Amazon Out For Delivery: Meaning, How To Track It, Delay & Cancellation Possibilities

Out for delivery on Amazon means your package has left the last pick-up station, is in a vehicle or bike, and is on its way to the address provided by the customer

There are a few pros and cons to this stage. On the bright side, there is a high chance you will receive your package that same day or the next. You can also track the delivery process using the tracking ID provided by the shipper.

On the other hand, once delivery is planned, you cannot change or add to such an order. Stopping the whole process is also very unlikely. You can only redirect the package to another address or refuse the package and ask for a refund.

Moving forward, this guide will explain the various factors that can delay a package, how to track it, and why a product out for delivery may be canceled.

What Can Delay a Package That Is Out For Delivery?


Diverse factors can delay the arrival or delivery of a package to your doorstep. Common ones include:

1. No proof of delivery 

Irrespective of which delivery service the shipper (the person sending the package) uses, the delivery personnel will require a signature or any other evidence of successful delivery.

If you are not at home and there is no neighbor to receive the package for you, the agent may decide to leave the package at your door alongside a door tag.

He or she may also leave a note before returning the package to the pick-up station. This is usually the case for a “direct signature required” package.

Nevertheless, delivery will take place the next day. You can also decide to pick up the package yourself.

2. A delivery exception

A delivery exception occurs when unforeseen events, such as bad weather or crazy gridlock, delay a package’s delivery. This scenario may delay the delivery for a few extra hours or days.

What matters is that another delivery attempt will likely occur the next day.

3. Delivery agent could not access your home

Sometimes, the courier may be unable to access your home or office. The courier probably arrived when you were closed for business or your gate was inaccessible.

This is usually the case for weekend deliveries, and another delivery attempt is very likely.

4. Miscommunication or errors

Miscommunication or errors can occur during the loading and sorting of packages into the delivery truck. Hence, your package may end up in the wrong truck.

Another mistake delivery companies make is assigning the wrong tracking ID to customers. While these events are rare, they will delay the delivery of a package.

What Happens if Amazon Says The Package Is Out for Delivery But The Order Eventually Gets Canceled?

This is a rare scenario, but it is not impossible. It simply means that something went wrong with the order, and Amazon had to cancel it. 

Both domestic and international shipments can experience this situation if the shipper skips proprietary processes and regulations.

Nevertheless, all you need to do is contact Amazon’s help desk for the way forward. You will usually get a refund once you provide the necessary payment proof.

Tracking a Shipment That is Out For Delivery

Generally, when a shipment is out for delivery, you should be able to track it. You can do this via the shipping or delivery company’s website or third-party tracking software.

For delivery processes under Amazon, you can track your package by:

  • Going to “Your Orders” (hyperlink).
  • Scroll to the order you wish to track.
  • Select the “Track Package” icon next to your order.
  • Finally, select the “see all updates” option for delivery updates. 

In addition, as a shipper or retailer, best practices encourage working with Amazon or the company delivering the package to send a tracking ID to the recipient very early. 

This mitigates the chances of delivery failures and keeps logistic expenses reasonable.


Does “out for delivery” mean you will get the package the same day?

Out for delivery means your package is coming to your doorstep. In other words, you should get your package that same day or the next.

What happens if Amazon does not deliver on time?

The delivery fee will be refunded and should reflect on your Amazon Pay balance. 

If you choose to Pay on Delivery, you have to pay for the full order before you can get a refund.

Does Amazon deliver on Sunday?

Amazon delivers on Sunday in areas eligible for Amazon Sunday deliveries. Customers in these areas often see Sunday pop up among the delivery days.

Wrapping Up 

When a shipment’s tracking status says it is out for delivery, it simply means it is one step away from arriving at your residence. In other words, it is already out of the pick-up station and should get to you that same day or the next.

If, for some reason, the package does not arrive timely; it is probably due to bad weather, lack of access to your home, or nobody to sign for the package. 

Not to worry, delivery will be attempted again, which is why it is important to track the package all the way.  

I hope you found this guide helpful. When completing a delivery, some packages may require a “direct signature”. Please see my guide on the meaning of direct signature required to know the packages that fall under this category.

Thanks for reading.