How Long Does USPS Standard Shipping Take: Duration, Costs, Features & Comparison

If you want to ship a package within the U.S., USPS Standard Shipping might be the perfect option. It is budget-friendly, reliable, and features an array of benefits for items that are not time-sensitive. But how long does it take? 

This question primarily depends on your location within the U.S. If you reside in a very accessible area, there is a big chance you will get your package within 2 to 8 days. However, if you reside in areas like Hawaii, it may take up to 10 days. 

This article explores what USPS Standard Shipping is, how it works, and how long it takes. It also compares this affordable shipping service to the versions of carriers like UPS and FedEx.  

What is USPS Standard Shipping?


USPS Standard Shipping (now USPS Ground Advantage) is a service the United States Postal Service provides for individuals and businesses looking to ship items domestically (via ground transportation) or within the U.S. 

With this service, you can ship letters, small items, and large parcels if they do not exceed 70 lbs. Its major selling point is affordability because it allows you to ship at a rate lower than other carrier companies.

The shipping process begins with transporting a package from its origin to its final destination via ground transportation. Your parcel may be shipped by truck, train, or bike. 

Since this service strictly relies on ground transportation, it often takes longer to deliver items than express shipping options. 

Features of USPS Standard Shipping 

Aside from being affordable, it also comes with standard features such as: 


USPS Standard Shipping features basic tracking capabilities that allow you to track the progress of your package. You can do this via the USPS website by entering your tracking number. 

Delivery confirmation 

This shipping option also comes with delivery confirmation or proof of delivery to confirm the arrival of your package at the right destination. It also proves that the item was in good condition when it arrived. 


This choice of standard shipping offers a minimum of $50 insurance for most packages. This covers scenarios whereby a package gets lost, stolen, or damaged. You can easily file a claim with USPS to receive reimbursement. 

How Long Does USPS Standard Shipping Take? 

How long or the number of days you have to wait to receive a package via this service depends on factors such as: 

  • The distance between the origin and destination 
  • Size and weight of the package 
  • Time of the year (delivery during festive periods takes longer)

Generally, delivery via USPS Standard Shipping or Ground may take up to 2 to 8 business days. For areas like Alaska and Hawaii, it may take longer. You should also note that this service does not include holidays or weekends in its schedule. 

How Much Does USPS Ground Cost?

Prices start at $4.75. However, how much you will eventually pay for this service depends on the distance the package will travel, its weight, and any additional service you include.

To get a quote, visit the USPS website or any local branch nearest you. It is almost impossible for any carrier to beat USPS regarding domestic Standard Shipping. 

Factors That Can Delay USPS Ground Advantage

1. High shipping volumes 

Customers place more orders during holidays and special promotions. This influx of packages can be overwhelming and result in processing and delivery delays. It gets even worse when there are fewer workers. 

2. Inclement weather conditions 

Adverse weather conditions such as heavy snow or storms can render roads unpassable. Hence, it disrupts delivery to a postal facility or customer’s residence. This protects your package, delivery drivers, and their vehicles. 

3. Customs delay 

USPS Ground shipments going abroad undergo a compulsory customs check for documentation and compliance. This may result in a slight delay, especially if the destination country port is highly congested. 

4. Address error 

Providing USPS with an incorrect or incomplete address for your package will result in additional processing time. The postal service will need to contact you to correct the address mistakes before proceeding with your delivery. 

5. Unexpected events

Unforeseen events such as a pandemic or natural disasters will also delay package delivery for domestic and international deliveries. This type of delay is generally understandable. 

USPS Standard Shipping Vs. Other Ground Shipping Options

While USPS Standard Shipping remains an excellent and affordable option, it is not always the best choice for every scenario. Remember, I said they are best for packages that require little to no urgency. Let’s see how it compares to other round shipping services:

FedEx Ground 

FedEx Ground is the equivalent of USPS Standard Shipping on FedEx. The only difference is that it is a private service in more than one country. 

For example, FedEx Ground in the U.S. provides delivery within the U.S., and FedEx Ground in the UK does the same in the UK. 

FedEx Ground delivers a package within 5 days. But this service rarely comes cheap and may be best for larger businesses or individuals with higher budgets. 

UPS Ground 

UPS Ground and FedEx Ground share various similarities. This service boasts a turnaround within 5 days and is more expensive than USPS Standard Shipping. Use UPS Ground when you wish to ship large items. 


What is USPS’s standard shipping size?

Packages should not weigh more than 70 lbs. The higher the weight, the more money you pay. 

Does USPS charge by weight or size?

It depends on the service you opt for. For example, shape and weight determine the price for First-Class Mail, while weight, size, and travel distance do it for Priority Mail. 

Can you pick up your package from USPS?

You can pick up your package from USPS if it has been delivered to the station or you missed a delivery. 


USPS Standard Shipping remains a great option for businesses and individuals looking to ship items within the U.S. at an exceptional rate. 

It is affordable and offers user-friendly features such as tracking, insurance, and delivery confirmation. Understanding how this shipping option works, how long it takes, and its pricing structure can go a long way in ensuring you make better logistics decisions.

I hope you found this guide helpful. For further reading, please see what USPS tracking unavailable means and how to resolve this scenario

Thanks for reading.