Your Package Is On Its Way To A USPS Facility – Find Out What It Means

“Your package is on its way to a USPS facility” is a popular update. You must have seen this update once or twice if you’ve used USPS to deliver a package. But what does this update imply?

Generally, this update indicates that your package is in transit to a USPS facility. Once it gets there, it follows specific processes before it departs. The next destination depends on the final destination or recipient’s address.

If you wish to understand what this update means and what happens next, then you are at the right place. This article explains what it means and the process involved. So, without taking much of your time, let’s get started.

What does the update “your package is on its way to a USPS facility” mean?

As I mentioned earlier, this update literately means what it says. That is; your package is on its way to a USPS facility using any of the shipping methods available. This could be either ground shipping, air shipping, or a combination of both.

What happens after the package arrives at a USPS facility?

Once packages arrive at the USPS facility, they follow certain processes before the delivery is made. Firstly, each package is scanned and sorted via its destination state or area code.

Afterward, depending on the distance from the recipient’s address, the package is either sent to the local post office or another USPS facility. The USPS tries to make all deliveries cost-effective, which takes a lot of work.

A package is often moved from one USPS facility to another. This happens until the package is closer to the destination address before it is handed over to the local post office.

How long does a package take to arrive at a USPS facility?

The answer to this question depends on certain factors. The most important factor is the nature of the package or the delivery standard used.

High-priority mail or first-class delivery will likely be done faster (and would also cost more). Unlike USPS retail ground and marketing mail usually take longer as they are not high-priority deliveries.

So, the time a package arrives at a USPS facility varies depending on the service used. This can be anywhere from 1 to 9 business days.

What if the update is stuck?

It is not unheard of for this tracking update to be stuck. This usually happens when there are issues while in transit. For example;

  • Loss
  • Damage
  • USPS tracking system failure
  • Overlooked package (which happens rarely), etc.

These reasons may cause this update to be stuck or longer than expected. But the good news is that USPS ensures that these issues are addressed as soon as possible, so this update shouldn’t remain stuck for too long.

However, if after 9 working days, this update remains, then the issue might be severe. Contacting the USPS would be the best course of action for you at this point.

You can also head to the local post office nearest you and speak with a USPS representative. Ensure you have a relevant ID and the tracking number for your package.


What update comes after the “your package is on its way to a USPS facility” update?

You may receive a follow-up update in various forms, such as; “arrived at sorting facility”, “departed destination sorting facility”, or any other update to that effect.

How long do packages stay in a USPS facility?

No set time frame or period packages stay in a USPS facility. However, it usually takes anywhere from 1 – 2 days for packages to be scanned and sorted at a USPS facility before it moves to the next destination.


The update “your package is on its way to a USPS facility” is very easy to understand. It means your package moves to a USPS facility via ground, air, or shipping methods.

The package will be scanned and sorted at the facility according to the area code or address. It could be sent to another facility or the local post office near the destination address.

I hope you found this article helpful, also see what to do when USPS says delivered but no package.

Thanks for reading.