What Does The USPS Update “Arrived At Hub” Mean & What Happens Next?

All logistics companies have specific updates depicting the current status of the customer’s package. Though some are pretty easy to understand, others aren’t. For USPS, “arrived at hub” happens to be one of those updates that are not easy to understand.

Does it mean that your package has arrived at the local post office? Does it mean that your package will arrive today? What exactly is a USPS hub in the first place?

If you ask any of these questions, you are in the right place. In this article, I will explain what the USPS update “arrived at hub” means and answer other questions related to this update.

What is a USPS hub?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) consists of different regional facilities, otherwise known as hubs. These hubs are not the same as the local post office, they are more like warehouses.

A hub is a facility where packages are sorted and sent on their way. Each package at the hub is grouped according to its region or final destination before they continue with the next delivery phase.

What does the USPS update “arrived at hub” mean?

“Arrived at hub” simply signifies that your package has been received at one of the USPS facilities. It, like many other packages, will have to be sorted. Afterward, it would be moved along with other packages heading to that region.

What happens next after package arrive?

What happens next depends on which USPS hub the package has reached and could go in two ways. If the USPS hub is already close to the final destination, it should go to the local post office next.

But if the USPS hub is far from the final destination, the process differs. The package must go to another USPS hub closer to the final destination first.

This may happen more than once, depending on the distance from the recipient’s address and where the package originates. USPS tries to make sure deliveries happen fast but still in a cost-effective way that benefits both them and their customers.

This involves different approaches, and the USPS hub is one of the ways to transport packages cost-effectively. They simply move goods from one hub to another until they arrive at a hub closer to the recipient’s address.

How long do packages stay at the USPS hub?

Depending on the nature of the service used, it can take hours or a day before the package leaves the USPS hub. But on certain occasions, it may take longer than that.

Particularly, festive periods, holidays, or periods where there are just backlogs of packages to be handled. 

How long after the package arrives at the USPS hub update till you receive your package?

The answer to this question usually depends on the distance to the recipient’s address or service. If the package is sent via priority mail, it would likely pass through only one hub and should come that day or the day after.

If the recipient’s address is not close to the delivery hub, it must go to another hub. You should receive your package within the next 3 days (but longer if it arrives at the hub on a weekend).

Can you pick up a package at the USPS hub?

Unfortunately no. USPS hubs are not designed to serve customers but to sort and redistribute packages. You cannot head to a USPS hub to pick up a package.

If you want to pick up the package, you must do that when it arrives at the local post office. You can simply contact your local post office and have them hold the package for you (hold mail). 

What if the USPS “arrived at hub” update is stuck?

If you notice that this update has been stuck for an unusually long time, then probably an issue has occurred. Some examples include;

  • A high number of packages at the hub (like during festive periods)
  • The package was misplaced within the hub
  • Staff shortage at the USPS hub
  • Package missing scan (and has been dispatched to next location already)
  • Technical issues within the USPS hub

Whichever the case, if this update remains stuck for more than 5 days, you should contact USPS. You can contact them online or by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).

The USPS representative should be able to give you concrete information about the status of your package. The representative should also give you reasons behind the delay and how soon your delivery will get back on track.


What update comes after the USPS “arrived at hub” update?

Usually, “in transit”, “arrived at destination regional facility” or “out for delivery” should come in after.

Does “arrived at hub” mean it has arrived at the local post office?

No, it does not. USPS hubs are like facilities in charge of sorting and distribution, not delivery. After leaving the USPS hub, your package will be sent to the local post office.


The USPS delivery infrastructure is a unique one. It is designed to make the delivery smooth and cost-effective for customers and USPS. Packages must follow certain facilities or hubs until they arrive at the local post office.

The update “arrived at hub” implies that the package has reached one of the USPS hubs. Afterward, it is sorted according to the region or final destination.

If the final destination is closed, it will go to the post office and the recipient. But if it isn’t, it must go to another USPS hub closer to the recipient first.

Hope this article was helpful. You can also learn what the status “Your package is on its way to a USPS facility” means.

Thank you for reading this article.