Used Acceptable Items On Amazon: Meaning, How To Locate Them, Benefits, Factors To Consider & Alternatives 

Amazon sells new and used items. With new products, there is usually nothing to be worried about. However, when you plan to buy a used item, you need to know that there are different categories. One category that is often enticing is “Used Acceptable.”

Customers target used acceptable items because it is one of the prudent ways to get used, but quality products from Amazon. Other categories of used items are usually more expensive but with less risk. 

To stay safe and get the best out of Used Acceptable items, let’s see what it means and some things to consider when buying from this category. 

You will also discover how to locate these items, their benefits, and other pre-owned categories you can target on Amazon. 

What Does “Used Acceptable” Mean on Amazon? 

“Used Acceptable” is a category used to classify Amazon items that have been used or pre-owned, but are still in good condition. This means only products devoid of functional defects can qualify as “Used Acceptable.”

Items that can be found in this category include electronics, books, clothing, shoes, and beauty products. However, these products may feature aesthetic blemishes such as scratches, wear, and dents. 

They may also be missing accessories like guides and assembly tools. 

How to Locate “Used Acceptable” Items on Amazon



To find and purchase Used Acceptable items on Amazon, follow these steps: 

  1. Visit Amazon’s website on your web browser or the Amazon app. 
  2. Enter the name or description of the item you want to order in the search bar and press Enter or the search icon next to your entry.
  3. Amazon will provide you with a list of results. Look for the filters by navigating to the top (on mobile) or the left side of the page (on desktop).
  4. Select the filter button and choose “Used.” This will narrow the results down to only used items in line with the product you are looking for. 
  5. You can now choose to filter by condition level. Some of the items in the “Used” category have subcategories like “Acceptable,” “Good,” and “Very Good.”
  6. You can select any of these conditions. However, since you are interested in “Used Acceptable” items,  select “Acceptable” for products that have the option.
  7. You will see a list of Used Acceptable items that match your criteria. 
  8. Select the one you are okay with, add it to the cart, and checkout.

Can You Return a Used Acceptable Item? 

Amazon’s return policy applies to most Used Acceptable items. Hence, you should be able to return them within 30 days of purchase. However, some Used Acceptable items may feature a shorter return window or a different policy. 

Ensure you read the listing thoroughly to know the return policy for the item you are about to order. You should also check if they are eligible for replacement or refund. 

Benefits of Buying “Used Acceptable” Items on Amazon

1. Budget-friendly

One of the primary reasons consumers target “Used Acceptable” items is that they are cheaper and more affordable compared to new products. 

2. Contributes to a sustainable environment 

Buying used items at a cheaper price is also an environmental or eco-friendly culture that extends the life of products. It also reduces the demand for new manufacturing and contributes negatively to the environment. 

3. Supports unique finds 

Targeting Used Acceptable items can help you locate books that are out-of-print and rare editions. This shopping culture also increases your chances of finding old electronics, especially those not readily available as new products. 

4. Testing opportunity 

Most consumers buy Used Acceptable items because it allows them to try a product or brand with a minimum investment. You can purchase a newer version from the brand if your experience with their used item is satisfactory. 

5. Reduces loss on depreciation 

Some items depreciate quickly. Examples include accessories like gaming consoles. Buying their Used Acceptable version helps you mitigate this loss. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Used Acceptable Items on Amazon 

While buying Used Acceptable items on Amazon can be an excellent decision, there are some considerations you need to keep in mind: 

1. Retailer’s rating or reviews 

A seller’s rating or reviews describe their brand or products. If most customers have nothing good to say about a seller, you should avoid such sellers. Only target those with a lot of positive reviews. 

2. Return Policy 

Sellers have unique return policies. What works for Seller A may not apply to Seller B. Amazon’s policy is also different from a seller’s policy. 

As a customer, you need to understand the return policy of the seller you are about to patronize to avoid after-purchase misunderstandings. 

3. Read product descriptions thoroughly 

Do not make the mistake of just skimming through the description of a used package because it has excellent images. Images can be deceiving. Dedicate time to study every piece of information relating to the item. 

This is where you learn about any potential issues or the extent of blemishes on the item. You should also be able to find information about the item’s return policy here. 

4. Compare products and prices 

Another good thing about Amazon’s “Used Acceptable” listings is that it allows you to compare different products based on their prices and aesthetic conditions. This means you are spoilt for choices and should only buy items that meet your requirements. 

5. Communication 

Lastly, most retailers on Amazon respond to inquiries promptly. This means you can always ask them any questions regarding their products and their compatibility to clarify any doubts. 

Other Amazon Categories for Used Items  


Aside from Used Acceptable, there are other categories you can target if you are interested in pre-owned packages or discount deals. They include: 

1. Renewed 

Items under the “Renewed” category are pre-owned products inspected and certified to work by Amazon vendors. These items usually feature better aesthetics and may sometimes look new. 

Hence, they are more expensive than Used Acceptable products and come with a 90-day replacement or refund warranty. 

2. Used Like New or Open Box 

Like the name, this section features only pre-owned items that are fully functional and look like new. Unlike Used Acceptable items, they come with original packaging, accessories, and a guide. 

Since they are only on sale at a discount because they are no longer sealed, you can expect them to feature just a little discount. 

3. Used Very Good 

This category contains neatly used pre-owned items in good working condition. While they may feature limited signs of wear, they should not be as evident as those in Used Acceptable items. 

4. Used Good 

This category precedes Used Acceptable in the pecking order. Items in this listing function properly and are in good condition. However, they feature cosmetic blemishes and may arrive repackaged or with damaged packaging. 


Can you buy used items on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon provides its customers with several categories of pre-owned items. There is an item for every budget. 

How long does it take to get a refund from Amazon?

It may take a few hours to up to 10 business days, depending on the payment method used for the purchase. Gift card refunds are the fastest (2 to 3 hours), while debit card refunds may take up to 10 days. 

What happens if you don’t return an Amazon item after a refund?

You will be charged again if you refuse to send the package to Amazon after getting a refund. 

Bottom Line 

If you are interested in buying pre-owned items on Amazon, there are different categories you can target. The good thing about this decision is that most listings are verified by Amazon, which means there is a big chance you will buy a functioning item. 

Amazon Used Acceptable is the least you should go on the pecking orders of used items, provided you are willing to execute proper research. Products under this category usually function well and feature cosmetic blemishes due to long use. 

They may also come without packaging and missing accessories. Target them if you are satisfied with these exceptions. Otherwise, choose other used categories that guarantee better aesthetic value and are more expensive. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. For further reading, please see what to do if Amazon sends the wrong item

Thanks for reading.