See What To Do When USPS Says Delivered But No Package

It always creates tension when USPS says your package has been delivered, but no package exists to confirm this. You start assuming the worst has happened.

You may believe that your package was delivered but was actually stolen. Or you may assume that the package was delivered to the wrong person. While these scenarios are possible, you don’t have to assume that is your case.

This article highlights all the steps you should take if your USPS tracking update says delivered, but there is no package to confirm the delivery.

What should you do if USPS says delivered, but there is no package?

Before you go about contacting USPS customer care or visiting the nearby post office, you should;

1. Check around your property

Firstly, you should check around your property to verify the package is not stationed somewhere. The driver will usually keep the package in a discrete position to ensure it doesn’t get stolen or wet if it rains.

Check discrete locations on your property, like the back door, porch, garage, or mailbox. If you stay in an apartment, check the parcel locker the apartment has, perhaps the driver left it there.

2. Talk to people around you

If USPS says delivered, but no package, another move you should make is to ask people around. The driver could have mistakenly dropped the package off with another person at the address.

Also, he might have dropped it off with someone at the address because you were unavailable to receive the package. This is logical, especially if he or she does not want to leave the package outside.

Speak to your neighbors and building manager about a delivered package, but you can’t find it. Hopefully, one of your neighbors or the building managers signed for the package on your behalf.

3. Wait for 24 hours

It could also be that the tracking status says delivered, but the package has not yet been delivered. Even on the USPS site, it is stated that packages could be delivered on rare occasions but could take an extra 24 hours to arrive.

So, it could be that you came across this update even though the package is still in transit. So, waiting 24 hours before taking further action is only logical.

When should you contact USPS?

If you can’t still find the package after waiting for 24 hours and following all the steps mentioned above, then contact USPS. You can contact the local post office near you.

You can also send an email request via the email address provided. However, I do not recommend this as it takes longer to get a response via email.

Additionally, you can speak to USPS customer care directly (1-800-275-8777). You can reach them during working hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 8:30 PM, and on Saturdays, 8 AM to 6 PM EST.

What happens if you still can’t locate your mail or package?

After contacting USPS and providing details for your package, you will be instructed to wait 7 working days. USPS will ensure they work adequately to locate your package during this period.

You can file a missing mail report if the package is not located after 7 days. You can do this online or through any of their representatives by visiting the USPS local office near you.

I recommend using the website, which is the online method. This can be done once you log into the USPS website. Head down to the USPS Missing Mail Search page and provide appropriate details for the package.

After the request has been filed, USPS will try to trace each step your package went through. They will also try to determine the reason the package is missing.

After all the necessary steps have been taken and the package is still yet to be found, a potential insurance claim will be next. The USPS will get back to you and notify you if you are eligible for an insurance claim and how to go about it.


Does USPS mark a package as delivered before delivery?

Not always. It only happens on rare occasions and could take an extra 24 hours to deliver the package.

Why does USPS show your package as delivered when you just shipped it?

This usually happens when a recycled tracking number is used. This update should change immediately after it has been scanned.


When your USPS tracking update says delivered, but there is no package, it is normal to panic. While contacting USPS is the best move, you should confirm that the package has not been delivered.

Check your environment to make sure that the package was not placed in a discrete position by the driver. Furthermore, ask your building manager or neighbor to confirm they did not sign for the package.

If you still can’t find the package, wait 24 hours and contact USPS. If your package is deemed to be missing, you will be instructed to file an insurance claim for the package.

I hope you found this article helpful. You should also see what to do when your USPS tracking update says “USPS Tracking Unavailable“.

Thanks for reading.