Do Amazon Packages Come Early? Factors That Affect Early Delivery

According to Red Stag, global eCommerce sales have grown 800% since 2010. A considerable part of this growth is said to be because of Amazon.

Thanks to their fast shipping, shopping online has been more convenient and cost-effective for online merchants and consumers.

But even though Amazon is fast, customers still ask: Do Amazon packages come early? The answer is yes. But this only applies to customers who are Amazon Prime members.

Do you want to know if Amazon packages arrive early and why? If yes, you are in the right place. Read this article to get all the answers you need.

Do Amazon packages come early?

Yes, they do. In cases where the customer is an Amazon Prime member, packages can come earlier. Amazon Prime members enjoy fast delivery, like 2-day shipping and day shipping. It is one of their perks.

For regular shoppers, once an order is placed, you will get an estimated delivery time and date. It is very normal for your package to arrive earlier or even later than the estimated delivery time.

How is Amazon shipping time calculated?

Usually, once an order is placed, Amazon will consider various factors to determine the delivery time. The first factor considered is where the item is coming from.

Items coming from one of the Amazon warehouses will likely be delivered faster. While items purchased from a third-party seller will most likely take more time,

Amazon will have to account for the time it will take for the package to arrive from the seller’s warehouse. Afterward, it is prepared for shipping.

The second factor considered is the location of the recipients. These locations have average delivery times, but Amazon must account for other factors while in transit. So they allow added time for traffic jams, bad weather conditions, etc.

The final factor considered is the availability of workers at the moment. During holidays or festive periods, online shopping is at its peak. Amazon will have to hire more hands to bolster the delivery process.

So when an order is placed, they consider the number of packages and workers on the ground. This helps them identify how fast or how soon the package will be delivered.

Why do Amazon packages come early?

As I mentioned in the section above, Amazon considers many things to estimate the time for package delivery. This helps give them a bigger window for delivery, although their main priority is to deliver fast.

Packages can arrive early if available in the Amazon warehouse, reducing the estimated delivery time. Another reason a package will arrive early is if no issues are encountered in transit.

If there are no traffic jams or bad weather conditions, your delivery will go as smoothly as expected. This will make the delivery arrive earlier than estimated.

Finally, the receiver’s location is another reason the package might arrive early. If the recipient stays in a dense area, he or she will likely receive packages earlier.

Drivers prefer to deliver to locations where they can deliver multiple packages along the way. So if you stay in a dense area, you will likely be attended to quickly.

Unlike people staying in remote areas or areas that are not populated. Their packages are likely to arrive within the estimated delivery time frame.

What if you don’t want the package coming earlier?

Surprisingly, most customers are uncomfortable when the estimated delivery time changes. Considering that the package might be expensive and won’t be available, it is fairly understandable. Luckily, you can simply reschedule the delivery for another time that is convenient for you. 


Do Amazon pre-order packages come early?

Amazon Prime members are likely to receive their item on the day of its release. Non-prime shoppers will likely receive theirs 3–4 days after the product has been made available.

What time does Amazon deliver during the day?

The delivery time for Amazon falls between 8 AM to 8 PM.

Do Amazon packages come on Sunday?

Yes, the delivery time for Sundays falls between 9 AM to 8 PM.


Amazon considers various things when giving an estimated delivery time for a package. The estimated delivery time is not fixed as various delays taken into account may not occur.

So, yes, an Amazon package can be delivered earlier than expected. But if you wish for the package to arrive at a specific time, you can reschedule the delivery. This way, the package will arrive at a time that is convenient for you.

I hope you found this article helpful. Also, learn the meaning of Amazon’s estimated delivery time and how it works.

Thanks for reading.