What Does “With Delivery Courier” Mean On DHL Tracking?

Are you expecting a DHL package? Did you come across the DHL update “with delivery courier”? Then, I believe you want to know what this update means.

Generally, this update implies that your package has passed through all the phases of its delivery. It has been handed over to a delivery courier who will bring it to your address.

In this article, I will explain further what the DHL update “with delivery courier” means and how long it takes to get your package.

Who is a delivery courier?

Before understanding what this update means, you must first know who a delivery courier is. A delivery courier is a man or woman assigned to deliver packages on a given route.

They head to the depot daily, collect all packages for a given route, and deliver them.

What does DHL’s status “with delivery courier” mean?

As I mentioned earlier, this update implies that your package has been handed over to a courier. It simply means your package is in the last phase of the delivery process and should get to you soon.

How long after this update will you receive your package?

Usually, customers receive their packages the same day they receive this update. But in most cases, due to certain reasons, it may be delivered the day after that.

Each delivery courier has a specific route and packages to deliver along that route. He or she will run this route in the most efficient and accessible way; yours might come first, somewhere in the middle, or last.

So, there is no way to tell when your package will be delivered except where it is otherwise stated on your DHL tracking page.

What to do after receiving the DHL “with delivery courier” update?

What you ought to do depends on the nature of the package you are expecting. If the package has to be signed for, you must stay home and await the delivery.

If you miss the delivery, it will be marked as a failed attempt and sent back to the nearest facility. You should be able to check if the package has to be signed for on the DHL tracking page.

While a signature is not required for the package, you do not need to stay home for the delivery. However, I recommend speaking to your building manager or a neighbor to help you receive the package on your behalf.

It is better to have someone receive it for you than to leave the package outside.

What if you missed a package delivery that has to be signed for?

The normal procedure for couriers is to return packages they did not deliver to the nearest DHL facility. Afterward, they are assigned to another courier, who will run that route the next day.

If you happened to miss the delivery attempt, you do not have to worry. Another delivery will be attempted by another delivery courier.

What if the delivery courier did not deliver the package?

Although it is rare, there have been cases where customers receive this update but don’t get their package. This can be very frustrating, especially after taking the time off work to receive the package.

Mostly, this occurs when the courier has an issue with the delivery or can’t deliver all the packages on time. Chances are, your package will be delivered the following day.

You can also contact DHL customer care to help reschedule a delivery. Or you can simply arrange to pick up the package personally at the local facility.


Is “with delivery courier” different from “out of delivery”?

No, it is not. The two updates send the same message: your package is on its way to your doorstep.

Why is your DHL tracking update stuck on “with delivery courier”?

An issue has been encountered if this update is stuck for more than 2 working days. Contacting DHL customer care will be the best course of action.


The DHL update “with delivery courier” simply means that your package is on the final leg of the delivery process. It has been handed over to a courier assigned to your route.

He or she will run that route, making deliveries along the way. Depending on the distance from the facility to your address and the time spent on each delivery, you should get your package that day or the next day.

I hope this article was helpful. Not sure about the quality of DHL services? See 7 reasons why DHL is reliable.

Thanks for reading.