OGP Walmart Meaning: How It Works, Delivery Options, Perks & Downsides

The full meaning of OGP Walmart is Walmart Online Grocery Pickup. It is a service that allows you to place grocery orders online and pick them up or have them delivered. Most people prefer the latter because it is convenient and budget-friendly.

Walmart workers who pick up these orders are known as OGP associates, pickers, or dispensers. While the service attained prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is safe to say it is here to stay.  

You are at the right place if you are interested in knowing more about this excellent service. This guide covers the meaning of OGP Walmart, how it works, delivery options, and turnaround. You will also learn about its perks and downsides. 

Meaning of OGP Walmart and How It Works? 

Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup (OGP) is a free service that lets you order groceries online and select a convenient time for pickup. An OGP associate is responsible for shopping for and preparing your order.

At the end of this process, the local will send you a “Ready for pickup” email. Before heading to the store, call or check in in the Walmart app to notify the store you are on your way. Once you arrive, an in-store shopper will join you with your groceries and load them into your car. 

Walmart Delivery Options and Speed 

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Alternatively, you can opt for home delivery. Walmart partners with multiple local carriers that can deliver your groceries swiftly. In this case, you will receive an email to notify you that the driver is en route. 

Please note that if you wish to enjoy Same-day delivery, placing an order as early as 10 am is always best.

1. Standard delivery 

This is the most economical option at Walmart. Delivery may take up to 1 to 3 days and can be tracked. Most orders above $35 usually enjoy free standard delivery. However, this is only for eligible products and select stores. 

2. Third-party store pickup 

Walmart also allows you to pick up groceries at a third-party store like the FedEx store. This service is usually free, and how fast you pick up your package is entirely up to you. 

3. Express or same-day delivery 

Express delivery is faster than standard delivery. It offers same-day delivery and tracking for your groceries. Only orders worth a minimum of $35 are eligible for this service, and it requires an extra $10 on top of the existing delivery fee. 

4. Walmart Plus

Walmart also offers a subscription service that lets you enjoy free and same-day delivery all year round without the $35 minimum restriction. This service is called Walmart Plus and costs about $12.95 per month or $98 per year. 

Benefits of OGP Walmart 


1. Saves time and hassle 

Walmart’s OGP helps you avoid the hassle and overwhelming experience, a common feature in crowded stores like Walmart. Instead, you get to order groceries online (from your home or anywhere) and pick them up or have them delivered at a designated time. 

2. Helps you save money 

Sometimes, Walmart offers discounts or promotions for online items that may not be immediately effective on in-store items. When you capitalize on such deals, you get to save money.

3. An option for customers with mobility difficulties 

OGP Walmart is also a handy service for people with mobility issues or disabilities. It allows you to access Walmart items without needing to shop physically. 

4. Review-based decisions

As with other online stores, Walmart provides review information for every item. These reviews are from customers who have already used the product and left feedback. 

Scanning a few reviews can help you make better decisions regarding an item. This is usually not the case for in-store shopping because everyone is in a hurry and not in the mood to converse. 

5. Better privacy 

If you also value privacy, OGP Walmart might be perfect for you. It helps you order items without the fear of prying eyes or sentimental opinions. 

6. Easy gifting for friends and families 

Perhaps you wish to send gifts to a friend, and your busy schedule makes it seem impossible. You can place such orders via OGP Walmart and send them to the celebrant. 

You only need to provide Walmart with the person’s name and phone number. If you place the order early enough, they should be able to pick up the package that same day. 

Downsides of Walmart OGP 

1. Lack of physical inspection 

While OGP Walmart allows you to make review-based decisions, you won’t be there to inspect the groceries for damages or correctness physically. While this is not a common incident, it is a luxury that OGP Walmart denies you. 

Nevertheless, you can always request a refund for damaged groceries or inaccurate orders if it is eligible under Walmart’s standard return policy.

2. Late delivery 

This can be inevitable in the case of exceptions such as bad weather, faulty vehicles, or gridlock. Aside from these factors, if you place an order as early as 10 am, you should get your item that same day. 

3. Fraud risk 

When shopping online, always watch for hackers or fraudsters interested in gaining access to your card information. Although Walmart has a system in place to fight fraud, not becoming a victim should also be your priority. 


Is Walmart OGP free?

Of course, shopping for groceries online is free and offers the same price for items as it would for physical shopping. 

Who delivers items from Walmart?

Walmart delivers groceries to customers mostly via FedEx and USPS. It may also employ independent contractors such as DoorDash, Roadie, and Spark. 

Can you tip Walmart delivery?

Yes, all you need to do is add the tip via the website or mobile app after the order has been delivered. 

Meaning of OGP Walmart in a Nutshell

OGP Walmart is a service that lets you shop online and pick up or get your groceries delivered to the desired location. The service guarantees better privacy and allows you to gift items to friends and families without moving an inch. 

If you are not using the pickup services in this guide, you must choose either standard or express. Standard delivery should get you your package within 2 or 3 days.

Express delivery guarantees same-day delivery if you are willing to pay an extra token on top of the existing delivery fee. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Walmart Plus – a service that lets you enjoy all these benefits for free and without the $35 minimum restriction. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Since FedEx is one of Walmart’s trusted carriers, you should see why your Walmart order is experiencing a delay.

Thanks for reading.