Here’s How Much To Tip Pizza Delivery: Factors To Consider & The Significance Of Tipping

If you are a big fan of ordering food, groceries, or anything else online, you must have (at some point) thought of how much to tip the delivery driver. While tipping is not an obligation, it is a way of showing appreciation. So, how much should you tip for pizza delivery?

A minimum of $3 to $5 is usually enough for small orders. You can exceed this minimum if your order is large or circumstances make it necessary. 

Moving forward, this guide recommends how much to tip for pizza delivery using standard etiquette and why tipping is important.

How Much to Tip Pizza Delivery 

You can tip 10% to 20% of the total cost of your order. You can also tip the delivery driver based on the size of your order. Generally, orders that cost $20 or less are considered small orders. 

You can leave between $3 and $5 tips for such orders. However, if your order costs over $20 or is within the $100 range, you should tip more ($10 or above, preferably).

Aside from the size of your order, other factors that should influence how much you tip include: 

  • The quality of service provided by the service and the driver, especially if everything was smooth. 
  • The distance the driver traveled to deliver the pizza 
  • Weather conditions when the package was delivered
  • When the driver keeps you informed, especially when there is a possibility of a delay,

Why You Should Tip a Delivery Driver 


Aside from being an appreciative gesture, tipping: 

1. Can make or break delivery gigs

Generally, delivery drivers earn minimum wage or less. Considering how much they spend on gas, repairs, and insurance, you will understand why they make little profit. 

When you tip, you contribute positively to the local economy of drivers. This ensures sustainability and supports the continuity until they land a better gig. 

2. Motivates toward quality service

Tipping also provides incentives for drivers to provide prompt and quality service. A good tip can encourage drivers to make extra efforts to ensure your order arrives early and satisfactorily. 

3. Quicker response 

Pizza delivery requests via third-party apps such as DoorDash or Grubhub get quicker responses if the trip includes a tip. No tip may result in a very slow response, especially when it involves distant locations. 


Is it rude to not tip Domino’s delivery?

It is not a rude or mandatory gesture. Most people tip to appreciate the convenience of the service provided and support the driver. 

Can a customer take back a tip?

Tips are usually non-refundable. Once you have given a driver or waiter a tip, the money is longer yours. 

Which country tips the most?

The U.S. and Canada. Tipping between 15% to 20% is more or less a culture in these countries, unlike Asian regions like China, South Korea, and Japan. 

In a Nutshell 

Tipping can seem a bit pricey, especially when considering other surcharges in your order. These fees (such as delivery and service fees) do not belong to the delivery drivers. 

Restaurants or food-delivery services use them to maintain and improve their service. The only way you can appreciate or support a driver directly is to tip them (preferably in cash.)

Also, customers should learn to tip delivery drivers even when their order arrives late. This is because drivers are mostly responsible for order lateness. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see if it is rude to not tip takeout.

Thanks for reading.