How To Send Food To Someone In Another State: 3 Couriers That Can Help & Their Requirements

Sending food to family members and someone living in another state is not strange, especially in the U.S. However, it requires proper planning. Most importantly, you must consider the type and size of food you wish to send. 

These criteria will help you decide the best way to package and ensure the food arrives at its destination fresh and intact. Besides, since this is usually a kind gesture, it should be executed properly. 

This guide covers everything you need to know about how to send food to someone in another state using shipping companies and apps like DoorDash. 

How to Send Food to Someone in Another State


1. Choose the right food 

Before sending food to anyone via a shipping company, you must ensure it is the right food. This is because not all foods are allowed to cross state lines. 

Foods such as meat and dairy products may be prohibited because they get spoiled easily and can harbor bacteria. 

2. Choose a reputable shipping company

There are a lot of reputable shipping companies out there you can use to send food from one state to another. Examples are UPS, FedEx, and USPS. 

Before selecting any shipping company, you must consider their restrictions and regulations, your budget, and which company best serves your interest. They can also help you with packaging tips. below is what works for popular couriers:


FedEx is one of the reputable couriers that can help you ship food domestically or abroad. The best shipping option for perishables at FedEx is the FedEx Overnight shipping option

This includes FedEx Priority Overnight, FedEx First Overnight, and FedEx Standard Overnight. These options are recommended because they deliver their shipment the next business day (guaranteed).


The United States Postal Services shipping options that work well for food shipments include First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and USPS Retail Ground. 

  • First-Class: Delivery within 1 to 5 business days
  • Priority Mail: Delivery within 1 to 3 business days
  • Priority Mail Express: Delivery within 2 business days
  • USPS Retail Ground: Delivery within 2 to 8 business days

The USPS Priority Mail Express is the best option if you are shipping food abroad. 


UPS shipping services that can help you include: 

  • UPS Next Day Air: Delivers food the next day (guaranteed). 
  • UPS 2nd Day Air shipping: Delivers food within 48 hours. 

While the former is the most ideal, the latter can help with food that requires minimal temperature control or special conditions. You must also ship your packages in the early days of the week to avoid weekend delays. 

3. Package your food appropriately 

Packaging your food properly is another essential procedure for shipping food across state lines. This decision ensures the food arrives at its destination in good condition and is safe for consumption. 

Below are packaging tips to consider: 

  • Use insulated packaging: this method maintains the internal environment of the food and prevents it from getting spoiled. Styrofoam boxes, coolers, or insulated bags can serve this purpose. 
  • Use frozen gel packs or dry ice: this technique keeps the food cold, especially during transit. Ensure you check with the shipping before choosing this method. 
  • Label your package: Besides regular labels, food shipments should have extra tags such as “perishable” or “fragile” to describe foods that can easily spoil or damage. 
  • Wrap food securely: Aluminum foil, plastic bags, and cling wraps can help. 
  • Avoid glass containers: They are fragile and damage foods or cause injury, especially when the glass breaks. 

4. Review the state’s shipping restrictions & regulations 

Each state has rules and regulations guiding food shipping, especially for consumables such as alcohol. Understanding these policies can prevent your package from experiencing delays. You should also pack your food per the receiving state’s guidelines. 

5. Timing is everything 

The last thing you don’t want to get wrong is timing. When sending food to someone in another state, it is best to ensure the package arrives at the recipient’s address within 24 hours. 

Shipping companies offer different delivery options when it comes to food. They usually range from same-day, priority, standard, or overnight delivery options. 

Choose the option that works for the type of food you are sending, why you are sending it, and how fast you want it delivered. 

How much does it cost to send food via shipping companies? 

Food shipping costs primarily depend on the distance, the type of food you want to ship, and how fast you want it delivered. Average shipping costs may range from $1.46  to $2.24 per mile. 


Can you send food through FedEx?

You can send food to someone in another state via FedEx and it should deliver within 30 hours if you choose a shipping service with guaranteed delivery. 

Is Uber Eats or DoorDash cheaper?

DoorDash offers lower fees and is typically cheaper compared to Uber Eats. However, the latter offers a faster delivery. 

How do you keep food fresh during delivery?

If you are sending food via shipping companies like DHL, it is best to stick with canned ones and shipping options that deliver within 24 hours. 


Sending food to someone in another state is a gesture that can put a smile on anyone’s face, especially if it is a surprise. If you are sending groceries or special recipes, opting for a shipping company like UPS, FedEx, or DHL is advisable. 

However, this process requires choosing the right food, shipping company, and time. You must also understand the restrictions and regulations that work for the shipping company and receiving state. 

On the other hand, ready-to-eat food can be delivered via apps such as Seamless, DoorDash, and Uber Eats without stress. You must choose the restaurant closest to the recipient, order the food, include his or her address, and pay for delivery. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Looking for where to shop for food items or groceries before sending them to another state? Check out OGP Walmart to discover how you can shop with convenience.

Thanks for reading.