How Many Stamps For A 10×13 Envelope: Cost Per USPS Postage Option & How To Save Money

When sending mail, it must be done appropriately. This involves placing the mail in a sizable envelope and including the ideal postage. How many stamps do you need if your mail is enclosed in a big manila envelope like the 10×13? 

How much stamp you need for a 10×13 manilla envelope depends on the weight, destination, and postage option. However, postage for such an envelope can cost from $0.55 to $26.35. 

Moving forward, this guide explains how much stamp is ideal for a 10×13 envelope for different mailing options and tips for saving money. 

How Many Stamps Do You Need For a 10×13 Envelope? 


To fully understand how much postage you need for a 10×13 envelope, here is a breakdown of the rates for different postage options: 

1. First-Class mail 

First-Class mail is a popular mailing option that delivers letters, documents, and invoices within 1 to 5 business days. If a First-Class (10×13) envelope weighs up to one ounce, it needs a stamp worth about $0.55 (if sent within the U.S.). 

However, if it exceeds one ounce, you must add $0.15 (maybe more) for every extra ounce. For envelopes going abroad, the postage rate is usually higher. Ensure you check the USPS website for the correct postage rate. 

2. Priority Mail

Priority Mail is a shipping option that allows you to send your envelope to any destination within three business days. This features tracking and insurance up to $50.

The cost of sending a 10×13 envelope through priority mail within the U.S. is about $7.16 for a flat-rate envelope (regardless of the weight or destination).

3. Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express is the fastest mail class offered by USPS. It guarantees the delivery of mail items overnight and provides free tracking and insurance up to $100.

The cost of sending a 10×13 envelope through Priority Mail Express within the U.S. starts at $26.35, depending on the weight and destination of the parcel. You may have to spend more on envelopes going abroad. 

Tips for Saving Money on Postage 

1. Use online postage 

Using online postage services such as and is an excellent way to save money and time when sending mail. These services offer discounts on postage rates periodically and help you avoid the hassle of joining a queue at the post office. 

2. Stick to standard mail dimensions

Standard mail dimensions help classify mail as standard or non-standard. If your 10×13 envelope obeys standard measurements, it will be processed quickly by the postal office’s automated sorting machine. 

However, if it deviates significantly, a non-machinable surcharge applies, and such a parcel must undergo manual processing. By sticking to standard mail dimensions, you can save time and up to $0.15 per mail item. 

3. Use flat-rate envelopes 

If the content of your mail fits into a flat-rate envelope, it allows you to send the mail at a lower price than other mail classes. This is because flat-rate envelopes have a predetermined cost regardless of the weight and destination of the item. 


What happens if you put too many stamps on an envelope?

The post office reserves the right to remove the extra stamp and use it on the next piece of mail they process or at any time. 

How many pages can you mail with 2 stamps?

You can mail up to 10 pages of standard page weight alongside an envelope with 2 stamps. 

What is an 11×17 paper called?

An 11×17 paper is commonly called a Tabloid, “B-Size,” or “Ledger” size (occasionally).


How many stamps you need for a 10×13 envelope primarily depends on the weight and destination of the mail. Other postage rate factors include compliance with standard mail dimensions and delivery speed. 

Since most people send their parcel within the U.S. via the First-Class route, you should look forward to paying about $0.55 for a 10×13 envelope weighing up to one ounce. 

An extra $0.15 (or more) for every additional ounce automatically applies if your mail weighs more than one ounce. Mind you; postage rates are usually higher for international parcels. 

Therefore, it is best to consult the USPS website or customer service before affixing a stamp on any mail. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Please see my guide on the meaning and how to process non-machinable letters or mail

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