Do You Need A Red Card For DoorDash? – Significance & How To Set It Up

As a DoorDash driver or Dasher, you do not necessarily need a Red Card to accept and deliver orders. This is because most restaurants on the platform allow customers to pay for their food online. 

Your primary concern should be accepting and delivering orders swiftly. However, with time (usually after 2 weeks), orders that require you to make payment at a restaurant will begin to appear. 

If you do not wish to continuously decline or ignore such orders (and limit your profit-making), you need a Red Card. 

This guide explains what a Red Card is, if you need it to become a Dasher, and how to set it up and use it. You will also find out how long it may take for the card to arrive, its benefits, and how to replace a lost one. 

What is A Red Card? 

A DoorDash Red Card is a prepaid debit card that allows Dashers to pay for un prepaid orders. This card is one of the components of DoorDash’s Welcome or Activation kit Dashers receive after a successful registration. 

How long it takes to receive this kit depends on your location. While it should arrive within 2 to 3 weeks, it may take months for some locations. 

Other materials in the kit include insulating or delivery bags (can be up to 4) and a welcome manual. Please note that your earnings won’t be paid into a Red Card. 

When Do You Need a DoorDash Red Card? 


As a Dasher, you only need a Red Card for orders not prepaid. You will get a prompt from the Dasher app saying, “Pay with Red Card” or “Place Order” for such orders. 

It is DoorDash’s responsibility to ensure that the card is funded correctly. Do not worry about the discrepancies between the total amount on the receipt and your Dasher app account statement.

When paying with a Red Card, there are standard procedures to follow: 

  1. You can only use a DoorDash Red Card to pay for orders within a specific window and at the indicated restaurant. In other words, a Pizza Hut order must be paid for and picked up at Pizza Hut, even if Little Caesars has the same package and is closer to your location. 
  2. Ensure you choose credit while paying for an order. Ignore the fact that the card has “debit” boldly written on it. However, if you’ve already made this mistake, use “0000” as your 4-digit pin. 
  3. Do not include tips when paying with DoorDash Red Card. 
  4. Do not need to keep receipts except the order states otherwise or give payment receipts to customers. 

How to Set Up DoorDash Red Card [For Android & iOS]

Setting up Red Card on iOS 

  • Log into your Dasher app 
  • Click the “Account” button. 
  • Tap the red-colored link that appears on top of the next page. It should say, “Did DoorDash give you a payment card?”
  • Enter the card’s delight number and last 4 digits

Setting up Red Card on Android 

  • Log into your Dasher app 
  • Tap the “Menu” icon in the top left corner and select Red Card from the prompt. 
  • Input the card’s delight number and last 4 digits. 

Benefits of DoorDash Red Card [For Drivers & Customers]

Without the Red Card, DoorDash will be forced to cancel several orders. Let’s look at how it benefits both drivers and consumers: 

For Dashers 

  1. Red Card allows drivers to make more profit and accomplish their financial goals. This is because it keeps them busy with both prepaid and non-prepaid orders.
  2. It helps drivers purchase items from restaurants or stores not listed on DoorDash, provided they accept Red Card payments. 
  3. You can also save gas and minimize mileage with the Red Card. For example, if a customer places a Red Card order from Walmart, the Dasher has the right to locate the nearest Walmart store, pay for it, and deliver it. 

For Customers 

  1. It allows customers to buy food and groceries from restaurants and stores that do not support prepaid payments. 
  2. Customers also save money because they allow Dashers to shop for individual items at the best price or patronize restaurants with special discounts. 

What to Do If You Lose Your DoorDash Red Card?

Dashing without a Red Card leaves you with 2 options. You either must continue declining Red Card orders (lose money) or pay for them yourself and submit a receipt to DoorDash for reimbursement (very stressful).

Therefore, if you lose your Red Card, DoorDash expects you to report it and request a replacement. 

How to Report Your Red Card Lost [For iOS & Android]


  1. Sign in to your Dasher app and click “account” in the bottom bar. 
  2. Click the “Lost your Red Card? ” icon at the top of the screen 
  3. Remove the lost Red Card from your Dasher account and confirm by tapping “Yes, it’s lost”.


  1. Log into your Dasher app and click the menu button in the upper left corner.
  2. Select “Account” and tap “Red Card”.
  3. On the next screen, choose “Mark as lost.”

How to Get a New Red Card 

You can get a new Red Card via the DoorDash app: 

  1. Visit the DoorDash Store and choose “Dasher gear”.
  2. Scroll to the Red Card for your location and choose your preferred shipping option. 
  3. Click the “Add to Cart” button. 


Can you use multiple red cards on one order with DoorDash?

You can only use a Red Card for a single order at any given time. 

Do you have to pay DoorDash to get a red card?

No, the Red Card is part of your Welcome or Activation Kit. You will receive this kit after successfully signing up as a Dasher. 

How do you withdraw DoorDash earnings without a card?

Simply transfer your earnings to a personal bank account pending the arrival of your card. The process is free if you use the DasherDirect app. 


As much as you need a DoorDash Red Card to attend to prepaid and non-prepaid orders, it is not a compulsory requirement. In other words, you can stick to prepaid orders if being a Dasher is only a means of generating passive income. 

On the other hand, setting up your Red Card is necessary if you wish to make as much profit as a Dasher. With this card, you can pay for non-prepaid orders at the nearest restaurant or store and pick them up. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Please see what happens when no driver picks up your DoorDash order.

Thanks for reading.