Here’s What Happens If Uber Can’t Find A Driver, Reasons For Such A Scenario & What To Do

Uber has become one of the most popular transportation solutions in the world. This is thanks to the convenience the app provides for trip requests. Nevertheless, there are times when Uber can’t find a driver for a requested ride. What happens, then? 

If Uber can’t find a driver for a particular trip, the app will notify you that no driver is available. A couple of factors may be responsible for this. They include your destination and the availability of drivers. 

Moving forward, this guide explores what happens if Uber can’t find a driver for a trip, why it may occur, solutions, and other key takeaways. 

What Happens if Uber Can’t Find a Driver? 


If Uber can’t find a driver for a trip, the app will notify you that no driver is currently available for that trip. While this is a very rare scenario, you need to be patient and try again. 

In fact, there are times when the app will give a wait time estimate. This wait time helps the person who needs a ride know when to check the app or try again. 

However, should a driver accept a ride and not show up, he or she will not be compensated.  

Why Can’t Uber Find a Driver? 

1. Low driver availability 

Some remote areas generally have fewer drivers to meet riders’ demands than others. If you find yourself in such an environment — patience, adjusting your location, or finding an alternative like Taxis may be ideal. 

2. High demand during peak hours 

Rideshare services generally have peak hours. This is when drivers face or experience an influx of trip requests. If the amount of requests exceeds the number of available drivers, Uber may not be able to find you a driver instantly. 

Additionally, drivers are usually very selective during peak hours. After all, they are in the business for profit and must be smart with every decision. 

3. Technical glitches 

Technical or connection issues within the company’s algorithm may also prevent riders from receiving ride requests. When this happens, no driver will accept your request, and it would seem like Uber can’t find you a driver. 

What to Do When Uber Can’t Find a Driver? 

  1. Try again after waiting: This is highly recommended during peak hours or for locations with few Uber drivers.
  2. Adjust pickup location: If you are in an inaccessible location, feel free to move to a location with better accessibility, like a nearby or cross street. This can help increase your chances of finding a driver 
  3. Opt for alternatives: If Uber can’t find a driver, you can try using alternative ride-hailing services such as Lyft or local taxi companies. 

Other Key Takeaways 

  1. Uber offers surge pricing during peak hours at their discretion. This means you may have to pay more for a driver to be available to accept your trip. 
  2. Uber pool rides may take longer to find drivers than UberX, which only serves one rider. Moreover, the former is more affordable. 
  3. There are locations where Uber drivers have to pass background checks and meet certain age limits or car requirements to become drivers. 


Why does Uber take so long to find a driver?

Uber does not just find you the closest ride; it considers the most optimized for everyone. 

This is called “batch matching” and is mostly responsible for how long the process takes. 

Does Uber refund you if you cancel?

You can cancel a trip whenever you want via the app. However, a cancellation fee may apply (on your end) if a driver has already accepted the trip. 

Can you request Uber to pick up another person?

Yes, you can book a ride for other adults via the app.

Can you ask an Uber driver to make a stop?

You can ask your driver to make multiple stops, provided it is already included in the trip.


There are times when Uber cannot find a driver for your trip. While this can be frustrating, you must only be patient or adjust your pickup location (in most cases). 

However, if the problems persist, opting for alternative ride-hailing options or a taxi is best. You can also contact Uber support via the app, email, or social media to find out if there is a technical glitch. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Feel free to check out my guide on how to spot a cross-street as a lot of Uber drivers hang around these locations. 

Thanks for reading.