Discover If DoorDash Drivers Can Pick Up Multiple Orders

DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service that has revolutionized the industry. It allows customers to order their favorite meal and deliver it is delivered to them. However, can DoorDash drivers pick up multiple orders? 

Yes, DoorDash has a “Group Order” feature that allows their drivers or Dashers to accept multiple orders and deliver them on time. 

This article details how the process works, why Dashers prefer it, and how they can handle it better. You will also learn how to prioritize your order and if a Dasher can cancel a delivery. 

How Do Group or Multiple Orders Work? 

When a Dasher accepts a Group Order, they receive the details of all the orders they need to pick up. As a customer, you will also be notified when to expect your meal. 

Immediately the driver picks up all the restaurant orders, he or she will commence delivery based on the most efficient route. DoorDash usually provides a route, but drivers can choose another route (if it would be faster).

This ensures that all the orders are delivered on time, and the food remains fresh. When a driver completes a delivery, you will receive a notification saying the order has been delivered. The driver then moves to the next delivery address until all the orders in the Group Order are completed. 

Another way a DoorDash driver can receive multiple orders is when DoorDash sends you a delivery request in the middle of a delivery. This differs from a group order because you can ignore it or not add it to your route. 

Irrespective of your order’s pattern, your meal should arrive within 40 minutes or less. Only late-night or holiday deliveries (with fewer drivers available) are susceptible to a longer waiting period. 

Why Do Dashers Accept Multiple Orders? 


1. More money 

Accepting a group order or multiple orders allows drivers to make more money. Instead of delivering one order at a time, they can deliver multiple orders, increasing their earnings. 

2. Time management and efficiency

Another reason dashers fancy multiple orders is that it enables them to optimize their time and increase the number of orders they can complete within a specific window. This improves their efficiency and helps them earn more positive reviews. 

How Can Dashers Handle Multiple Orders Better? 

Picking up multiple orders can be challenging, especially for new drivers. Nevertheless, there are a few that can help you handle multiple orders better: 

1. Communication 

Communicating with customers is essential when delivering multiple orders. This helps the customer know when their meal will arrive and the possibility of a delay. Also, ensure you communicate in a friendly manner. 

2. Organization

Keeping orders organized is key to ensuring that the food remains fresh. Drivers should consider using insulated bags to keep orders fresh and for differentiation. 

3. Proper route planning & prioritization 

Proper route planning and prioritization help drivers deliver orders on time. Most times, DoorDash suggests delivering orders close to each other first. 

This ensures you minimize driving time. However, there are cases where time-sensitive orders have to be delivered first. You can also choose a different route if you know the location. 

Can Customers Restrict Dashers From Picking Up Multiple Orders? 

You can restrict DoorDash drivers from picking up multiple orders. There are two ways to do this: 

1. Contact customer support and request that your order is delivered separately or as a single order. This may attract a higher delivery fee and longer turnaround time. 

2. Opt for priority delivery for an extra fee. This option ensures the dasher only receives and delivers your order. However, it is only available for select locations. 

Can a Dasher Cancel an Order?

Typically, a Dasher cannot cancel an order. They have to contact customer support or discuss with the customer to cancel any order. Dashers often suggest cancellations when they have an issue with a pick-up, or their vehicle broke down. 


Can you change DoorDash delivery to pickup?

Yes, but this is only possible if the order has not been confirmed by the restaurant. If it has, there is a big chance it has already been assigned to a driver who will pick it up once it is ready. 

How many DoorDash orders can you do in an hour?

Averagely, a DoorDash driver should be able to complete about 3 orders per hour. If you accept multiple orders or deliver in a centralized location, you might exceed this. 

How does cash on delivery work on DoorDash?

It follows the already established process of paying cash at the point of delivery. These meal orders often come with invoices. 

Conclusion: Can DoorDash Drivers Pick Up Multiple Orders

DoorDash allows the pick up of multiple orders through a feature called Group Orders. This feature encourages communication, organization, and route planning. 

Hence, Dashers get to make more money and better manage their time. If you want your meal to be delivered separately or as a single order, it is best to contact DoorDash’s customer support or choose priority delivery.

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see what happens if no one picks up your DoorDash order

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