Etsy Order Never Arrived: Reasons & How To Address It

Etsy customers sometimes experience shipping issues like delays and the delivery of the wrong item. On rare occasions, your order may not have been shipped or was shipped but never arrived at its destination.

While this is usually a frustrating experience, it requires patience. The only time you can conclude that an Etsy order never arrived is when the tracking portal says the order has been “delivered,” and there is nothing at your residence. 

This guide covers the factors responsible for such a scenario and how to address it. It will also feature how fast Etsy sellers issue refunds to buyers. 

Why Hasn’t Your Etsy Order Arrived?


While tracking your Etsy order, if the status reads “delivered” and you are yet to receive it, below are the factors responsible:

1. The item was delivered to the wrong address 

Customers, sellers, and couriers can be responsible for delivery mistakes like shipping a package to the wrong address. For customers, it is usually a case of providing an incomplete or wrong address. 

Couriers and delivery drivers can also be lazy and make mistakes when dealing with two or more similar addresses or sending items to an unfamiliar territory. The package may also have been placed in the wrong truck. 

2. The seller sent you the wrong tracking ID

While this is rare, sellers sometimes succumb to the pressure of high demand for their products and make mistakes when issuing tracking numbers to customers. A surge in demand may also be responsible for errors like sending the wrong item to a customer. 

3. Scan errors or mistakes

Most couriers sort and scan packages before preparing them for shipping and delivery. The essence of this procedure is to reduce delivery mistakes. However, scanning errors can occur because courier employees process thousands of parcels daily. 

An example is when an employee mistakenly scans your item and confirms its status as delivered when it is yet to ship. This will create confusion and force you to inquire about your order. 

4. Technical difficulties 

Due to a technical glitch, your order may be incorrectly marked as “delivered” on Etsy’s tracking portal. The shipping company may also be responsible if there is an integration error. 

5. Your order got lost or was stolen 

If your package fails to arrive a few days before or after Etsy’s estimated delivery date, there is a possibility that it has been stolen or lost. The good thing about this is that such orders usually get replaced and delivered. 

6. Your neighbor has the package

Some orders feature special delivery instructions in case no one is at your residence. This instruction may permit drivers to drop the package at any safe spot within your property or leave it with a neighbor. 

When it is the latter and you do not make inquiries, it is easy to assume that the item never arrived. 

Etsy Order Never Arrived: 5 Steps to Take


1. Be patient and check with your neighbor

There is usually no need to get frustrated when a tracking portal says your order has been delivered, but you have yet to receive it. It is likely due to delivery delays or technical glitches. 

Being patient and asking your neighbor if they received any packages on your behalf can resolve the issue. 

2. Double-check the tracking number provided by the seller 

Some customers rarely track their packages. They only note the estimated delivery date by ticking it on their calendar. While this is understandable, especially for busy individuals, tracking your package can help you detect errors early. 

If you are extremely busy, the least you can do is check the tracking number provided by the seller for correctness after placing the order. A wrong or incomplete tracking number can provide incorrect tracking updates. 

3. Double-check your shipping address 

Sometimes, your order may be delivered to the wrong address or person. Hence, when your tracking update says your item has been “delivered” and you are yet to receive it, confirm that you provided the correct address. 

4. Contact the seller 

You need to contact the seller on Etsy if the tracking number you have or the delivery address provided is incorrect. Below are the steps required to contact a seller on Etsy: 

  • Login to your Etsy account 
  • Go to the “Purchase and Reviews” tab 
  • Locate and select the order you wish to report 
  • Click on the “Contact The Shop” button on the right side of your screen 
  • Explain the issue to the seller and include relevant information like the order number, the date you placed the order, your address, and the item you ordered. 

You should get a response from the seller within 5 business days on how the issue can be resolved. 

5. File a case or contact Etsy

Filing a case is another decision you can make if: 

  • A seller fails to ship within the stated processing time on their page without any reasonable reason.
  • They are not responding to your inquiry. 
  • The item arrived damaged or does not match the description on the seller’s page 

Here is how to get started: 

  • Login to your Etsy account 
  • Go to your order page and select the failed order 
  • Click on the  “Open a case” button and provide details about the order and why you are filing a claim. Include relevant screenshots and documents. 
  • Wait for Etsy to investigate your claim and provide a resolution. 

Please note that you can only file a claim on Etsy within 100 days after delivery. 

Does Etsy Refund for Lost Packages?

Etsy will issue a refund after reviewing your claim and confirming that it is genuine. This process can take up to 3–10 business days. You can also request a replacement if you do not want a refund. 


Are Etsy sellers responsible for lost packages?

Etsy sellers are responsible for lost packages and other issues that can disrupt delivery. However, the seller won’t be responsible if your package is stolen after delivery. 

What happens if an item arrives after a refund?

You can keep it and ask the seller to reverse the fund or create a new invoice. Conversely, you can reject the package and keep the refund. 

Do refunds process on weekends?

Etsy sellers do not process refunds on weekends. 

Conclusion: Your Etsy Order Never Arrived 

You should contact the seller when your order never arrives or delivery has failed. This is because Etsy expects its sellers to answer delivery questions from customers. 

However, before contacting a seller, investigate to confirm if the mistake was from your end. This way, the issue can be quickly resolved. Conversely, if the seller is responsible, give them time to review the order and respond. 

You should also note that you can file a claim if a seller fails to respond within 48 hours. With a claim, you can request a cancellation, a replacement, or a refund. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. For further reading, please see how long it takes Etsy to ship

Thanks for reading.