Does DoorDash Take EBT? How To Use The Card, Food Items You Can Buy & Stores That Accept This Payment Option

If you need help paying for food online and you are wondering if stores on DoorDash now take EBT, I’m happy to announce that they do. 

SNAP beneficiaries can now order groceries from nearby supermarkets and have them delivered or picked up. However, you should note that this is a new development, and only a few stores currently accept EBT on the platform. 

This guide further explains if DoorDash accepts EBT, why, and how to use the card. You will also discover the number of stores that accept the SNAP card and the food items you can buy. 

Does Doordash Take EBT? 

Yes, DoorDash now accepts EBT as a payment method for eligible food or groceries. This is mainly due to the company’s thirst for growth and expansion since its inception. 

For context, DoorDash is no longer just a food-delivery app or platform. It has joined the community of online retailers such as Amazon Fresh, Walmart, and Instacart to support low-income earners who rely on government assistance. 

Its premium service, DashPass ($9.99/month), also features a free 2-month membership for users who register and link their SNAP or EBT details to their account. 

To enroll for this reward, ensure you link your card directly to the payment method section under “Program Cards” on the app. Once your details are confirmed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to enjoy a free DashPass membership for 2 months. 

After this period, you must pay $9.99/month to continue to enjoy free delivery and reduced service fees for qualifying orders. 

Note: Terms and conditions may apply. 

Stores That Accept EBT or SNAP Benefits on DoorDash 

As I said earlier, this is a new development. While DoorDash is actively working on new partnerships, the few stores that currently accept EBT payment  for groceries include: 

  • Safeway 
  • Albertsons 
  • ALDI 
  • Some Meijer and 7-Eleven Stores 

Stores that accept EBT usually have a SNAP label hanging around their name. Ensure you check your DoorDash app regularly for updates. You can also send your email address to if you wish to be notified of future additions. 

How to Add EBT or SNAP Benefits Card on DoorDash 

Snap participants can only buy EBT-eligible food items in participating stores. But first, you need to add your EBT card. Here is how to do it in 5 easy steps: 

  1. Log in to your Doordash account via your username and password on the mobile app or website. 
  2. Navigate to “Account Setting” and click it. 
  3. Go to the “Payment” section and select “Add New Payment Method”
  4. Choose “EBT Card” and enter your card information correctly into the appropriate field. Details you will be providing the card number,  security code, and expiry date. 
  5. Click “Done” to save the payment option. 

How To Use EBT on DoorDash 

To buy eligible food products on DoorDash: 

  1. Login to your DoorDash account and go to the “Grocery” section. 
  2. Enter your zip code to see grocery stores you can shop from. Filter this result for SNAP-eligible items to see stores that accept EBT. 
  3. Select the eligible items you need and add them to your cart 
  4. Proceed to checkout 
  5. Select an EBT card as the preferred method of payment and the amount you’d like to charge your SNAP card. 
  6. Double-check your order for errors and choose a preferred mode of delivery – standard or non-contact.  
  7. Complete the transaction by clicking “Pay With SNAP” and wait for your groceries to be delivered. 

Please note that you cannot pay delivery fees, service fees, and taxes with an EBT card. You also cannot tip a Dasher food stamp card. 

These fees will automatically be deducted from a preferred credit or debit card linked to your account. 

What Can You Buy on DoorDash with EBT? 


Below is a comprehensive list of food items you can buy with your SNAP card on DoorDash: 

  • Bread and cereals, including crackers 
  • Milk and dairy products such as butter, cheese, and yogurt. 
  • Meat and fish
  • Fruits and vegetables 
  • Snacks and desserts 
  • Energy drinks with Supplement Fact Labels (not nutritional fact labels)
  • Seeds and plants that can produce food

What You Can’t Buy on DoorDash with EBT

Before DoorDash began partnering with grocery stores and supermarkets, it was solely known for delivering cooked meals and snacks from local restaurants to customers. 

While it still actively offers this service, you cannot buy hot foods or other prepared meals with an EBT card. Other food items you can not buy with this SNAP benefit include: 

  • Pet foods 
  • Paper products 
  • Personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies
  • Drugs and alcoholic beverages


Does DoorDash accept EBT cash? 

DoorDash does not accept EBT cash as a payment method for SNAP-eligible food items. Grocery stores or online retailers that accept EBT cash are Amazon Fresh, Target, and Walmart. 

Can you purchase SNAP-eligible and non-SNAP-eligible items at the same time?

You can order and checkout for both SNAP-eligible and non-eligible food items simultaneously. Your EBT card will pay for SNAP-eligible food items, while a credit or debit card will pay for any non-eligible item in your cart. 

Can you use a promotion code on a SNAP/EBT order?

DoorDash allows SNAP or EBT card owners to use promo codes. You must enter these codes when checking out your order (the usual way it is done).

Can you check your SNAP/EBT account balance on DoorDash?

This is possible at checkout. You need to enter your EBT card pin to see the current balance. 

What if you need to return an item you purchased with my SNAP/EBT card? 

Refunds for EBT-eligible items will be paid into your SNAP account. Credits may be awarded for orders purchased with a promo code. 

Wrapping Up 

The number of grocery stores that accept EBT is still very limited. Likewise, it is safe to say the participants who enjoy the SNAP benefits on DoorDash mainly reside in metro cities like New York and Chicago. 

Nevertheless, do not worry if you are a low-income earner with limited store options. DoorDash is working on expanding its reach daily. Another way to make your voice heard is to increase your demand and put a lot of requests to DoorDash on their help desk. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. SNAP cardholders who want better access to grocery stores within the U.S. should see the Instacart stores near them accept EBT

Thanks for reading.