Amazon Delivery Attempted: Meaning, Factors Responsible & Optimization

Once an order or package is out for delivery on Amazon, it should get to the recipient that same day or the next. When such a delivery attempt fails, the order is tagged an “attempted delivery”.

Several human errors and unforeseen circumstances may be responsible for this scenario. Fortunately, Amazon has attempted delivery thrice. Hence, there is always a chance you will get your package on the next or third attempt.

However, if all attempts fail, your package will be returned to a pickup station, and you will get a refund eventually. These failures have negative implications on the experience of the sender and recipient.

This guide breaks down the meaning of an attempted delivery on Amazon and why it is important to get the first delivery attempt right. You will also find out the common reasons for attempted delivery and how to increase the success of every delivery attempt.

What Does an Attempted Delivery Mean on Amazon?

An attempted delivery is a notification that signifies an unsuccessful attempt to deliver a package. Factors responsible for this may transcend human power or not.

Nevertheless, a delivery attempt should take place at least three times. Failure to receive your package after the third attempt means your package will be returned to a pick-up station.

Significance of a Successful First Delivery Attempt

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1. Creates a positive first impression 

While it is important to keep coming through with delivery as a courier, the first delivery is surely what sets the tone for continuity. It makes the recipient happy and could also lead to referrals.

However, when you deliver late (for no genuine reason), it becomes disappointing for the customer, and you may need to rethink your courier choice.

2. Determines a sale

A prompt and successful shot at delivery the first time may decide whether a sale will succeed or result in cancellation. This is usually the case for time-bound items. 

3. Keeps logistics in check

You tend to spend extra on logistics for as many times you attempt a delivery. Aside from an attempted delivery (with genuine reasons), like when the buyer is not home, you may also have to refund the delivery money.

Conversely, when you have a high score of successful (first attempt) deliveries, logistics expenses are kept in check.

Common Reasons For Attempted Delivery on Amazon

1. Incorrect or incomplete address

This is the most common culprit for delivery failures. Errors in address can include wrong or omission of a street name, number, city, state, or zip code.

2. Nobody to provide proof of delivery 

The delivery personnel may also have to return the package to a pick-up station if there is no one to sign for the scanned package.

For packages that require a direct signature, the recipient must be at the right address on the day of delivery.

Otherwise, the agent may drop the package at your neighbor’s place if he or she signs on your behalf.

3. Receiver’s home is not accessible

This is a bit similar to the first point. However, in this case, your home or the delivery address may be locked, have no mailbox, or have a security dog. 

Another delivery will likely be attempted by Amazon the next day. However, if the result stays the same after three days, you may need to pick up your package at the pick-up station. 

4. Bad weather 

Adverse weather conditions like stone storms or hurricanes can prevent or delay a successful delivery. In this case, you must wait for the weather to improve. 

If your package is not among the early birds, this may take a few minutes or hours and eventually shift your delivery to the next day.

How to Increase the Success Rate of Deliveries

1. Proper communication

The most effective tweak to improving the delivery success rate is to communicate properly with your customer and courier.

Aside from providing a tracking number, this effort goes a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship for future orders.

2. Engage only excellent logistics companies 

When choosing a courier, it is always best to go for the ones with excellent track records. Do your research to determine which courier works best for your customer’s location and patronize them.


Will you get a refund if you refuse delivery on Amazon?

Yes, you will get a refund if you refuse delivery or a replacement.

However, you may need to state reasons for your decision to be eligible.

How many delivery attempts does Amazon make?

Amazon makes three delivery attempts on consecutive days.

If delivery is unsuccessful after three attempts, your package will be returned to Amazon and processed for a refund (if you already paid).

Can you pick up your package from an Amazon facility?

You can retrieve your package from an Amazon pick-up station once you receive a delivery notice (an email featuring a tracking ID and barcode).


An unsuccessful delivery attempt is generally frustrating. To avoid this, couriers and shippers should constantly communicate delivery dates and times to their buyers. They should also confirm that the address of the package owner is correct.

With proper communication, there is less chance for mistakes and an opportunity to build a successful reputation. While you can always initiate another delivery, it is a standard practice on Amazon for deliveries to be attempted at least three times.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Perhaps you would like to know if Amazon deliveries are generally fast, a package, please see do Amazon packages arrive early.

Thanks for reading.