Why Did Amazon Charge You Twice: Reasons, Solution & How Long Until It Is Reversed

Why did Amazon charge you twice? Several factors can be responsible. Top of this list is that you placed an order twice, or one of the charges is a payment authorization. 

However, these events may not apply to all scenarios, especially when you can confirm from your bank statement that you were debited twice. 

This guide discusses the 4 factors responsible for duplicate charges, how to address them, and how long it usually takes Amazon to revert such transactions. 

Why Did Amazon Charge Me Twice for the Same Order?


If you did not place the same order twice, any of the factors below may be responsible for a double charge: 

1. You have two Amazon account

If you have two Amazon accounts and operate them on different devices, there is a chance you will experience duplicate charges. For example, if you subscribe to Amazon Prime and use this service on both accounts, your next subscription may be charged twice. 

To resolve this, you can cancel your Prime subscription at any time or contact Amazon for a refund. 

2. It is just a purchase authorization 

Purchase authorization commonly gets mistaken for duplicate charges by customers, especially for those experiencing it for the first time. 

While this practice may not apply to every order, Amazon uses it to confirm the availability of funds on a card or verify your identity before completing a transaction. This process places your fund on hold and eventually deducts it when your package ships.

The new charge you receive on your bill once your package ships should be the actual charge. You can confirm this by checking your bank or credit card statement. 

3. Someone has access to your Amazon account or credit card information

Duplicate charges are also possible if a friend or family member has access to your Amazon account or credit information. However, this can be easily detected, as the amount charged on both occasions is usually different and may not be associated with a single order. 

4. Amazon splits your order 

Amazon reserves the right to split a single order into multiple shipments. This is common when an order contains items sold by Amazon and third-party retailers or features different delivery dates. 

Here is why. Amazon products get shipped from a fulfillment center or warehouse near you. Hence, delivery is faster. For third-party shipments, especially those going abroad, deliveries are slower and may require private couriers. 

To avoid discrepancies, Amazon charges for its package separately and will do the same for the third-party retailer. Please note the charge for a third-party order may reflect on your billing information faster than the fee for the Amazon item. 

This is understandable because the third-party retailer may need the service of regional couriers or postal services outside Amazon. Besides, Amazon only charges once your item ships. 

What to Do If Amazon Charges You Twice


Amazon will refund you almost immediately if it was a mistake. However, there are times when they may not quickly respond. In such a scenario, here are the steps you should take: 

1. Check your bank statement

Experiencing duplicate charges, especially for high-value shipments, can be worrisome. However, you do not need to panic. You only need to check your billing information to confirm if both deductions affect your current balance. 

As I explained earlier, the second transaction is the actual payment. However, if both transactions affect your account, you should contact Amazon. 

2. Contact Amazon 

Amazon expects you to contact them if you experience any wrong deduction or a duplicate charge. You only need to provide necessary information like a screenshot of the order, the order ID, and your billing information for an investigation to begin. 

There are 3 major ways you can contact Amazon:

  • Call their toll-free number (+1) 888-280-4331 
  • Use the live chat option online 
  • Send an email to cs-reply@amazon.com

Once a duplicate charge is confirmed, you will get a refund for one of the payments. 

3. Contact your bank 

You may also need to contact your bank or credit card company, especially if it is a directive from Amazon. One advantage of contacting your bank is that it is the fastest way to confirm if the duplicate charge is a payment authorization. 

Amazon can also direct you to them if they have reverted one of the payments but it is yet to reflect on your billing information. Your bank will confirm the action and tell you when your fund will be available. 

How Long Does It Take for Amazon to Reverse a Charge?

Amazon usually reverts confirmed duplicate charges within a few days. Since the procedure is similar to requesting a refund, you can expect your billing information to reflect the money within 7 business days. 

However, the reversal speed may depend on your payment method and bank. 


Why does Amazon charge, refund, and charge again?

This occurs during a return process when the product (sent by the customer) does not meet Amazon’s standard or is missing essential accessories. Amazon will have no choice but to charge back the refunded amount. 

Can you cancel an Amazon order after you’ve been charged?

Yes, but you have to do it quickly before the package is shipped if you wish to get a full refund. If you request a cancellation after shipping, the merchant or Amazon will have to deduct shipping expenses. 

Can you remove a payment method from Amazon after purchase?

You can update a payment method after a purchase by going to Your Account > Payment. Go to the payment method and click “Remove” or “Delete.”


There are several reasons why Amazon may have charged you twice. As a customer, you may be responsible for this by placing the same order twice or sharing your Amazon account with a friend. 

Amazon may also be responsible for this experience. If they are, you can expect a resolution almost immediately. In case they do not, you should contact Amazon. You can also contact your bank to confirm if the event is due to a payment authorization. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. For further reading, you should see why Amazon may request payment revision for an order

Thanks for reading.