Amazon Delivered To A Safe Place: Meaning, How To Choose A Safe Place &  What Happens If There Is No Safe Place

An Amazon delivery personnel may choose to deliver your parcel to a safe place if you or no one is not at home to receive it. A safe place is usually any spot (preferably within your property) where a package can be delivered without worrying about theft or damage.

This option allows drivers to continue with their delivery with the assurance that the customer will get the package once they arrive. However, not all Amazon packages can be delivered to a safe place. Examples include signature-required shipments or expensive items. 

This guide discusses what it means when an Amazon tracking update says it has “delivered to a safe place” and what a delivery driver considers a safe place. You will also discover what to do if there is no package at the safe place or your apartment does not have a safe place. 

What Does Amazon Mean When It Says “Delivered” to Safe Place?


It means you were absent when delivery was attempted, and the driver had to drop the package in a secure location according to the delivery instructions included in the order. Such a location could be any of the following:

  • A covered porch
  • A garage
  • A shed 
  • A mailbox (for portable items)
  • A neighbor’s apartment 

In the absence of a secure location, Amazon will leave a “We missed you” tag and attempt delivery the next day. If you miss this delivery attempt, there will be a third. 

Missing the third and final attempt means you have 7 days to pick up your item at the nearest Amazon warehouse. You can also arrange a new delivery, but it will cost you a few bucks. 

What to Do When Amazon Says “Delivered” But There’s No Package 

1. Wait at least 48 hours 

Amazon sometimes marks orders as “delivered” before delivery. Such packages are usually on their way to the customer, but they might have experienced a little delay. In most cases, they arrive within 48 hours. 

2. Verify your shipping address 

If your package fails to arrive after waiting 48 hours, check your online receipt or order details. This will help to confirm if you provided the correct address. If there is an error, ensure you contact Amazon immediately. 

3. Search your property thoroughly 

You should also search your property thoroughly, especially areas like your mailbox, garage, shed, front door, and other sheltered spots. The driver may consider other locations (in contrast to your instructions) safer for the package.

4. Check with your neighbor 

This should be the case if the tracking notification of the order confirms that it has been delivered to a safe place. You do not need to wait. Instead, check with your neighbors and inspect their property for your package.

5. Contact Amazon or the third-party carrier

It may be time for you to contact Amazon customer service or the third-party carrier responsible for the item if you still can’t find your package after taking the previous steps. You will be asked to provide the details of the order and other necessary information. 

You should get feedback from them within 24 hours. 

How to Choose a Safe Place for Delivery on Amazon 

Amazon allows customers to choose a delivery spot during checkout. Options that will be provided include Amazon Locker. There is also a field for providing specific instructions such as leaving the item at the back door, front door, garage, and other secure spots. 

After delivery, the delivery personnel will take pictures of where the item was dropped if you select the “Amazon Photo on Delivery” option. They will not if you do not activate this option or your address is considered confidential. 

What if There is No Safe Place for Delivery?


In this case, the customer has to provide an alternate delivery location like an office address, a friend or relative’s place, or a nearby pickup station that accepts Amazon packages

In addition, customers can choose  Amazon Key. This is an Amazon in-home delivery that allows delivery drivers access to gated properties. Please note that this option is only available in some locations and for limited customers.

However, if no secondary location is provided, Amazon will hold the item at a nearby delivery station or warehouse for 7 days. Failure to pick up your package within this period means it will be returned to the sender, and you will get a refund. 


What happens if an Amazon package is stolen from your doorstep?

You must contact or narrate your experience with their customer service. Amazon may decide to send you a replacement or a refund after investigation.

Who is responsible if someone steals your Amazon package?

Amazon covers most stolen packages thanks to its “A to Z” Guarantee Protection. You can also contact the seller and get a replacement or refund, depending on their policy. 

Can you get your money back if Amazon doesn’t deliver?

You will get a complete “delivery fee” refund from Amazon if they fail to deliver a package under “guaranteed delivery” on the promised date. If the delivery never happened, you will get a full refund (for the item and shipping fee).

How long Does Amazon take to refund? 

3 to 5 business days for credit cards and purchases made with reward points. 2 to 3 hours for Amazon gift cards, payment for gift balance, and up to 10 business days for payment via debit cards, cash, and SNAP EBT card. 


Whenever Amazon’s tracking portal says an order or a package has been “delivered to a safe place,” it means the package is already at your resident or neighbor’s place. It is a delivery option drivers activate when a customer is unavailable to receive their item. 

Mind you, such customers must have included this option for their order while checking out. Otherwise, two more delivery attempts will be made before the item is released to the nearest pickup facility. 

This facility will hold the package for 7 days. It will be returned to the sender if you do not pick it up within this period. This entire process may also apply if your apartment does not have a safe place or neighbors to accept an item on your behalf. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. For further reading, here is how to add Amazon delivery instructions for your package

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