Discover How Long UPS Will Hold A Package & When You Have To Pay

UPS will hold your package for 7 calendar days before returning it to the sender regardless of who requests the service. This is because the package’s sender, the customer, or even UPS can decide to hold a package. 

The sender can request UPS to hold or return a package via the UPS Package Intercept service until the necessary modifications or corrections are made. The buyer or customer needs the Hold for Pickup service to do the same. 

UPS will automatically hold your package at a nearby pickup store after attempting the maximum number of deliveries for your shipping option. How long this takes may vary. 

This guide explains in detail how long UPS holds a package, how to create a hold request, and if UPS charges to hold a package. 

How Long Does UPS Hold Packages?

UPS will hold your package for 7 days regardless of who and how the request was made. Failure to pick it up or schedule a delivery means it will be returned to the sender. 

Create a UPS My Choice account or contact customer service to request this service. It is free and can help protect valuable or sensitive packages. 

If you know you won’t be available to pick up the package or schedule a delivery within 7 days, do not request FedEx to hold your package. 

Instead, set up a new delivery date that aligns with your availability (a paid service).

How to Create a UPS Hold Mail Request 

  1. Sign up for UPS My Choice 
  2. Login to your UPS My Choice account 
  3. Navigate to your profile page 
  4. Select the “Set My Preferences” tab 
  5. Choose your preferred address 
  6. Scroll to the bottom until you see “Request a Hold”
  7. Click on it and enter the date or how long you want UPS to hold your package and other essential information

Once your request is approved, UPS will send your parcel to any of the following locations (depending on your preference): 

Does UPS Charge to Hold Packages?

The service is free if you want UPS to hold your package within 7 days. However, charges will apply for special requests such as: 

  • Holding a package for more than 7 days 
  • Package delivery on a specific date 
  • Package delivery to an Access Point location near you 
  • Guaranteed delivery window 
  • Upgrading UPS SurePost packages

To enjoy these extras, you must subscribe to UPS My Choice Premium ($19.99/year). 


Can someone else pick up your UPS package?

If you do not want UPS to return your package to the sender after the 7-day holding period, you can ask someone else to pick up the package. 

Such individuals only need to go along with a government-approved ID, the package’s tracking number, and proof of permission to pick up the item on your behalf. 

What does it mean when UPS says delivered to a Locker?

This means the carrier delivered your package to a parcel locker near you. You will receive a notification with an access code to open the locker once your package is inside or ready for pickup. 

How long can a package sit in a parcel locker?

Customers who prefer parcel locker deliveries have up to 5 days to pick up their package or have someone do it for them. Otherwise, the package will be removed from the locker and returned to the Post Office. 


UPS will hold your package for 7 days at any of their locations before returning it to the sender. It is a free and convenient service for customers who will be temporarily unavailable to pick up or receive a package upon delivery. 

You need to contact UPS customer service to make this request. Alternatively, you can create a UPS My Choice account to execute it and track your package personally. 

If you want UPS to hold your package for more than 7 days or have other special requests, subscribe to its premium plan ($19.99/year).

I hope you found this guide helpful. Please see why your package was sent to a UPS Access Point if you did. 

Thanks for reading.