Can You Pick Up a Package From FedEx Before Delivery: Steps To Take & Why Customers Prefer The Service

You can pick up a package from FedEx before delivery using the FedEx Hold At Location feature. This service redirects your package to a secure FedEx location for pickup instead of the initial home or office delivery request. 

It comes in handy when experiencing delivery issues (s), or you want extra security for your package. However, you must pick up your item within the required window and go with the essential documents for pickup. 

This guide covers everything you need to know about picking up a package from FedEx before delivery. For context, you will discover the different ways to do this, the steps involved, and how long your item will be held for pickup. 

Can You Pick Up a Package From FedEx Before Delivery? 

You can pick up a package from FedEx before delivery via the FedEx Hold at Location option. To use this service:  

  1. Go to the FedEx tracking portal and enter the tracking number for your item. 
  2. Select “Manage Delivery” then “Hold at Location.” 
  3. Different pickup locations will be presented to you. Choose the one nearest to you or where you want your package sent. 
  4. Wait for a text, phone call, or email notification from FedEx to confirm the arrival of your package and its availability for pickup. 

Why Do Customers Pick Up Their Packages Before Delivery? 

1. Delivery or availability issues 

These issues may range from locating delivery addresses in a rural area to FedEx tracking glitches or delays. Redirecting your package to a pickup station can also be handy if you are unsure of your availability to receive the item on the delivery date. 

2. Minimize theft 

While FedEx supports doorstep delivery in the absence of the recipient, there is a risk of theft. Customers with this experience prefer to redirect their items to a local pickup store or neighbor. 

3. Privacy 

Customers also redirect packages to pickup stations if they have moved to a new location different from the one registered for delivery. They may choose not to disclose this location and reroute their package to a pickup station. 

How Long Will FedEx Hold a Package for You?


Generally, FedEx holds packages for 7 days. It may be more or less, depending on how well you communicate with the store. This package will be stored in a secure container before pickup. 

FedEx will attempt another delivery if you do not pick up your package within the specified window. In this case, your package might be delivered to your doorstep regardless of your availability, or it will be returned to the sender. 

Never let your package get to this stage if you are not deliberately interested in getting a refund. 

Can You Pick Up a Package From FedEx Before Delivery on a Sunday?

Picking a package on Sunday depends on the FedEx store holding the item. FedEx Onsite business services should not give you a tough time because they are usually open between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Sundays. 

On the other hand, traditional FedEx stores and distribution centers rarely provide pickup or delivery services on Sundays. However, there might be an exception for sensitive or guaranteed (expedited) shipping options. 

To be sure, contact your local FedEx Hold at the Location store before heading out. 

Can Someone Else Pick Up Your Package From FedEx before Delivery? 

Yes, provided they leave at the same address as you. Like you, they need to go along with a verifiable means of identification and the package’s tracking number.

Utility bills, property statements, auto insurance cards, or credit card statements can be used instead of a regular government-approved (personal) ID. 

What is the Difference between a Hold for Pickup at a Location and Redirecting a Package to Be Held at a Location?

Hold for pickup is a FedEx service that allows you to ship a package from FedEx directly to a pickup station. In other words, it is not a shipping service for redirecting items to a pickup location. 

On the other hand, Hold at Location (as you already know) is designed to redirect packages meant for home or doorstep delivery to a pickup station. Both services will hold your package for 7 days. 


What does the last pickup mean?

The last pickup signifies the final round of pickup from a FedEx location or drop box for that day. In other words, if you submit a package after the last pickup time, it will not be shipped that day but the next business day. 

Can you pick up your package from FedEx after failed delivery?

This is possible for eligible residential deliveries. Such items will be redirected to a nearby FedEx location or participating store like Walgreens for pickup. 

How many times will FedEx attempt delivery?

FedEx typically attempts deliveries thrice. This means the shipping company will make 2 more attempts after the initial delivery. 

Final Thoughts 

Thanks to services such as FedEx Hold at Location, customers can be flexible with home deliveries. This service allows you to modify delivery after shipping or before delivery.

It also guarantees better protection and privacy for you and your package. However, you must ensure your package or shipping option is eligible for these services via the FedEx Delivery Manager. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see how late FedEx delivers packages

Thanks for reading.