How Much Is DoorDash Delivery Fee? – Overall Cost & 6 Ways To Spend Less

When you order on DoorDash, the overall fee will reflect various charges when checking out. Aside from the food price (usually the highest), watch out for the delivery and service fees charged. 

DoorDash delivery fees usually range from $1 to $5. However, depending on your location, merchant or restaurant, and proximity, you may pay more. 

This guide explains how much DoorDash generally charges as delivery fees and its importance. You will also discover the additional charges that will or may appear in your order and how to spend less on them. 

How Much is the DoorDash Delivery Fee?

DoorDash charges a $1 to $5 delivery fee for most orders. However, some orders can attract higher delivery fees depending on the time of day, proximity, and restaurant policies (such as markups or additional delivery fees).

This fee helps DoorDash cover costs associated with order delivery and pay drivers their base fee (usually between $2 and $10). In other words, this fee makes the service financially lucrative for every party (DoorDash, Dashers, and restaurants).

Aside from the DoorDash delivery fee, other fees you may have to pay include: 

  • Service Fee: This is a mandatory fee. It usually makes up 10–15% of the order total. The amount you eventually pay depends on the time of day and market demand. 
  • Small Order Fee: Some merchants or restaurants have a minimum order amount. When an order’s subtotal is below this amount, you may be charged a $2.50 small order fee. 
  • Expanded Range Fee: This extra fee allows DoorDash to provide you access to restaurants far from you. Especially when they are the ones who can prepare the order just how you like it. 
  • Express Fee: You pay an Express fee when you want your order delivered faster. This occurs during checkout and allows DoorDash to match you with a Dasher almost immediately. 
  • Regulatory Response Fee: A fee you’d have to pay when local or state regulations increase operating costs for delivery. 
  • Estimated Tax: This is calculated based on local regulations and the order subtotal. The finalized fee is reflected on your order receipt.
  • Optional Dasher Tip: Dashers also get tipped either at checkout or immediately after the delivery (in cash). This is optional and completely belongs to the Dasher. 

What is DashPass?


DashPass is the membership you need to subscribe to if you do not wish to pay delivery fees for your orders. However, to enjoy this $0 delivery fee, your order must meet the subtotal minimum or requirement set by DashPass-eligible restaurants. 

Such restaurants have a teal DashPass logo attached to their brand. The subscription for this service is currently $9.99/month and $96 annually. 

There is also a DashPass service for students. It gives eligible students membership to DashPass for $4.99/month and $48 annually (about the regular price). The good thing about both services is that you can cancel anytime before the renewal date without penalty.

How to Avoid a Huge DoorDash Delivery Fee

Aside from subscribing to a DashPass service, here are other ways you can reduce the DoorDash delivery fee:

1. Avoid peak hours

Peak hours inflate delivery and other fees associated with an order regardless of location, distance, or restaurant policy. Examples of such hours include office lunch hours and weekend evenings. 

2. Patronize restaurants with a lower delivery fee

DoorDash charges a delivery fee for every order. This fee becomes very high when the merchant or restaurant does the same.

To avoid this, choose restaurants with lower delivery fees and good reviews. Browse the DoorDash app and compare the delivery fees of restaurants. 

3. Pick up your order instead 

Another effective way to save on delivery fees is to use the pickup option while checking out your order. You only need to plan and pick up items on your way home. 

4. Order from nearby restaurants 

Placing an order with a nearby restaurant does not allow DoorDash or the merchant to charge a high delivery fee. This is because they know the driver will arrive at your place shortly. It is also a great idea for customers who prefer pickup orders. 

5. Look out for promo codes 

DoorDash gives out promo codes that can reduce how much you spend on an order. These codes may offer a percentage or dollar discount. Earn these credits and use them for special orders from your favorite but distant restaurants. 

6. Use Alternative Delivery Services (if it is cheaper)

DoorDash is not the only food delivery service. There are others, such as Uber Eats and Grubhub, with competitive delivery fees. Just do your research to know which best suits your budget. 


Does DoorDash accept cash?

DoorDash accepts cash. You can also link your credit or debit card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay account to DoorDash. 

Does DoorDash accept PayPal?

DoorDash will not allow you to link your account to a PayPal account. However, you can buy gift cards via PayPal and pay with them. 

Is Uber Eats cheaper than DoorDash?

DoorDash is the cheaper option, although Uber Eats delivers faster.

Final Thoughts 

DoorDash delivery fee may seem high, but when you consider the distance and other logistics demands associated with a delivery, you will understand why it is so.

In addition, delivery fees make placing orders via DoorDash somewhat expensive. Additional charges (as explained in this guide) also play a part when necessary. 

This knowledge will help you decide if DoorDash is the best service for your food delivery or if you should consider others.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Please see if DoorDash drivers can pick up multiple orders.