How To Add A Stop On Uber: Steps Required, 6 Reasons You Might Be Unable To & What To Do

Whether you are planning to run an errand or your plans change midway into a ride, knowing how to use the Uber “Add a Stop” feature is essential. These features allow riders or customers to add stops before or during a trip on Uber. 

If you include stops before booking a ride, Uber will provide you with the total amount for the trip. However, the ride fee increases (accordingly) if you include stops midway through a trip. This is because you have added to the distance and time spent on such a trip. 

Moving forward, this guide explains how you can add a stop or multiple stops on the Uber app (which works for both iPhone and Android) and factors that can make it difficult or impossible. 

You will also discover how to resolve these situations and general tips for an excellent experience. 

How to Add a Stop On Uber 


You can add a stop on the Uber app by following these steps: 

  1. Open the app on your smartphone and click on “Where to? ” to plan your trip 
  2. You will see a “+” symbol near the search bar. This button is designed to help you add a stop to the trip. 
  3. Enter the first stop in the field reading “Add a stop”
  4. If you wish to add a second stop, include it in the next “Add a stop” field. 
  5. Add your final destination to the last taskbar and tap “Done”
  6. The same process also works if you wish to add a stop midway into a trip. You only swipe up to see your trip details and click “Change or Add” next to your destination to use the “+” button to add one or two stops. 

How to Delete/Remove a Stop on Uber 

Deleting a stop before or midway into a trip is also easy on Uber. You can remove a stop if the person you wish to pick up suddenly has an emergency or there is a change of plan. You only need to: 

  1. Go to your trip screen 
  2. Click on the “x” symbol to remove any stop you included. 

Why Can’t You Add a Stop on Uber?


As simple as adding a stop to a trip on Uber is, several reasons may be responsible for this experience: 

1. Ride Category

Uber offers different riding services. There is UberX and Uber Share. It is possible to add a stop to a trip on the former. On the other hand, you cannot add a stop when using Uber Share. 

This is a service that allows customers heading to different destinations to share a ride. To avoid trouble or disrupting other people’s trip schedules, Uber Share does not allow adding stops. 

2. Technical issues 

This is usually the primary reason customers may struggle to add a stop to an Uber, especially after choosing the right ride category. These issues can arise in the form of connectivity issues, server issues, or app glitches. 

Hence, it is always advisable to have a strong internet connection when booking or trying to add a stop to a trip. You can also try to restart or update the Uber app if the issue persists. 

3. Inaccurate or disabled location 

If your smartphone’s location is disabled or inaccurate, you may find it difficult to add a stop to a trip. This is primarily because the app cannot determine your exact location. Ensure your location is enabled and is displaying the correct information before trying to add a stop. 

4. Driver restrictions 

Uber drivers sometimes have a personal preference for not accepting rides that feature stops or accepting them midway into them. The driver may have time constraints or scheduling conflicts, making it difficult to accommodate stops. 

This can also be influenced by Uber policies and local regulations. 

5. Significant route deviation 

You may be unable to add a stop to a trip on Uber if the stop significantly deviates from the original route. Uber app rejects such actions to ensure or maintain efficiency and fairness for both passengers and drivers. 

General Tips for Adding a Stop on Uber

  1. Consider the driver’s time and avoid unnecessary delays. Uber expects every stop not to exceed 3 minutes. Longer waits will incur extra fees. 
  2. Do not directly request your driver to stop without adding a stop on the Uber app. 
  3. Avoid editing your destination frequently to avoid confusion.
  4. Do not leave or forget personal belongings and wait locations. 
  5. Do not insist drivers wait or park at unsafe locations like busy roads and cross streets.

Can Uber Take You Somewhere and Bring You Back? 

Uber offers round-trip rides to customers who wish to be picked up and returned to their starting point. You only need to enter both destinations when requesting the ride to enjoy their service option. 

In addition, most Uber ride categories, including UberX, Uber Comfort, and Uber Black allow you to set multiple destinations for a round-trip. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to check the options available for your location, as services may vary. 


Which Uber ride is the cheapest?

UberX Share is the cheapest, and you can consider it if the basic UberX does not fit your budget. This ride category comments you to other passengers headed in the same direction and does not support adding stops. 

Is Uber cheaper than Bolt?

While rates usually depend on the city and time of the day, Bolt is generally cheaper than Uber. 

Can you do 2 stops with Bolt?

You can add more than 2 additional stops (3) on Bolt using the “+” next to the “Set Destination” field. Drivers can also edit the sequence of the stops for better route efficiency. 

Final Thoughts 

It is safe to say Uber has successfully integrated extra convenience and flexibility into their app by allowing customers to add stops to their trips. This way, you can book a ride and pick up your friends on the way to an event, amongst other things. 

Please note that Uber has different ride categories, and not everyone supports adding a stop. However, if your choice of ride supports it and you find it difficult to add a stop, contact customer service. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. For further reading, discover how much Uber drivers earn per trip

Thanks for reading.