What Does “In Transit” Mean On FedEx Tracking?

All logistics services use various terms to inform customers of the current status of their package. The term “in transit” is popular, whether for FedEx, UPS, USPS, or DHL.

Did you try tracking your FedEx package and come across the “in transit” message? I guess you want to know what this update implies and how long it will take you to get your package.

If you find yourself in this situation, you can rest assured that you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will explain the FedEx in transit update.

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What does “in transit” mean on FedEx tracking?

Many assume that the FedEx “in transit” message means your package is already on its way to you. While they are not entirely wrong, they are also not entirely right.

For FedEx, the “in transit” message simply means that your package has been scanned and processed at a nearby facility. Afterward, it should be loaded onto a truck and sent out for delivery.

This generally implies that your delivery is going smoothly and should be delivered soon. It does not mean it is already on its way as it could still be in the facility waiting to be loaded onto a vehicle.

How long after the “in transit” update till you receive your package?

Generally, after receiving the “in transit” update, packages take hours or days to be delivered. However, you should know that there are cases where delivery can take up to a week before it is completed.

Why is your FedEx package stuck in transit?

Although FedEx ensures packages are delivered on time, certain events may cause delays. Several reasons warrant a package being stuck in transit. 

In certain periods like festive periods, the amount of deliveries usually increases. As a result, it is sort of a norm to have a package stay longer in transit due to a large number of deliveries and limited hands on deck.

Other times, it could be that a recent event has hindered the courier from accessing your location. Such as bad weather conditions or no access to your location due to road blockage.

In situations like this, the package will be held at the facility until when delivery can be made. These are usually the normal causes of delays in deliveries.

The worst-case scenario is that your package is stuck in transit because of some issues at the facility. Perhaps your package was misplaced, damaged, or was loaded unto the wrong truck.

What to do if your package from FedEx is “in transit”

In most cases, these issues are handled completely by FedEx representatives. So the best thing you can do is have patience and await your package’s delivery.

That said, if your package remains in transit for an unusually long time, further action is required. Try to contact FedEx support for more inquiries on your package.

Ensure you have your package’s tracking number, so they can better assist you. The representative should be able to locate your package and determine the reason behind the delay.

FedEx “in transit” vs “out for delivery”

While both terms may appear seem similar, they are not entirely the same. This is because the former precedes the latter.

As I mentioned earlier, FedEx in transit implies that your package has been processed and should be delivered soon. On the other hand, “out for delivery” implies that your package has been loaded onto a delivery truck and is on its way to the recipient.


Can you reroute or change the delivery address of a package in transit?

Yes, you can. This can be done by calling FedEx customer care and requesting a reroute. However, you should note that this service is not free.

Does “in transit” mean it will be delivered today?

It may be delivered on the same day or could take several days.

Does the status “in transit” mean that my package is loaded on a moving vehicle?

Not necessarily. While it could mean so, it could also mean the package is still at the facility awaiting sorting onto a vehicle.


FedEx ensures that all customers are regularly updated on their packages’ status. If you come across the “in transit” update, your package journey is going as planned.

You should receive your package as soon as it is loaded onto a delivery vehicle. This can take anywhere from hours to days after seeing this update.

And in cases where this update stands for an unusually long period, do well to contact FedEx support for an update on your package.

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