DHL Tracking Number Format Per Shipping Option & How To Locate Them

DHL is a global logistics company known for parcels and package delivery. For every order or package, there is a tracking number format that allows you to track your package in real-time 

A DHL tracking number is a unique identifier assigned to every package the company delivers. In most cases, the number contains 10 digits. An example is 3435142583.

However, you should note that tracking number formats differ. Some packages can have up to a 12-digit tracking number or longer. 

This guide will provide you with an in-depth understanding of DHL tracking number formats and the different ways to locate them. 

What Does a DHL Tracking Number Look Like?


DHL tracking numbers mostly contain 10 digits. However, some packages may feature a 12-digit tracking number, like 125722467903. You should also note that DHL tracking numbers are case-sensitive. Hence, you must enter them correctly when tracking packages. 

Lastly, there are times when DHL tracking numbers may contain letters and other characters. Such identifiers typically feature letters like JJD, JVGL, JD, RX, and similar variations. This primarily applies to Express shipments.

DHL Tracking Number Format Per Shipping Option

1. DHL Express 

DHL Express is a premium shipping service available in over 220 countries worldwide. It delivers packages within 1 to 3 business days, and its tracking numbers typically have 10 to 12 digits (numbers only).

2. DHL eCommerce 

DHL eCommerce is an affordable global shipping option for parcels and packages. It delivers between 2 to 20 days, depending on the country, and typically features a 22-digit tracking number (with the prefix “GM”).

3. DHL Freight 

DHL Freight provides expert solutions for shipping containers, pallets, and groupage across Europe and beyond. It delivers shipments between 1 to 2 business days via air. 

Depending on the country, Ground, ocean, and rail freight may take longer (up to 30 days). It features a 12-digit tracking number that begins with 3 letters and is followed by 9 numbers. 

How to Locate a DHL Tracking Number 

There are more than one ways to locate the tracking number of a package or an order:

1. Shipping confirmation email 

When you place an order with a merchant that uses DHL, you should receive an order confirmation email in no time. This email usually contains all the details of your order, including the designated tracking number. 

2. Shipping label

The shipping label attached to the outside of your package should also contain a tracking number. This is a very handy and quick (offline) alternative to spotting the tracking number of an order. 

3. DHL website or mobile app 

You can also visit the DHL website or download the mobile app to locate or confirm the tracking number for your package. 

This involves going to your order history and clicking the specific order to wish to view its details. The tracking number should be among the information in the order details. 


Does DHL reuse tracking numbers?

Yes, DHL occasionally reuses package tracking numbers. This is why it is possible for a tracking number to provide two shipment results. 

Can a tracking number be fake?

A tracking number can be fake. Such a number rarely provides results for a shipment or matches the tracking number in the confirmation email. 

What happens if your tracking number is invalid?

If the tracking number in a confirmation email is invalid, it is probably because your package is under another carrier. You should also check your input for errors before contacting customer support. 


DHL tracking numbers are essential for customers who want to know the status of their packages as they travel. It also helps them ensure they arrive at the right time and condition to prepare ahead. 

However, these identifiers have different formats. While most packages feature 10-digit tracking numbers, some may feature 12 to 22-digits. Each DHL tracking number format primarily depends on your choice of shipping.

They may also contain only figures or figures combined with letters. Understanding what to expect per shipping option can help you detect errors or fake tracking numbers. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see how to spot and report a fake tracking number

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