package will arrive at your address. This is usually because the package has not or just arrived at the facility and is awaiting scanning. 

Once your package undergoes scanning and is on the move, your tracking update should provide a scheduled delivery date. This date becomes more precise once your package is “out for delivery.”

However, you should contact FedEx if your tracking update is stuck on “no scheduled delivery date available” for more than 3 business days. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, you should also see what it means when FedEx says a scheduled delivery is pending

Thanks for reading.