Lost Safeway Card: How To Get A Replacement [+ Activate It] & Cardless Shopping Options

After signing up on Safeway For U (a loyalty rewards program), you will receive a physical Safeway Club Card. This card allows customers to save about 20% or spend less on purchases. Should such a treasure be lost or damaged? No. 

However, as humans, we don’t always get what we want. When you lose or cannot find your Safeway card, the next thing is to apply for a replacement online or in-store. There is no need to panic because you can get a new card within minutes (in-store).

This guide covers how to get a replacement for a lost Safeway card online and physically. It also explains how you can shop for groceries, pharmaceuticals, and fuel without the card and still enjoy rewards on exclusive deals. 

Lost Safeway Card: How to Get a Replacement (In-store & Online) 

Getting a replacement for a lost Safeway card is easy and free. You only need to visit the customer service desk of the nearest Safeway store to request a new one. 

You will be asked to complete a new application form to update your club card information. Feel free to update your address, phone number, and email preferences to adjust how you receive coupons, deals, and promotions while filling out the form. This method should get you a new card within minutes.

Alternatively, you can fill out this form online and wait for Safeway to mail you the new card within a few days. Log in to your Safeway account online (preferably via PC) and complete the same application form. Below is what the application form should look like: 

Source: PDFfiller

After filling out the form, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the Safeway Club Card program. 

How to Activate a New Safeway Card

Once you have your Safeway card, you can activate it by following these steps:

  1. Login to your Safeway account 
  2. Click on the “Club Card” tab (where) and select “Activate my Club Card.”
  3. Enter the 16-digit number on the back of the card and other required information. 
  4. Follow the prompt to complete the activation.

Once your card is active, you will be rewarded for buying products at Safeway. Existing rewards will also reflect after activation for replacement cards within a few days. 

Can You Shop without a Safeway Loyalty Card? 


Yes, you can shop at Safeway without a loyalty card. This can be handy for those who misplaced their card or do not know where it is. In this case, there are two ways you can shop: 

1. Using your phone number 

To shop with your phone number at Safeway, you must have linked it to your Safeway account initially. If you are yet to, follow the steps below to link your phone number now:

  • Login to your account online or via the Safeway For U app. 
  • Click on “Account Information.”
  • Select the “Mobile Number” option 
  • Enter your mobile number and click “Save.”

Linking your mobile number to your account allows the cashier to scan your phone to check your order. 

2. Using your Safeway card number 

Your Safeway card number can be found on the back of the physical loyalty card or in your account information (online). However, if you are not with your card or phone and still want to checkout, the cashier can use your mobile number to log in to your account and obtain it. 

Once they have your card number, they can apply your rewards to your order. 

Do Safeway Loyalty Card Rewards Expire? 

Yes, rewards on your Safeway card will only last until the month following the one in which you earned it. This means if you earn 224 points in October, it will expire on December 1st.

A simple hack to knowing the expiration date of your rewards is to check the bottom of your order receipt after any purchase. 

Do You Need a Membership to Shop at Safeway?


Not necessarily. You can shop at any Safeway outlet without a loyalty card. However, this choice means you must pay for the exact price of every product or service you choose while shopping. 

You will also not earn rewards or points when you shop. To avoid this and enjoy discounts on exclusive offers, Safeway encourages all its customers to own a loyalty club card. 

You only need to complete an application form online on the Safeway For U app or in-store at the customer service desk. This is the same application form you will fill out to get a replacement card if you lose the previous one. 

How to Cancel Your Safeway Card Membership 

While this may seem weird, some customers have genuine reasons for canceling their membership. One of the most common reasons is relocating to a region with no Safeway store or a store yet to recognize loyalty club rewards. 

For example, Safeway stores in Canada do not offer membership programs or rewards yet. To cancel your membership, you need to contact the customer service desk of the local Safeway outlet. 

Ask the Safeway representative to remove all your data and contact information from their database. You should also unlink or register your phone number from the account and uninstall the Safeway app. 


Can you get your Safeway card via phone?

You can apply for your Safeway card online and wait for it to arrive in your mail within a few days. You can also checkout with your phone if you link your mobile number to your Safeway account. 

How do you check your Safeway rewards?

Login to your Safeway For U account and check the bottom of the receipt from your most recent purchase. Go to the “Reward History” section to know your total balance. 

Can you use Safeway gift cards anywhere?

They can be used only in Safeway stores or any store owned by Albertsons Companies, such as Vons and Jewel-Osco. 


Losing your Safeway loyalty card is no longer a big deal because customers can now shop without the card, provided they know their card number or have their phone numbers linked to their accounts. 

You only need to provide any of this information to the cashier for them to access how much reward or points you have and if it will be enough for your order. 

If it is, your order will be checked out. Otherwise, you must check out with another payment method (a debit or credit card). 

Conversely, if you enjoy the convenience of shopping with your card or do not want to disclose sensitive information like your card number or phone number, visit the customer service desk or go online to reapply for a card. 

You have to fill out a new application to update your information and will get a card within minutes (for in-store applications) or days (for online applications).

I hope you found this article helpful. Please see the Safeway Shoplifting Policy to discover how the store handles theft scenarios. 

Thanks for reading.