How To Change Shipping Speed On Amazon: Steps To Take, Cost & Exceptions

To improve consumer experience and maintain supremacy in e-commerce, Amazon now allows customers to change the shipping speed for an order. How do you go about this? 

The process involves navigating to your “Orders” pages and choosing a new shipping speed or option to accelerate or delay delivery. However, you should note that the steps involved in this process may vary slightly, depending on where the action will occur. 

For instance, how to change shipping speed on the web is different from how it is done on the Amazon app. In addition, the success of this procedure will depend on the shipping option and status. 

This guide covers the steps you need to take to change shipping speed on any Amazon platform and why customers carry out the procedure. You will also discover the costs associated with this action and its exceptions. 

Why Do Buyers Change Shipping Speed on Amazon?


1. Urgency 

This is the major reason customers change shipping speed on Amazon. For example, if you are expecting a gift for an event and it is yet to be shipped a few days before the event, there is a big chance you will switch to a faster shopping option to ensure prompt delivery. 

2. Budget consideration 

Most times, customers shipping large shipments try their best to prioritize reducing costs, especially if there is no hurry. As a result, they may switch from an expedited to a standard shipping option if the cost aligns with their budget and the turnaround is decent. 

3. Promotions or discounts 

Customers also switch from standard to expedited shipping if they discover that Amazon is offering a discount. This may be the case for a new Amazon Prime subscriber who is yet to know all the benefits of the membership. 

Immediately they find out, they will make the switch, provided the order has yet to ship.

4. External factors or unforeseen events

External factors like inclement weather conditions or travel plans can impact delivery dates. Hence, customers may have no choice but to accelerate shipping, especially if it involves a critical or high-value shipment. 

How To Change Shipping Speed on Amazon

1. On the website

  • Sign in to your account on the Amazon website
  • Go to the top right corner of your homepage and select “Returns & Orders.
  • Select the active order you would like to edit.
  • Tap the “Change shipping speed” option under the order details and select a preferred option.
  • You may be required to include a new delivery date and time.
  • Once completed, click “Save shipping speed.”

Please note that the shipping options that will be available for an active order usually depend on the status of the current one and your location. Also, you can decide to speed up or delay your shipment.

2. On the app (Android & iOS)

If you shop primarily with the Amazon app, below are the steps you need to take to change the shipping speed for an order: 

  • Open the app and log into your account
  • Select the profile icon at the bottom of your screen. 
  • Go to “Your Orders” and select the active order you want to edit. 
  • Tap the “Changing shipping speed” and choose a new (preferred) shipping option. 
  • The new shipping may require you to specify a new delivery date or time. 
  • Click “Save shipping speed” to confirm the new adjustment.

3. As an Amazon Prime subscriber 

The process for Amazon Prime subscribers is also slightly different: 

  • Log in to your Amazon account on the web or app 
  • Go to the “Account & Lists” tab at the top right corner of the home page. 
  • Click on “Prime Membership” and select “Manage Prime Membership” on the left corner of your screen. 
  • Go to your shipping options and change the shipping date next to the order you want to edit. 
  • Amazon will provide you with the new estimated delivery date, time, and cost for the new shipping option. 
  • Click “Save Changes” once you complete the process. 

Can You Change the Shipping Speed for a Shipped Item? 

No, you cannot change the shipping speed of an order once it has been shipped by the seller (Amazon or third-party retailers.) However, you can contact Amazon to find out what options are available. 

To get a fast response, use the live chat option or call the help desk at 1-888-280-4331. 

Are There Exceptions to Changing Shipping Speed on Amazon? 

You cannot adjust the shipping speed for Amazon Fresh and Amazon Hub orders once you place them. Instead, you can choose a specific delivery and pickup date for Amazon Fresh groceries. 

For Amazon Hub orders (packages sent to Amazon lockers), you can pick them up 3 days after drop-off. 

Shipments That are Suitable for Expedited Shipping 

When placing an order for some shipments, it is always best to choose expedited shipping. Examples of such shipments include: 

  • Packages that require signatures 
  • Shipments weighing over 70 pounds 
  • Items that require special handling and storage conditions. 
  • Hazardous material or toxic chemicals. 
  • Large or bulky shipments going to rural areas like Alaska, Hawaii, or APO (Army Post Office)/FPO (Fleet Post Office)/DPO(Diplomatic Post Office)
  • Packages going abroad 
  • Out-of-stock items

Cost of Changing Shipping Speed on Amazon


The cost for changing shipping speed on Amazon varies, depending on the shipping option you are switching to. For example, changing a standard delivery to same-day delivery usually requires an extra fee (about $9.99.)

Please note that Amazon Prime subscribers get to pay a lesser or no fee for changing speed. In addition, you can only choose to switch to a shipping option your package is eligible for. 


How do you choose a delivery speed on Amazon?

You can select the delivery speed for an order during checkout. The options available for your order will depend on your location and retailer’s preference. 

Does Amazon deliver a day early?

Amazon may deliver a package a day early if the sorting and delivery process occurs faster than expected. In addition, items with a high chance of early delivery often feature the message “Some orders may arrive a day early” at checkout. 

Who pays for shipping on Amazon?

It depends on the item you purchase. Some sellers may offer free shipping, while others may require payment for shipping. 


Understanding how to change shipping speed on Amazon is essential, especially for regular shoppers. With this service, you can schedule a delivery or pickup to when you will be available and avoid any inconvenience if you act fast. 

In other words, the success of this process largely depends on whether the order has been shipped or not. You should also note that Amazon Fresh and Amazon Hub orders are not eligible for this modification. 

Lastly, you should be prepared to pay extra money if you are switching to a faster shipping option as a customer who does not have a Prime membership

I hope you found this guide helpful. For further reading, please see what it means when Amazon locker says “delivered but no code.”

Thanks for reading.