6 Reasons Why You Can’t Cash Out On Uber Eats & Ways To Resolve Them

Several factors may explain why you can’t cash out on Uber Eats. Common ones include exceeding your daily and weekly limits. 

By default, Uber Eats pays their drivers once every week. However, those who do not want to wait can choose the Instant Pay or Flex Pay option to cash out their earnings, provided they are eligible. 

This guide covers 6 reasons why you may not be able to cash out on Uber Eats and the steps you can take to resolve them. 

Why Can’t You Cash Out on Uber Eats? (6 Reasons)


1. Exceeded your daily or weekly cashout limit 

As I said earlier, this is one of the common reasons the cashout option will fail to work on Uber Eats. For context, Uber Eats restricts drivers to 5 withdrawals per day and a maximum of $2,000 per week in the U.S. 

In countries like New Zealand and Australia, you can only cash out a maximum of $1800 and $1,700, respectively. Once you’ve reached this maximum, you must wait until the next day to withdraw your earnings.

The only way to withdraw unlimited funds is to wait for Uber Eats’ default (scheduled) payout. 

2. Yet to meet the 25 delivery threshold 

Uber Eats also has requirements that qualify drivers for cash out or quick withdrawals. One of them is that new drivers must complete at least 25 rides before they can become eligible. 

You must hold off for up to two weeks to get your first pay from Uber Eats (standard procedure). After that, you can withdraw at will (provided you have completed 25 rides).

Cashout issues due to not fulfilling the 25-delivery threshold usually come with the unique message “Cashout functionality is not currently available for your account.”

3. Payment method does not support cash out 

Instant cashout or any fast withdrawal option will also fail if the payment method you entered during registration does not support it. This is usually a bank problem. Feel free to contact them to know what to do. 

4. Your payment profile is inaccurate 

While this is usually rare, an inaccurate profile or contrasting payment information on Uber Eats will affect your cashout eligibility. One way to be sure is when you don’t get paid during the weekly (scheduled) deposits. 

5. Server outage or maintenance 

Uber Eats server may experience a downtime temporarily due to maintenance or a glitch. During this period, drivers cannot withdraw earnings until the server is restored. 

The same thing can happen to your bank. Although very rare, bank servers also get disrupted. This may result in cashout failures. The good news is that service restoration will only take a few minutes or hours (at most).

6. Your account Is under review 

Your account may be under review if hacked, temporarily inactive, or flagged for potential security concerns. You must wait until the review is completed or contact Uber Eats customer service to know what to do. 

However, most reviews only take 24 hours, and you should be able to withdraw once your account is cleared. 

What To Do When You Can’t Cash Out on Uber Eats 

1. Be patient 

As I have hinted earlier, some withdrawal issues require patience. Examples include when it is related to a server outage or your account is under review. Both instances usually take less than 24 hours to be resolved. 

2. Get the latest version of Uber Eats 

Sometimes, all you need is to upgrade the app. The Uber Eats server may not allow mobile transactions on your device if your app information is not updated. 

However, with the latest app version, patches for previously discovered issues and extra enhancements make it possible. 

3. Submit your payment information again 

Before concluding that you can’t cash out, you should double-check your payment information and submit it again, whether there is an error. 

Sometimes, withdrawal requests get approved after a second trial. Essential details that must correlate with your payment information include your name and address. 

4. Reboot the device 

If you have been experiencing a series of sluggish behavior from your device before the failed cashout attempt, you may need to reboot it. 

Relaunching your device ends all active background processes and reboots every software. This may be necessary for you to cash out your Uber Eats earnings. 

5. Contact customer service 

If all the options above don’t work, please get in touch with the Uber Eats support team for further assistance.


Is there a fee for Uber Eats Instant cash out?

Yes, a minimum of $0.85 applies to every withdrawal. 

Can you have 2 Uber Eats driver accounts?

Uber only permits one account per user. The platform regularly checks for duplicate accounts and may ban users found guilty. 

How long does Uber Eats take to verify accounts?

Within 48 hours. 


Drivers now enjoy better access to their earnings thanks to different cashout options. However, unlike the standard (Monday) weekly payments, this option comes at a cost, is limited, and can be prone to issues. 

If you can’t cash out on Uber Eats, try to find out why and apply any appropriate solutions in this guide. In cases where you do not know where to start, don’t hesitate to get in touch with their support team. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Here is how much Uber Eats drivers earn per delivery

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