How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship: Duration, Factors Affecting It & 5 Ways To Accelerate Shipping

Etsy is a global marketplace for handcrafted or vintage items. Because customers shop from sellers from different countries, they want answers to the “How long does Etsy take to ship?” question. 

On average, shipping and delivery occur within 3 to 7 days for items moving within the U.S. On the other hand, packages going abroad take longer, about 10 days. Please note that these turnarounds exclude delivery delays.

This guide explains how long it takes Etsy to ship, factors that can delay shipping, and tips on how to enjoy fast shipping on the platform. You will also discover how to know when your order has shipped and what to do if it doesn’t ship. 

How Long Does Etsy Take to Ship? 

While Etsy sellers have up to 30 days to ship an order, they do it within 3 to 7 days for local deliveries and 10 days or more for international shipments. To better understand how this works, there is a need to know how estimated delivery dates are calculated. 

The estimated delivery date is a combination of processing time and transit time. For instance, if the processing time for an order is 3 to 5 days and the transit time is 3 to 5 days, the estimated delivery date for such an order should be 6 to 10 days. 

Since the initiation of shipping comes after the processing time and before transit, you can assume it will take about 3 to 7 days for the item to ship. Please note that the waiting period may vary for different sellers.

Factors That Can Delay Shipping on Etsy


1. The seller’s processing speed

As I mentioned earlier, processing and transit time determine the estimated delivery date for your package. The former involves the package preparation that precedes a drop-off at a courier facility. 

Hence, before you buy from any seller, check their page to know their shipping policy and speed. While this will help you avoid disappointment, there are times when other unforeseen circumstances can delay the processing time and shipping. 

2. Choice of courier or shipping option

Another thing to note before you buy a vintage item on Etsy is that sellers are primarily responsible for choosing couriers. Hence, the shipping options and speed on different seller’s pages will vary. 

Check the seller’s page for reviews and information about shipping speed and available shipping options.

3. Your location 

Your location is another crucial factor to consider when choosing a shipping option. This will help you decide if standard or express shipping is appropriate. If you are shipping within the U.S., standard shipping is ideal.

You can also choose expedited delivery if you want the package to be delivered within 24 to 48 hours. On the other hand, urgent international shipments usually require an express shipping option. 

4. Public holidays and weekends 

Most couriers do not operate on weekends and major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. The active ones attend to special orders or shipments with a guaranteed delivery date. 

5. Buying from different sellers 

As an Etsy customer, you can expect delivery to occur at intervals if you buy from different sellers. This can keep you waiting for a long time if one or two orders experience a delay. 

How to Enjoy Faster Shipping on Etsy 

1. Prioritize local sellers 

Prioritizing local sellers means your package will be shipped faster. It also ensures prompt resolution of delivery issues, like when an item gets lost or damaged before delivery. 

The only exception is when the item is only available or cheaper abroad. 

2. Avoid placing orders close to weekends 

If you need an item urgently, placing such an order on Monday is advisable. This way, you can guarantee delivery before the weekend, especially if it is within the U.S. You can also accelerate the process by choosing expedited shipping options. 

3. Choose ready-to-ship items 

While not every item on Etsy will feature the “ready-to-ship” label, opting for it can eliminate any shipping delay. Such items are prepared and can be delivered to a courier almost immediately. 

Simply enter “ready-to-ship” in the search bar to discover items under this category. 

4. Prior communication with Etsy sellers 

Etsy sellers have a section on their page where you can ask them questions. You can use this medium to make a special request for an order even before placing it. This way, you are sure the seller will accommodate your request and can place your order confidently. 

One of the special requests you can make is the possibility of a local pickup for nearby sellers. You can get your package without waiting for a delivery driver to follow a schedule. 

5. Consider buying from one seller 

This is very important if you are buying multiple items on Etsy. Buying from one retailer makes it easier for the seller to combine your order and expedite delivery.  

How to Know If Your Order Has Shipped


Perhaps your order has failed to arrive on the promised delivery date; you may need to check if your order has shipped. Here is how to check the estimated delivery date for active orders: 

On the website

  1. Login to your Etsy account 
  2. Go to the “Purchase and Review” tab  
  3. Click it to see a list of orders
  4. On the right side of these orders, their status, and the estimated delivery date. 

On the app

  1. Login to your account 
  2. Tap “You” or your profile 
  3. Select “Purchases” to see the list of active orders, their shipping status, and their estimated delivery date 
  4. These dates will appear next to the image of the item. 

Please note that not all orders feature an estimated delivery date. The shipping option provided by the seller determines that. 

What If Your Etsy Order Never Ships?

If the status of your order fails to change from “shipped” to “in transit,” you should contact the seller. If the seller fails to respond within 48 hours, file a claim with Etsy. The seller has to provide proof of delivery to Etsy or agree to refund or replace the item. 


Who pays for shipping on Etsy?

Buyers pay for the shipping and delivery of a package when they place an Etsy order. 

How much does Etsy take per sale?

Etsy deducts a 6.5% charge from the total cost of an order. A breakdown of this fee will be provided on your payment account. 

How much do you have to buy on Etsy to get free shipping?

It depends on what works for the sellers. However, most sellers provide free shipping for domestic orders up to $35 and above. 

Is eBay better than Etsy?

It depends on your preference. eBay features a wide range of products, whereas Etsy is niche-specific and focuses on custom-made and vintage items. 

The Bottom Line: How Long Does Etsy Take to Ship? 

Generally, Etsy sellers are expected to ship packages within 30 days after placing an order. While this is the standard, Etsy sellers average a shipping speed of 3 to 7 days for domestic deliveries and about 10 days for international shipments. 

In addition, you should check a seller’s page before patronizing them—this way, you know their processing and shipping speed and when your package should arrive. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. You should also discover what to do if your Etsy order never arrives

Thanks for reading.