Find Out What Customs Status Updated Mean

When shipping a package from one country to another, such a package must go through customs at some point. Hence, DHL ensures that customers are updated on the customs status of their packages.

The “customs status updated” message means that your package is going through customs clearance processing. But what’s next? How do you know if the process is going smoothly? Or what does it mean when this status stands for days?

In this article, I will explain what the “customs status updated” notification signifies, other messages that may appear with this notification, and what to do.

What does “customs status updated” mean?

As I mentioned earlier, the customs status updated implies that your package is being processed by customs. It is a normal clearance process that all packages must go through when shipped via DHL from one country to another.

The customs status updated notification is usually accompanied by a “Further Detail” tab. This tab should provide you with more information on the current clearance process.

In most cases, there is no added information; this is good as it means no problem has occurred till that moment. However, added information will be displayed in various forms in other cases.

It may come as “shipment has been given release”, “further processing is required,” etc. Along with this notification, the “Next step” section should indicate what should happen next or what you should do.

It often says, “unless there is an ad hoc exam or a stop by another regulatory authority, the shipment will proceed to delivery.” It could also come in other words to that effect.

You may come across an entirely different notification when further processing is required. Most of the time, you will see “A DHL agent will contact the shipper if added information is required.”

Why is your DHL tracking stuck on customs status updated?

Usually, custom clearance may take anywhere from one to three days. But in some cases, it stays longer than one would hope. It usually implies that something unexpected has occurred.

There are a ton of possibilities leading to this, some of the most common include;

1. Regulations

Each country has its regulations when it comes to customs clearance. This doesn’t necessarily mean your package is going to be shipped back. Your package must be checked properly to ensure all regulations are met.

2. Large volume of shipments

During most festive periods, the volume of shipments tends to be higher than usual. For this reason, the limited amount of hand present could take longer for your shipment to be cleared.

3. Suspected contraband

If a package is suspected of containing contraband or illegal items, it is held back until it is inspected. Hopefully, the sender knows better than to ship an illegal item.

In most cases, if nothing is found after inspection, the shipment continues as planned. This extra scrutiny normally causes a delay that may last more than five days.

What can you do about the stuck DHL customs status updated?

1. Contact DHL

Although the additional message does narrow down the problem, it still doesn’t tell you exactly why it has been delayed till this point. So your first move should be to contact DHL representative directly.

You can speak to a DHL representative via phone or live chat. They will give you extra information on your shipment and notify you if you can assist.

2. Cancel the DHL shipment

When it comes to customs issues, it is quite demoralizing. Most times, your best option could be to cancel the shipment. 

Speak to a DHL representative about canceling a shipment and the steps involved in getting a refund. The representative should advise you properly or give you the best viable solution to your situation.


DHL customs status updated – How long before delivery?

Generally, it may take anywhere from 2 – 4 days before delivery.

DHL customs status updated – “pending completion of customs inspection” meaning?

It simply means that your package will have to be inspected further. Continue checking the status occasionally, and the outcome should be updated shortly.


The customs status updated notification means that your package has arrived at customs and is being processed. It is usually accompanied by a Further Details tab where added information on the process is included.

If the “further details” tab comes without a message, it means all is going as planned at that moment. If there is an added message, it should state what process is being taken and the next step that may be required.

You can always contact DHL for inquiries or complaints about your shipment. A representative will advise you on the current status and how you can assist, if possible.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, if you did, you should also see what held in customs mean, the causes, and solution.

Thanks for reading.