USPS Postage Options For 5×7 Envelope & Their Fees

A 5×7 envelope is a popular choice for sending greeting cards and other portable documents. Categorically, they are small envelopes and one First-Class stamp is usually enough postage. 

The postage for a 5×7 envelope may cost anywhere from $0.48 per ounce depending on which USPS service is responsible for its shipping. You should also note that these envelopes do not require extra postage. 

Moving forward, this guide answers every question regarding how many stamps or postage you need to mail a 5×7 envelope via USPS. You will also learn about how non-machinable surcharges work for every USPS mail. 

How Many Stamps Do You Need For a 5×7 Envelope? 


Currently, the postage rate for a First Class 5×7 envelope is $0.48 for 1 ounce. If your envelope weighs more than 1 ounce, an additional postage of $0.44 is required. 

In other words, if a 5×7 envelope weighs 1.5 ounce, you will be paying for two stamps. If it exceeds 2 ounces, you will be paying for 3 stamps (the trend continues). This why the envelope is said not to accept extra stamps.

For greeting cards or postcards going abroad, postage is usually higher. Ensure you check the USPS postage calculator to get an estimate. 

Other postage options for 5×7 Envelopes

While it is strongly advisable and more affordable to stick with First Class stamps for 5×7 envelopes, it is not the only way to mail them. Other USPS services that can help include: 

  1. Priority Mail: offers faster delivery and better insurance than First Class service. Their parcels arrive within 3 days and with a postage fee starting from $9.65. 
  2. Express Priority Mail: This USPS option guarantees mail delivery overnight with a postage fee starting from $28.5. 

Will A Forever Stamp Work on 5×7 Envelopes?

A Forever Stamp should be sufficient if the 5×7 envelope weighs one ounce or less. This is because the stamp used for First Class mail and currently costs about $0.63.

However, if the envelope weighs more than one ounce and the extra cents from the Forever Stamp cannot cover it, you need to buy an additional ($0.48) stamp. 

Also, there are instances where your package may weigh less than one ounce but is very rigid (non-machinable). Such a scenario attracts a non-machinable surcharge. 

What is a Non-Machinable Surcharge? 

If your 5×7 envelope is an odd shape or contains anything that might get stuck in a sorting machine such as buttons or zippers, it may require a non-machinable surcharge. 

This could also apply to envelopes that are too rigid or those with an address that can’t be automatically read by the sorting machine. The non-machinable surcharge is usually a minimum of $0.25 on top of the standard postage rate.

Such parcels are eventually processed manually. 


Can you mail a 5×7 wedding invitation with a small RSVP card in it with a regular stamp?

You can mail a 5×7 wedding invitation with a small RSVP card without needing an extra stamp. 

However, it is always best to use the postage calculator or visit the post office to get the parcel weighed before mailing it in bulk. 

What is another name for the 5×7 envelope?

The 5×7 envelope can also be called the A7 envelope. 

Which is bigger between A6 and A7 envelopes?

A6 envelopes are bigger than A7 envelopes. The former has an area of 4.75 x 6.5 inches while the latter has an area of 5.25 x 7.25 inches. 


Understanding the proper postage for 5×7 envelopes is crucial to ensuring that your mail is delivered efficiently and promptly. While you only need about $0.48 (per ounce) worth of stamps to mail a 5×7 envelope, there are other factors you must consider. 

They include the need to obey the weight limitations set by the carrier, check their website for up-to-date postage rates, and weigh a few samples at the post office (if you will be mailing them in bulk). You should also address the parcel appropriately. 

Finally, overpaying for postage is simply unnecessary just as underpaying would result in non-delivery or mail return. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see how many USPS stamps you need for a 10×13 envelope

Thanks for reading.