Does Instacart Take EBT? How To Use The Card & Eligible Stores In Different U.S. Locations

Instacart accepts EBT for only eligible groceries (those with an EBT label). Examples of food items you can buy using the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) card include meat, vegetables, and non-alcoholic products. 

In addition, you cannot use this card to pay for surcharges such as delivery and service fees on Instacart. A credit or debit card is required for these additional charges and to check out successfully. 

This guide explains the type of EBT card Instacart accepts, items you can buy with the card, and those you cannot. You will also discover how to use an EBT card and the benefits of shopping with EBT cards on Instacart. 

Does Instacart Accept EBT?

Instacart accepts EBT. This decision was made to support low-income individuals or families who wish to enjoy the luxury of online grocery shopping and delivery. 

The SNAP program allows you to buy food items such as meat, fruits, vegetables, baking products, snacks, drinks, and non-alcoholic products. 

This will not work for non-food items such as cosmetics, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, and drugs. A credit or debit card is required to pay for non-food items and additional surcharges attached to your order. 

Also, all participating stores on Instacart accept the SNAP Benefit card, and EBT Cash is not considered an acceptable substitute. 

Stores That Accept EBT Online Delivery on Instacart & Their Locations 

If you are interested in knowing Instacart stores that take EBT near you, here is a list of stores in the U.S. that accept the card and their location: 

  • Aldi – in over 39 cities, including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, and Illinois. 
  • Brookshire’s Ford & Pharmacy – Arkansas and Texas 
  • CashSaver – Oklahoma and Texas 
  • EatWell – Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Indiana 
  • Food Bazaar – New York 
  • Food Lion – Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Kentucky, North Carolina and South Carolina. 
  • Food-World – Oklahoma and Texas 
  • FoodMaxx – California and Nevada 
  • Giant Food – Arkansas and Texas 
  • Hannaford – Districts of Columbia, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland 
  • Lucky Supermarkets – California and Nevada 
  • Market 32 – Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York 
  • Market Bistro – New York 
  • Niemann Foods – Illinois 
  • Piggy Wiggly – Georgia 
  • Price Chopper Supermarkets – Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire 
  • Public – Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia 
  • Save Mart – California and Nevada 
  • Schnucks – Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Wisconsin 
  • Spring Markets – Arkansas and Texas 
  • Stop & Shop – Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island 
  • Attack & Van Til – Indiana 
  • Super 1 Foods – Arkansas and Texas 
  • Tops Friendly – New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont
  • United Supermarkets – Oklahoma and Texas. 
  • Woodman’s Market – Wisconsin

Please note that this list is subject to modifications because Instacart is still partnering with more stores. The easiest way to stay updated is to get the latest version of the Instacart app. 

How to Add an EBT Card to Your Instacart Account 


You must register your EBT card as a payment option to purchase items on Instacart. Below are the steps you need to take: 

  1. Open your Instacart app and sign in. For new users, visit your iOS or PlayStore to download the app and sign up by submitting your name, email address, zip code, and other basic details. 
  2. Once you are signed in, tap the 3 horizontal lines or the “menu” icon at the top left corner of your profile page. 
  3. Locate and click “Account Settings”
  4. Select “Payment Methods” and click on “Add SNAP card”
  5. Enter your EBT card details into the fields that pop up and save it. 

You can also follow these steps to add a credit or debit card to your Instacart account. In this case, you only need to click “Add Debit Card” or “Add Credit Card” instead of EBT Card. 

How to Shop on Instacart with a SNAP Card 

After successfully integrating EBT as a payment option on your Instacart account, the next step is to shop with it. To do this, you must: 

  1. Return to your profile page 
  2. Go to “Your Stores” to see the eligible stores you can shop from. 
  3. Visit eligible stores or supermarkets and add all the items you need to your cart 
  4. Proceed to the checkout page and select how much of your benefits you want to allocate to the order. 
  5. If your EBT card cannot pay for all the items, your credit or debit card will. 
  6. Choose between delivery or curbside pick up and checkout. 

How To Remove an EBT Card From an Instacart Account 

Perhaps your EBT card got lost, stolen, or expired; you can remove it and add a new one by following these steps: 

  1. Open your Instacart app and login 
  2. Click the “Menu” button at the top left corner 
  3. Navigate to your “Account Settings” and click “Payment Methods”
  4. Click on “Edit” on the current EBT card option to see the details of the card you wish to remove 
  5. Select “Delete and Save” to successfully remove the card. 
  6. If you have a new EBT card, add it using the steps I showed you earlier. 

Eligible and Non-Eligible Food Items You Can Buy on Instacart with EBT 

According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), SNAP EBT cards are strictly for food purchases. Hence, beneficiaries of this program who shop on Instacart can only buy food items such as: 

  • Meat and fish 
  • Bread 
  • Cereals 
  • Snacks 
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Seeds that can produce edible food 

Food items you cannot buy with an EBT card include: 

  • Beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages 
  • Tobacco or cigarettes 
  • Vitamins, drugs, and supplements 
  • Live animals 
  • Hot meals from restaurants 
  • Cosmetics, hygiene products, paper products, and cleaning supplies. 

Perks of Shopping with an EBT Card on Instacart 

Aside from the regular benefits you enjoy on shopping on Instacart, EBT grants consumers access to: 

  1. Free delivery or pickup on your first 3 orders of $35 or more. This offer is currently valid until the last day in December 2023. 
  2. Reduced service fees 
  3. Eligibility for same-day delivery, especially for those residing in the metro areas.


Can you pay Instacart delivery and service fees with an EBT card?

No. Additional fees, such as delivery and service, are settled with a debit or credit card. 

Can you tip Instacart drivers with an EBT card?

No. You can only tip a delivery driver with a credit or debit card. 

Who is eligible for EBT SNAP?

This SNAP Benefit program is for Individuals or families with a gross monthly income at or below 130% of the poverty. 

Where can you pay online with EBT cash?

Amazon, Target, DoorDash, and Walmart are the 3 stores that accept EBT Cash. Instacart does not. 

Conclusion: Does Instacart Take EBT? 

Instacart accepts EBT cards as a payment option, provided you are shopping for eligible food items with the food stamp benefit. While using this payment option, some of the errors to avoid include: 

  • Not checking if your local retailer participates in the SNAP Benefits program  
  • Not replacing an expired, lost, or stolen card
  • Using an EBT card with insufficient food stamp benefits 
  • Not adding a valid credit or debit card for additional expenses like delivery and service fees 

Lastly, if you are a SNAP beneficiary and stores near you do not participate in the program, give it time because Instacart keeps expanding. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Please proceed to see if Walmart also accepts EBT

Thanks for reading.