See If You Can Request A Female Lyft Driver?

Ridesharing apps like Lyft have revolutionized the way people commute. They offer convenient, reliable, and affordable transportation services. However, riders ask if they can specifically request a female driver. 

The answer is NO. You cannot request a female driver on Lyft. In other words, if a female driver attends to a ride request, it is out of pure luck. This is because there are more male drivers (about 70%) than female drivers (about 30%).

Moving forward, this guide explains (in detail) if you can request a female Lyft driver, but before then, it is essential to understand how Lyft works. You will also learn about other ride-hailing apps that allow you to request female drivers. 

Understanding How Lyft Works 


Lyft is a rideshare app connecting people with nearby drivers who use their vehicles. This means when you request a ride, the nearest driver will see your request and accept it (if he or she is interested).

The driver then picks you up and drives you to your destination, and you pay the estimated fare for the ride. The app also provides driver information for safety purposes. 

Can You Request a Female Lyft Driver? 

Unfortunately, Lyft does not have the option to request a female driver. This is because the app does not differentiate drivers by their gender. You can only find the available drivers near you and book whichever one you want. 

However, riders can check the driver’s rating, reviews, and profile before booking a ride. In most cases, you will likely review a male driver’s profile. 

Rideshare Apps That Allow Users to Request Female Drivers 

The fact that Lyft does not allow riders specifically to request female drivers does not mean other apps won’t. Here is a list of rideshare apps that allow riders to request female riders: 

1. HERide

HERide is an Atlanta-based ride-hailing network that offers safe and secure transportation for women who feel more comfortable with female drivers. The ride-sharing app thoroughly vets its drivers and features a unique rating system that rewards excellence. 

2. Just Her 

Just Her is another ride-sharing that attends to only women riders. It features a variety of well-maintained cars and allows the rider to track their driver in real-time. 

3. Wilma Rideshare 

Wilma Rideshare is a membership-only female ride-hailing network based in Canada. The network thoroughly screens its female drivers to ensure customers experience a safe and reliable trip. 

It also offers a loyalty program that allows customers to earn points per rider, which can be redeemed for free or discounted rides in the future. 

4. Shebah 

Shebah is an Australian female-only rideshare network. Their drivers undergo extensive background checks, interviews, and training to ensure passenger safety. The app offers an emergency help button, live ride tracking, and a Share My Trip Feature. 

Others include: 

  • Bolt – via the Bolt’s Women Only feature and is available in Europe, Africa, and North America. 
  • Didi – a Chinese all-female ride-hailing app available to Women in Mexico and Brazil. 
  • Fyonko – the first-ever all-female rideshare network in Egypt. 

Safety Tips for Riders 

Aside from the safety measures taken by rideshare networks, essential precautions riders must take include: 

  1. Verify the driver and the car before getting into it. This involves quickly checking the car’s model and matching the driver’s face with what is on his or her profile. 
  2. You should share your ride details with someone you trust, especially if traveling alone. 
  3. Sitting in the back seat lets you exit the car quickly in an emergency. 
  4. Always put on your seat belt and stay alert throughout the trip. Avoid getting distracted by your phone or other devices. 
  5. If you feel unsafe during a trip, use the emergency assistance button on the app or call 911.


Which is more expensive, Uber or Lyft?

The overall cost of using both apps is similar. However, Uber includes surge pricing faster than Lyft, making a rider pay more. 

Can you use your Lyft account on another phone?

There is no big deal in using your Lyft account on another phone, provided you are not navigating the app simultaneously. 

Does Lyft accept luggage?

Lyft accepts and does not charge for luggage if they fit safely within the vehicle. 

In a Nutshell 

While Wish does not have an option allowing riders to request female drivers, you can be extremely lucky to be matched with one of the few. However, if you specifically need a female driver for your trip, you should check out rideshare services like HERide and Just Her. 

As ridesharing continues to grow in popularity, riders must also learn to prioritize their safety and take necessary precautions. This includes verifying the car and driver, using a seat belt, and not shying from using the emergency assistance button. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. You can also explore Threaller for other informational rideshare guides.

Thanks for reading.