UPS Tracking Number Example Per Shipping Option

UPS ships over 200 million packages and documents daily. It associates a unique tracking number with every shipment to update its customers. An example of such is “1Z5617290362236573”. 

While most UPS tracking numbers are typically 11 to 18 characters long, they do not follow a singular format. These slight variations make it easier for customers to know which option is responsible for their package. 

Moving forward, you will learn the tracking number for different UPS shipping options and how to locate them. You will also learn about 3rd-party websites that can help with UPS tracking. 

UPS Tracking Number Example For Different Shipping Options 


1. UPS Ground 

This is the most affordable method to ship packages with UPS. It delivers packages within 1 to 5 business days. UPS Ground packages feature tracking numbers that begin with “1Z,” followed by a string of letters and numbers. An example is “1Z54F78A0461293528”.

2. UPS Next Day Air Saver

This shipping option guarantees delivery by 3 pm or 4:30 pm the next business day. The tracking number for this option begins with “1Z01” and is followed by a string of letters and numbers. 

A UPS Next Day Air Saver package should feature a tracking number like “1Z01A78R0398142887”.

3. UPS Next Day Air Early AM 

UPS Next Day Air Early AM guarantees delivery between 8 am to 9 am the next business day. The tracking number for this option begins with “1Z13” and is followed by a string of letters or numbers. A typical example is “1Z13A97F0231363921”.

4. SurePost

SurePost shipments combine the service of UPS and USPS, and deliveries occur between 2 to 7 business days. Their tracking number usually begins with “92”, followed by a string of letters and numbers, and ends with “US”. An example is “9161299993753077US”.

5. Worldwide Express & Worldwide Express Plus

This is the ideal shipping option for international shipments. It delivers packages within 2 to 5 business days. It features a tracking number that begins with “H”, followed by 13 digits. An example is “H1234567890123”.

On the other hand, Worldwide Express Plus features a tracking number that begins with “W”, followed by 11 digits. You should expect to see something like “W12345678901”.

Ways to Locate the Tracking Number for Your Package 

  1. Check the shipping confirmation email you received from the sender. The email often includes the tracking number and a link to the tracking portal. 
  2. Check your UPS My Choice account. If you are a member of UPS My Choice, you can view the tracking information for any package associated with your account once you log in.
  3. Check the shipping label. The shipping label usually contains a printed tracking number for your package.
  4. If you have exhausted all the options above and still cannot find the tracking number, please get in touch with the sender or UPS customer service. 

3rd-Party Websites That Can Help with UPS Tracking 

While UPS tracking numbers are unique and intended for UPS tracking portals, there are 3rd-party websites that can help you track your UPS package. 

Examples of these services are Packagetrackr and AfterShip. These websites act as a centralized location for package tracking information from various carriers (not just UPS).

Since they are not directly affiliated with UPS, the courier may not be responsible for errors or inaccuracies in the information provided. 


Can you track a UPS package without a tracking number?

While it is always best to use a tracking number, other identifiers such as reference number or package ID can provide tracking updates for UPS packages. 

How long will UPS hold a package?

UPS will hold your package for 5 to 7 days before returning it to the sender. You will not be charged for this service. 

Why is your UPS tracking number not valid?

Your tracking number will remain invalid until UPS scans your package into its system and loads it into the truck. Best practices suggest tracking after 8 pm or after placing an order.

Wrapping Up: UPS Tracking Number Example

A UPS tracking number is an important tool for tracking the delivery status of your package. By understanding the different formats that apply to each shipping option, you can easily estimate when your package should arrive. 

Also, there are 3rd-party websites that can help you track your package should UPS experience a technical glitch. However, you must be cautious and be sure you are dealing with an official package tracker like AfterShip and PackageMapping. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see how to spot and report a fake tracking number

Thanks for reading.