How Late Does FedEx Deliver? – Operating Hours, Factors That Can Delay Your Package  & What To Do

The primary objective of FedEx is to provide reliable, convenient, and affordable delivery for everyone. However, it must do this within operating hours, which is why customers need to know how late or how long it takes FedEx drivers to deliver packages.

According to FedEx, official delivery hours begin at 8 a.m. and end by 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday. How early or late you receive a package will depend on the route and the volume of packages that must be delivered that day. 

This guide explains how late FedEx delivers packages on business days and weekends, factors that can delay deliveries, and what to do. You will also find out if the shipping company delivers the item after its closing hour (8 p.m.).

How Late Does FedEx Deliver?

FedEx’s official operating hours suggest deliveries should occur between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) deliveries are mostly for residential packages only. 

The easiest way to know when your package will arrive is to monitor its tracking update. This update should initially provide a scheduled delivery date and a 4-hour estimated delivery window when the package arrives at your address. 

What Happens if FedEx Delivers Late?


It depends on the shipping option responsible for your package. If your package is being shipped by a regular service such as FedEx Ground, you may not get a refund if the package fails to arrive eventually. 

On the other hand, there is a money-back guarantee for expedited shipping options like FedEx Overnight. Please note that this can also be modified or suspended. The best thing to do is to check the terms and conditions for your shipping option before taking any action. 

What Causes Delays in FedEx Delivery?

1. Weather conditions 

Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains, hurricanes, and snowstorms can disrupt transportation networks and pose safety risks to FedEx delivery drivers. 

FedEx only releases delivery trucks when it is safe to ensure the overall safety of employees and packages. Drivers also reserve the right to pause deliveries during severe weather conditions.

2. Incomplete or wrong address 

When a package has the wrong address, drivers must return it. FedEx will contact the sender to resolve it. However, the item will already have missed its initial delivery date. 

To avoid this, double-check the address and recipient name on the package. 

3. Peak seasons 

During peak seasons, FedEx processes a lot of packages. This surge in workload may occasionally lead to delays in sorting and delivery processes. Planning and allowing extra time for your package to account for potential delays during the holidays is advisable. 

4. Customs clearance 

International shipments regularly undergo customs clearance, which may result in delays if a document is missing or fake. While FedEx does a great job with customs clearance, regulations are subject to the destination country. 

Staying informed about the specific requirements and ensuring accurate customs documentation can help expedite the clearance process. 

5. Operation errors 

Operation errors such as incorrect scanning, misrouting, incorrect scanning, or mishandling at any shipping stage can delay package arrival. In such cases, it is best to contact FedEx customer service immediately. 

Does FedEx Deliver after 8 p.m.?

While deliveries are expected to end by 8 p.m., FedEx drivers can deliver after 8 p.m. This is usually when they are left with a few packages to complete their daily deliveries. 

Also, some guaranteed shipping services, such as FedEx Overnight and FedEx 2Day, allow deliveries after 8 p.m. This occurs during holidays when people ship more items, and FedEx wishes to avoid missing a guaranteed delivery or issuing refunds. 


How accurate is the FedEx estimated delivery time? 

It depends on the shipping option and the destination of the package. Unlike international shipments, packages within the U.S. usually get delivered within the estimated time.

Can You Call FedEx to See Where Your Package is?

You can contact your local FedEx helpline to know the status of your package. You can also text “follow and your door tag number” to 48773.

How long should a FedEx package be pending?

A maximum of 3 business days. Feel free to call or send a message to FedEx customer service.

Conclusion: How Late Does FedEx Deliver?

If you are waiting for a package from FedEx today, it should arrive between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., regardless of the shipping option. However, this does not mean you cannot receive a package after 8 p.m.

Late deliveries occur during peak seasons, such as holidays, or when there are exceptions, such as bad weather or gridlock. They also occur when drivers must deliver packages to complete their daily deliveries. 

When a late delivery is not entirely the driver’s fault or the shipping option does not feature a guarantee, getting a refund may be a bit complicated. This may not be the same for guaranteed delivery options, stolen or missing items. 

Lastly, always ensure you are present to receive your package on the first attempt or subsequent ones. Failure to do so means you must pick it up within 7 days before it is returned to the sender.

I hope you find this guide helpful. If you did, please see what an indirect signature means for a FedEx package.

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