FedEx Overnight Shipping Options & Their Cut-Off Time For Drop-Off

Regarding overnight shipping, FedEx is one of the most reliable carriers in the market. However, to get your package delivered the next day, knowing the cut-off time for FedEx overnight drop-off is essential.

The cut-off time for an overnight service represents when FedEx employees would stop accepting packages for overnight deliveries. Since this service has numerous variants designed to meet various needs and budgets, different cut-off time also applies. 

This guide discusses the cut-off time for FedEx overnight shipping options or variants, factors that can affect it, and what to do should you miss the cut-off time. 

FedEx Overnight Shipping Options & Their Cut-Off Time For Drop-Off


1. Priority Overnight 

This FedEx overnight shipping option guarantees your package’s delivery before noon the next day. Generally, the cut-off time for FedEx Priority Overnight drop-off is 10:30 am on weekdays. 

However, it can be as late as 12 pm or 1:30 pm in some locations. Feel free to check the cut-off time for your location on the FedEx website. 

2. First Overnight 

First Overnight is the fastest overnight service offered by FedEx. The service delivers your package before or by 8:30 am the next morning. 

The cut-off time for First Overnight is usually as late as 6 pm the same day. However, it can extend until 8 pm in some locations. 

3. Standard Overnight 

The delivery time for this FedEx service usually varies from 4:30 pm (for U.S. businesses) and 8 pm for (residents) the next business day. 

The cut-off time for Standard Overnight is similar to that of Priority Overnight. In most locations, the cut-off time is 10:30 am (on weekdays). This may extend to about 12 pm or 1:30 pm for other locations. 

4. International Overnight 

This service allows customers to get urgent shipments overseas within hours. Its delivery speed depends on the destination and how fast the next available flight takes off. 

Therefore, the cut-off time for this shipping option is not fixed. You can check the cut-off time for your shipment on the FedEx website. 

Factors That Can Affect the Cut-Off Time For FedEx Overnight Packages 

1. Weather conditions 

Severe weather conditions such as heavy snowfall, hurricanes, and floods can affect the cut-off time for FedEx overnight shipping. These conditions often force FedEx to adjust pickup and delivery schedules. 

2. Volume of shipments 

The volume of shipments can also affect the cut-off time for FedEx overnight shipping. This is usually during peak hours such as holidays and special events. FedEx has adjusted its cut-off time to accommodate the high demand for overnight shipping. 

3. Distance and location 

The cut-off time for FedEx overnight shipping may vary depending on the distance and location between the origin and destination of the package. 

For example, if you are shipping from New York to Los Angeles, the cut-off time may be earlier than shipping from Boston to New York. 

What to Do if You Miss the Cut-Off Time 

Use Same-Day Delivery 

If you need your package delivered urgently, consider using FedEx’s Same-Day Delivery service. This service delivers your package that same day and offers a better cut-off time than FedEx overnight shipping services. 

Usually, the cut-off time is as late as 4 pm, depending on the location. However, you may have to pay more for this service. 

Contact customer support 

If you miss the cut-off time for a drop-off, you can contact FedEx customer support and request to speak with a representative. The representative will advise you on the options and their cut-off time for the next business day. 


Can FedEx Overnight go in a drop box?

FedEx overnight packages arriving late can go into a drop box and be processed with the next batch. However, drop boxes are more commonly used for FedEx Ground and Economy shipments. 

What is the difference between FedEx Priority Overnight and First Overnight?

Both services deliver their packages the next day but differ in speed. FedEx Priority Overnight deliveries occur before noon the next day, while First Overnight guarantees delivery by 8:30 am (latest).

What happens if FedEx overnight is late?

You can request a refund or an adjusted invoice based on the FedEx Express Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

Does FedEx Overnight require a signature? 

Most FedEx shipping options require a signature. However, the driver may leave your package without a signature if there is a secure location for the package or you have already signed the delivery attempt notice. 


The cut-off time for FedEx overnight shipping varies depending on the service and the location. To ensure your package gets delivered the next day, you must drop it off before the ideal cut-off time. 

Also, FedEx can adjust its cut-off time due to adverse weather conditions, peak hour demands, and distance. If, for some reason, you miss a cut-off time; it is best to consult FedEx customer support before choosing another shipping option. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. To better estimate when your package will arrive from FedEx, please see when FedEx delivers packages to your zip code

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