Discover If It Is Rude Not To Tip For Takeout Orders

It is not rude to not tip for takeout. While there are several schools of thought on tipping etiquette, it is still generally considered an optional gesture. 

In other words, you can decide whether to tip for takeout. You can decide which services you consider tip-worthy and how much tip you will leave.

To make these decisions easier, this guide explains if it is rude to not tip for takeout, how much to tip (if you decide to), and factors to motivate you. 

Is It Rude to Not Tip for Takeout Orders?

As I said earlier, it is not rude to not tip for takeout orders. This is because the service requires you to order in real time and take the food home to enjoy. 

In other words, it does not require a waiter, table service, clean up, delivery, or other services that might motivate you to leave a tip. Besides, the only person you would communicate with is the waiting staff. 

However, you may leave a tip if you feel the coffee shop or restaurant has gone above and beyond to provide excellent service or deliver faster than expected. 

Another factor that should motivate you to tip for takeout is an in-depth understanding of how much wait staff earn in your location. For example, in the U.S., waiting staff earn an average of $2 or slightly more per hour, which is very low but is also what the restaurant can afford. 

Hence, to support the staff and the restaurant, you can leave a tip to ensure the restaurant continues providing excellent services. The wait staff also has a reason to be happy on the job. 

How Much to Tip on Takeout Orders 


The same way you get to decide on tipping a restaurant or not is the same way you decide how much to tip. While the decision is entirely up to you, the general rule of thumb assumes it is best to leave a tip worth 10% to 20% of the total order. 

In other words, 10% for large orders ($100 and above) and 20% for orders below $100. Also, in some cases, you can leave your change with the restaurant or coffee shop staff. 


Why do some people never tip?

Not everyone can afford to tip for takeout or delivery services. People with little money or on a shoestring budget find it difficult to leave a tip because they have a plan for every penny and would not jeopardize that plan for social approval. 

How do you deal with people who don’t tip?

You don’t need to do anything rash because you don’t know why the customer did not leave a tip. The least you can do is ask such customers about the areas of your service you need to improve. 

Do waiters prefer cash tips?

Not just waiters (but everyone) prefers cash tips because they do not require waiting for credit card tips to be settled and disbursed later. However, customers who do not have cash should feel free to tip via credit or debit cards. 

Do you tip before or after you pay?

The best time to tip is at the end of a service. However, some apps may provide customers with a field for including a tip while placing a takeout or delivery order. 

In a Nutshell 

Tipping has no specific rule. Therefore, It is not rude to not tip for takeout orders. Nevertheless, it remains a friendly way to appreciate the staff and restaurant for the service and convenience they provide. 

In addition, most employees combine the revenue generated from tips with their wages to survive. For coffee shops or restaurant owners who are sole proprietors, this is another way to ensure the business does not fold up. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see if it is necessary to tip for a curbside grocery pickup

Thanks for reading.