Meaning Of Departed DHL Facility & What To Do If The Status Fails To Update

As online shopping becomes increasingly popular and accurate; real-time tracking updates have become a crucial aspect of customer experience. One of these updates is the “departed DHL facility,” and you will find its meaning here. 

The “departed DHL facility” tracking update means your package has left a DHL sorting facility and is heading to the next location. Usually, your package will make a few stops before arriving at your residence. 

This guide fully discusses the meaning of the update, how long it should last, the series of updates that follows it, and what to do if the status fails to update. 

Meaning of “Departed DHL Facility” 


“Departed DHL facility” is a tracking update that indicates that a package has left a DHL sorting facility and is heading to the next location in the shipping process. 

Please note that “departed DHL facility” does not necessarily mean your package is “out for delivery”. Such packages usually require additional transit time and sorting before it gets to the carrier who handles final delivery. 

How Long Should the Update Last? 

The waiting period for a package out of a DHL sort facility may vary depending on the destination, shipping method, and other exceptions. However, waiting up to 24 to 48 hours for the update to change or indicate any substantial progress is generally recommended. 

While waiting patiently, you should also track your package actively to ensure no issues or delays must be addressed. 

What is Next after “Departed DHL Facility”? 

These are the series of tracking updates that come after the “departed DHL facility” update: 

  1. Out for Delivery: This usually informs you that your package has left the final sorting facility and is going to your residence or office. 
  2. Exception: This notification means your package won’t be delivered at the scheduled time due to weather, gridlock, or other exceptions. 
  3. Delivered: This status confirms a successful delivery. 

What to Do if the Status Fails to Update or is Stuck? 

If the “departed DHL facility” status fails to update for an extended period, it indicates a delay or issue. To address this shipping problem, contact DHL customer support to know what is responsible for the delay. 

Delays may result from exceptions such as adverse weather, mechanical issues, or gridlock, just to name a few. In this case, you must be patient for a few days. 

On the other hand, if your package seems missing or damaged, requesting a replacement or refund is the ideal step. 

Other Significant Takeaways 

  1. If there are any significant delays or issues at any point in the shipping process, the carrier should notify you first. 
  2. Some carriers may offer the option to sign up for text messages notification to keep you updated on the package’s progress. 
  3. If your package requires a signature upon delivery, ensure someone can sign for it when it arrives. 
  4. If you aren’t available for delivery, DHL will hold your package for pick up at a local facility


How many days do you have to pick up a package from DHL?

DHL will hold your package (for pickup) for 5 business days before returning it to the sender. 

Does DHL tell you when it’s out for delivery?

DHL notify their customers when their package is out for delivery via text. This text will only appear once the driver is about 5 to 15 minutes away. 

Does DHL deliver on Sunday?

DHL delivers only urgent shipments on Sundays. Also, Saturday deliveries are only available for select locations. 

In a Nutshell 

“Departed DHL facility” is a critical shipping process update that indicates that the package has left a DHL sorting facility and is progressing toward its final destination. 

Mind you, this does not necessarily mean the package is already coming to your home. It may need to make a few stops or undergo additional sorting before final delivery. 

“Out for delivery” is the update that usually signifies your package is coming to your home or office. Hence, if your package is not out for delivery yet, you need to be patient and actively track it. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Please see what it means when a tracking update says “DHL tracking number not found”.

Thanks for reading.