Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy: Meaning, How It Works, Pros And Cons & What Happens If You Fail To Pay

Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy is a premium service that allows you to shop online for eligible items on Amazon and ensure they meet your expectations before paying. Simply put, it is a shipping option that lets you pay for items you like and return others for free. 

This way, you do not have to worry about refunds. Placing an order with this service is straightforward and similar to the default process. However, the checkout features slight differences. 

This guide explains what the service is about, how to place an order, the acceptable mode of payment, and its pros and cons. You will also discover how it differs from Prime Personal Shopper and what happens if you fail to pay after the 7-day trial period. 

What is Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy? 


Prime Try Before You Buy (formerly Prime Wardrobe) is a Prime-exclusive service that allows customers to place orders for eligible items and try them before paying. You can shop for adult and children’s clothing, shoes, and other fashion accessories. 

When you place such an order, you have only 7 days to try the items at home. You will only be charged for the items you need. In addition, not only Amazon Prime subscribers can use this service. 

Customers on Amazon Prime, 30-day trial membership, Amazon Prime Student paid, or six-month trial memberships can use this service. You can also access the program by sharing benefits with an eligible Prime member via Amazon Household.

How to Use Prime Try Before You Buy 

Placing an order is very straightforward. You only need to: 

  1. Use the Amazon search bar to look for items under this category or spot them via their Prime Wardrobe or Try Before You Buy labels. 
  2. Add preferred items to the cart and checkout. The checkout process for this type of order only accepts credit cards with a minimum of 90 days before expiry. 
  3. Your item should arrive within 4 to 6 business days. 
  4. Once your order arrives (mind you, they may arrive at different intervals if you shop for multiple items), your 7-day trial period begins. 
  5. You must try out every item within this period to know which ones you will keep or return. 
  6. After trying them out, go to “Your Orders” and select the items you would like to keep or return. 
  7. At the end of the trial period, Amazon will charge you for the full value of the orders you ticked and pick up those you would like to return. 
  8. Returns must be initiated within 7 days after the expiration of your trial period to avoid being charged for items you do not like. 
  9. Wait for Amazon to confirm the receipt of your return via email, and the process is complete. You can also track your returns via the “Your Orders” tab. 

Please note that: 

  • Debit cards, prepaid cards, and gift cards are not eligible payment methods. 
  • Prime Video subscribers and guests, or people who share suchmemberships,p cannot enjoy the Prime Try Before You Buy privileges. 
  • If you selected an item to keep by mistake and wish to return it, initiate a return via the “Returns Center”
  • If you fail to select an item you wish to keep and is expected to be returned to Amazon, you can keep it. Amazon will charge you for the item 7 days after the trial period if the package is not returned. 

Pros & Cons of Amazon Prime Try Before You Use 


1. Convenient and an ideal service (especially for seniors) 

Prime Try Before You Buy is a convenient service that allows consumers to try out items before committing to a purchase. The convenience it offers can be handy for senior citizens with mobility issues. 

2. Minimizes risk 

Prime subscribers who use this service eliminate the risk of dissatisfaction with an item and the need to initiate a return process and wait for a refund. You will only be charged for items you keep and must return those you do not like. 

3. Customers buy with confidence 

Prime Try Before You Buy gives customers 100% online shopping confidence. This is because they know they will get to try out every item in their order before paying. It also improves customer satisfaction for buyers and sellers. 


1. Costs of logistics 

Since the services give room for trials and free returns, managing the cost of logistics can be challenging for Amazon. Hence, it is essential to implement a strategy that allows you to stay profitable. For instance, you can consider this when adding a price to items in your catalog. 

2. The service can be abused 

While this is usually rare, there are instances where buyers order items they have no intention of keeping. 

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy? 

You will be charged a late fee every time you do not pay at least the minimum balance. The interest on such pending payments will accumulate, and Amazon may close your credit card account if you remain unresponsive. 

What is the Difference between Prime Try Before You Buy and Prime Personal Shopper?


The primary difference between Prime Try Before You Buy and Prime Personal Shopper is that one features professional suggestions. For context, Prime Try Before You Buy is like your regular online shopping. 

The only difference is that you get to try out every item in your order to decide which ones you will keep and return within the 7-day Trial period. It is also an Amazon Prime-exclusive benefit. 

Conversely, Prime Personal Shopper is a Prime-exclusive service that pairs you with a stylist based on your fashion preference. This stylist will suggest pieces for your wardrobe based on your preference and current trends. 

These suggestions will be added to your Prime Try Before You Buy box monthly. The service also costs about $4.99 per style. 


How much is Try Before You Buy on Amazon?

The package is only available for Amazon Prime subscribers. Once you subscribe for the ($14.99) monthly or ($139) annual plan, you enjoy free access to the Try Before You Buy service. 

Do you have to pay to start selling on Amazon?

You need to pay Amazon to list your product and start selling on the platform. You can do this with an Individual Seller Account ($0.99 per item) or a Professional Seller Account ($39.99 per month.) 

Does Amazon deliver on Sunday?

Amazon delivers packages on Sundays only to eligible addresses. Customers in such areas should expect their package between 9 am to 8 pm.

How does Prime delivery work?

Prime delivery is usually free for orders above $25 in most cities. However, Amazon will charge a $2.99 fee for Same-Day Delivery if your order does not meet this minimum. 

In a Nutshell 

Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy is a convenient service that allows Prime members to shop for items online, and try them out to decide the ones they will keep or return.

Items that are readily available in this category include clothing, shoes, wristwatches, and other fashion accessories, and they usually feature the Try Before You Buy labels.

The service only allows you to purchase eligible items using a credit card. Other forms of payment, like debit cards and gift cards, are not acceptable. Individuals who share Prime membership via Amazon Household can enjoy the service.

Lastly, while the service is mostly about its benefits, you should not abuse it or give Amazon any reason to discontinue the service. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Please see what to do if Amazon charges twice for an order

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