Can DoorDash Drivers See How Much You Tip?

DoorDash drivers or Dashers primarily pick up and deliver orders from restaurants to customers. While most of these orders come with a tip, some do not. Is there a way for Dashers to see tips before accepting an order? 

The answer is NO. DoorDash drivers cannot see or know how much tip they will receive for a delivery. While Dashers can identify orders with a tip, it is all estimated calculation.

This guide explains how DoorDash’s tipping system works if Dashers can see tips before accepting delivery, and how they know which order has a significant tip. 

Understanding DoorDash’s Tipping System

DoorDash has a tipping system that allows customers to add a tip to their order when they place it through the app. You can choose a preset tip amount, such as 10% or 20% (of the total order), or enter a custom amount. 

The food delivery service can also suggest a tip amount based on the size of your order and the distance between the restaurant and the customer’s address. Tips (in cash) after delivery is also a thing. 

When a customer adds a tip to their order, the tip amount is added to Dasher’s base pay, usually between $2 to $10 (or more). Base pay varies based on the time of the day, the delivery distance, and the delivery area’s desirability. 

Can DoorDash Drivers See How Much You Tip Before Accepting an Order? 

DoorDash drivers cannot see the tip associated with an order before they accept it. They can only find the exact tip amount included in an order after delivery. 

This is a completely intentional decision from DoorDash. It is a policy designed to prevent discrimination against customers. However, if you have been a Dasher for a while, you will agree that there is a way to know if an order comes with a tip. 

How Do Dashers Identify Orders with a Tip? 


It is very easy for DoorDash drivers to know whether an order includes a tip. They have to subtract their base pay (usually $2 or more) from the guaranteed minimum payment for the order before they accept or reject it. 

Most Dashers will not accept an order where the guaranteed minimum payment is $3 because it means there might be very little or no tip for such a delivery. Plus, considering weather conditions and time of the day, such an order may not be appropriate. 

On the other hand, Dashers will accept orders with a guaranteed minimum payment of $7 because they will likely get at least a $4 tip or more. 


Is $3 a good tip for DoorDash?

Depending on the order size and distance, $3 may be considered a substantial tip on DoorDash. 

Can you tip a DoorDash Driver in cash?

Customers have the right to tip Dashers in cash. They prefer this option because it keeps DoorDash in the dark regarding how much tip they receive. 

Does DoorDash leave food at the door?

DoorDash drivers will only leave your food at the door when you place an order using the no-contact option. After dropping the food in a secure spot, you will be notified to pick it up. 


DoorDash drivers cannot see the exact amount of tip linked to a particular order until they complete the delivery. It is deliberate decision from DoorDash to prevent discrimination or drivers accepting only orders with tips. 

While this is understandable, Dashers have a way of identifying orders with sufficient tips. All they need to do is subtract their base pay (which varies by location) from the minimum guaranteed payment Dashers see before they accept or reject an order. 

After subtracting this base pay, drivers are incentivized to accept your order if the tip is about $5 or above. Orders with a tip below $5 may struggle to get a driver. 

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