Best Buy Open Box Warranty: How It Works & 7 Steps To Consider Before Making A Purchase

If you wish to save money or buy electronics at discounted prices, check out open-box items at Best Buy. These items are not necessarily damaged or no longer have a warranty. They are cheap only because they were returned after being bought newly.

Most Best Buy open-box items feature warranty protection. They are sold at a discount because the previous buyer has had access to the product (before returning it) and can no longer be considered new.

These items are sent to a distribution center for inspection and possible repair before they are listed on the Best Buy Open Box Page. While they are usually safe to buy, you need to make some considerations. 

This guide explains how the Best Buy open-box warranty works, the types of open-box items, and how to claim a warranty. You will also discover the considerations you must make before buying these items. 

How Does Best Buy Open Box Warranty Works? 


The Best Buy Open Box warranty policy maintains that open box items can have two types of warranty: 

  1. The manufacturer warranty (which varies and gets activated when a customer opens a new package). 
  2. The Geek Squad Certified Open Box warranty: An alternative protection plan for items with an expired manufacturer warranty. It features: 
  • Quality assurance: Best Buy will only list an item on its “Open Box” page after it has been sent to a distribution center or Geek Squad technicians. Geek Squad-certified items guarantee a better experience for customers. However, they may not feature a huge discount.
  • Warranty coverage: Unlike the manufacturer warranty, the Geek Squad Certified Open Box protection plan has extended coverage. Customers can subscribe to it for as long as they want. It covers the repair of defects or replacements for free. 

Note: The easiest way to know the warranty status of an open box item is to scan the package’s barcode to see if it qualifies. 

Does Best Buy Open Box Excellent Come with a Warranty?

Best Buy Open Box Excellent items are different from general open box packages. Unlike open-box items, these products are sent to Geek Squad (professionals) for inspection and have been approved as “Excellent”.

This is why they feature an “Excellent” tag. In addition, they are more expensive than regular open-box items because they are seen as new items (no damage) and boast better reliability. 

Other types of open-box items to watch out for include: 

  • Open Box Excellent-Certified: These items feature everything a new item should have like the box, guide, and cables (all in new condition).
  • Open Box Satisfactory or Fair: These items will not appear new like Open Box Excellent or Excellent-Certified. They show signs of moderate use but are fully functional. The reduction in cosmetic appearance is why they get the satisfactory tag and are cheaper. 

How to Claim Best Buy Open Box Warranty 

You need to visit the Best Buy store where you bought the item, call them, or visit their website. If you wish to call to schedule an appointment or know the status of your item before returning it, call 1-888-237-8289.

General Tips For Buying Open Box Items on Best Buy

Now that you know how Best Buy’s open-box warranty and return policy works, here are general tips that can guarantee a better experience: 

1. Inspect the package 

Before buying an open box item, inspect it for visible damage, missing accessories (if it is Excellent-Certified), and signs of wear and tear. Buy only if it is in the condition you expect. 

2. Compare prices

You should also check the open box price against the price of a new version. Sometimes, the price difference is not worth the risk. In this case, buy a new item instead. 

3. Research the product 

Aside from price comparison, you should also look up the reviews and specifications of the product to ensure it meets your needs. This can be handy for packages you cannot test in-store. 

4. Ask questions 

You can ask Best Buy employees about the item’s history, why it was returned, and whether it has been tested or refurbished. 

5. Be flexible and patient 

Open box inventory usually varies daily and from store to store. You must be open to different brands and be patient to pounce on the right deal. 

6. Use rewards and discounts 

If you have any Best Buy rewards or coupons, using them on open-box items may be wise as it allows you to spend less. 

7. Negotiate when appropriate 

Items with minor use or low cosmetic appearance may be open to slight negotiation. Negotiate when necessary. 


Does an open box void the warranty?

Only if you buy an item with an expired warranty.

Does an open box mean defective?

The fact that you are buying an item from the Best Buy “Open Box” page does not mean you are buying a damaged item. It only means the consumer opened the original packaging before returning it. 

What is the difference between an open box and a pre-owned item?

Pre-owned items get traded for a newer or different model. Open boxes are those that were returned with or without their packaging. 

In a Nutshell 

Whether you are in the market for a new laptop, smartphone, home appliances, or other electronics, exploring Open Box options will remain a smart shopping option. 

However, consider the product’s condition, warranty period, and the possibility of an extension. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Explore Threaller to get answers to other customer experience guides. 

Happy shopping!