How To Find Out Who Sent You An Amazon Package: Steps To Take & How Long You Have To Return Such An Item

Did you receive an Amazon package without placing an order? While this may be a gift from a friend, there is also a chance that it is a scam. Regardless, your next action should be to find out who sent the item. But how can you do this? 

There are several ways you can identify the sender of an Amazon package. This process is essential to know if the sender is someone you know and need to appreciate or if it is a package you need to report to Amazon. 

This guide discusses the different ways you can find out the details of the sender of an anonymous Amazon package and how to reject such an item. It also discusses how long you have to return such packages. 

How to Find Out Who Sent You an Amazon Package


There are 6 different steps you can take to find out who sent you an Amazon package: 

1. Examine the item’s packaging

One of the easiest ways to discover important information regarding the sender of an item is to check the item’s packaging. You can also check inside the box to see if the item has a packing slip that features the name, address, or contact number of the sender. 

2. Check the package for a gift message, receipt, or  invoice 

If the Amazon package is a gift, it should feature a gift message. Oftentimes, this type of message reveals the identity of the sender. You can also check the item for a receipt or an invoice. 

This option usually has nothing to do with whether the package is a gift. Any of these slips should contain information about the sender or how you can link the package to them. 

3. Go to your order history 

Reviewing your order history is another way to discover who sent you an Amazon package. Below are the steps to take: 

  • Log in to your Amazon account 
  • Go to “Accounts & Lists” 
  • Select “Your Orders” and locate the order ID related to the anonymous package 
  • Check the details to see if there is any information regarding the details of the sender or seller 

4. Check your shipping emails 

You can also check your inbox for Amazon shipping emails related to the order to see if any relevant info is attached. 

5. Contact Amazon customer service 

You should consider this if the previous tips do not provide relevant information. Remember, Amazon will not disclose the sender’s identity if the package is a gift due to their privacy policy. 

However, they may be able to provide information like the item’s tracking number. Enter this tracking number into the carrier’s tracking portal and see if the details of the sender or the seller will appear. 

6. Call your friends or people you suspect may be responsible 

Lastly, contact your friends or anyone you suspect may be the sender of the package. This attempt will likely yield a positive result since most people enjoy receiving recognition when they give thoughtful gifts. 

What If You Want to Reject Such a Package? 


There are instances where you may wish to reject an anonymous item. This may be because you cannot identify the sender, the package is odd, you feel it is a scam, or you do not need it. 

You can reject such items at the point of delivery or contact Amazon customer service to get the address of the shipper. This way, you can return the item to the sender. 

On the other hand, for packages shipped via Amazon Flex or UPS, you can message Amazon that you do not want to receive the item. A pickup will be scheduled for free for the return. 

Is An Amazon Account Required To Receive Such a Package?

You do not need an Amazon account to receive an anonymous package from Amazon or find out who sent the item. However, owning an account provides additional benefits like tracking, managing delivery preferences, and initiating a return. 

How Long Do You Have to Return a Gift From Amazon?

Amazon expects you to return a package you do not intend to keep within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Remember that you will not be charged for the return process of such an item.

However, you can consider filling out a form on the Report Unsolicited Package or Brush Scam page if you believe the item is part of a scam. You can also contact Amazon or the United States Department of Agriculture if the item contains food, seeds, or plants. 

Ensure you do not open any anonymous package, especially if you cannot confirm the content or the sender. Lastly, instead of returning such items, you can donate them to charity (if they are safe to use) or dispose of them. 


Can you return to Amazon without the original packaging?

Amazon generally rejects returns that do not come with the original packaging or documentation. It does the same for altered and resized items. 

What items are not eligible for return on Amazon?

Items you cannot return on Amazon include digital items, cards, and hazardous products. If you wish to return an electronic device, ensure you do so within 30 days after delivery. 

Does Amazon resell returned items as new?

Amazon resells most returned items as new or used if they meet the required standard for items that can appear on their virtual shelf. Items that do not fulfill this quality assurance test will be returned to selling partners or donated. 

In a Nutshell 

Finding out who sent an Amazon package to you depends on the type of order initiated by the sender. For instance, if the sender initiates the order as a gift and demands that Amazon should not reveal their identity, Amazon will not disclose the identity of the sender. 

In such cases, you can carry out the steps highlighted in this guide to see if there is a loose head you can take advantage of. On the other hand, if there is no special (privacy policy) request, Amazon will provide the details of the sender upon request. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, read up on the meaning of Amazon unclaimed packages and how to locate them

Thanks for reading.