What Is Parcel Return Service 56901: How It Works & 4 Reasons Why Businesses Need It

In today’s world of e-commerce, returns have become an integral part of customers’ experience. To guarantee a smooth return process for customers, businesses need to know what Parcel Return Service 56901 is. 

The Parcel Return Service 56901 is a USPS service that oversees returns for businesses and customers. So if you sell items that require special handling or are susceptible to returns, opting for this service would be an excellent idea. 

In this guide, you will discover what the Parcel Return Service 56901 is, how it works, and why businesses should embrace it. 

What is Parcel Return 56901?

Parcel Return 56901 is a USPS service that helps retailers provide their customers with a comprehensive and user-friendly return service. The service generates a pre-paid USPS label that customers can print and affix to the package.

This label helps streamline and minimize the time and effort of the entire process. 

How Does Parcel Return Service 56901 Work? 


The Parcel Return Service 56901 follows a simple process for both businesses and customers. Here is a breakdown of how it helps both parties navigate returns seamlessly: 

  1. The business creates a pre-paid return label via the USPS online portal called Click-N-Slip. 
  2. This label either gets to the customer via email or is already in the package about to be returned. 
  3. Pre-paid return labels sent via email must be printed by the customer and affixed on the package, with instructions on how to send the package. You can skip the “printing” part if it is already in the package. 
  4. The customer may then drop off the package at a USPS location or request a pick-up service (for an extra fee).
  5. Once the package arrives at the postal office, the business can track the return process via the USPS online portal 
  6. When the package gets to the manufacturer or seller, an exchange or refund process begins. 

How Long Does Parcel Return Take? 

Depending on weight, distance, and mail category, the process may last between 2 to 4 days. Below is a breakdown of what to expect per package: 

  • First-Class Package Return Service: 2–4 days per piece 
  • Ground Return Service: 2–9 days per piece 
  • Bulk Parcel Return Service: 2–9 days per piece 

Why Do Businesses Need Parcel Return Service 56901?

1. Cost-effectiveness 

With Parcel Return Service 56901, businesses have to worry about paying for return labels. This reduces the overall cost of processing returns, hence, its cost-effectiveness. 

2. Improves customer service 

A seamless and convenient return process is what customers expect every time. If your return process is very sleek, it will build trust and result in repeat business and positive online reviews. 

3. There is tracking 

The USPS service also allows businesses to track the entire return process for every package. This ensures timely delivery and that the package arrives in the correct condition. 

4. Saves time and effort 

Parcel Return Service 56901 is an automated and seamless process because it allows retailers and customers to save time and effort. Also, it allows them to focus on other important operations. 


Can you track a parcel return service?

You can track a parcel return process via the USPS online tracking portal. Both customers and businesses can use the barcode number on the return label. 

Do you get a refund if a package is returned to the sender?

Getting a refund often depends on the terms and conditions associated with the package. Some businesses prefer exchange programs to a refund. 

Why do packages get returned?

Customers reject incorrect or damaged packages. Package may also be rejected at ports due to non-compliance or lack of enough documentation. 

Can you print a return label from my phone?

You can print both prepaid return shipping labels and outgoing shipping labels from your phone via the shipping service website or app.


Parcel Return Service 56901 is a USPS service and an excellent solution for businesses looking to simplify return processes. If you sell fragile products or products with high return rates, it is an excellent service that can keep your customers happy. 

You only need to pay for return labels, which will be attached to the package, and dropped off at a USPS facility. Lastly, the service is cost-effective, offers full-time tracking, and can help businesses generate positive reviews. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. For further reading, please see how to reprint a USPS label yourself.

Thanks for reading.