See How You Can Pick Up A UPS Package Early

It is normal to be too eager to await your package’s delivery. You begin to wonder if it is possible to pick up a UPS package early. You can use the UPS intercept package (will call) service.

Are you expecting a UPS package but wish to pick it up early? Then this article is for you. I will write about how you can pick up a UPS package early.


Many people dislike the long wait for a package to be delivered, which is quite normal. Luckily, UPS has enabled customers to pick up their packages early or before the final delivery date.

However, you must note that timing is of the essence in cases like these. Once the package has been picked up by the courier for final delivery, you will have to await its delivery. 

You can pick up a UPS package earlier using the UPS intercept delivery service. The UPS intercept delivery service offers 4 major options, which are as follows;

  • Return to sender: Used when the sender or recipient wishes to return the package to the originator’s address.
  • Delivery to another address: Used mostly when a wrong address is used, or the recipient wants to use another address. Allows the sender or recipient to provide a new address to complete the delivery.
  • Rescheduled delivery: This service allows the customer to reschedule delivery for a future date.
  • Will call or one-time pickup: Also referred to as one-call pickup, this service allows the package to be held for pick-up by the consignee or the recipient.

Note that fees will apply for all of these services except for the “will call”.

How can you pick up a UPS package early?

Basically, by using the UPS intercept and deliver (Will Call) service. With this service, you can hold the package once it arrives at the UPS access point location. 

But as I mentioned earlier, your timing plays a huge role in whether or not you are eligible for this service. Once the package is ready for delivery and picked up by the driver, you won’t be eligible anymore.

UPS drivers pick up all packages available for delivery that day as early as 8 a.m. Therefore, you must send this request before the delivery date of your package, or preferably, while it is still in transit to the facility.

How does the will-call service work?

Once you send this request, the package will be held for pick-up for 5 days with no added fees. Then you can proceed during working hours to pick up the package yourself once it arrives at the UPS access point location. 

Note that some requirements for picking up UPS packages have been held for pick-up. According to UPS, customers will need to provide valid IDs before they can collect their packages.

How do you request a delivery intercept (will call) on your package?

When tracking your package, you can request an intercept from the tracking detail page. To further break it down, follow the steps below.

  • Login to the site
  • View shipment history
  • Choose the package you wish to intercept from the shipment history
  • Select the will-call option from the available delivery intercept option
  • Provide the required information
  • Submit the request

When can you pick up the package?

Once you submit the will-call request, you will be notified once the package is ready for pickup. Once you receive this notification, you can head to the UPS access point near you and pick up the package.


Can someone else pick up a UPS package on your behalf?

Yes, however, he or she will need to provide a valid government-issued photo ID. Additionally, he or she will need to present proof of connection with the named person on the shipment label.

Can you have your package sent to another location?

Yes, you can. With the delivery intercept service, you can send the package to another address using the “Delivery to another address” service.

How much to it cost to pick up a package early?

The UPS will call service is completely free.


If you are looking to pick up your UPS package early, it is possible. This can be done using the UPS intercept delivery (will call) service. However, you must send this request before it is delivered.

This is because once the package has been picked up for delivery by the driver, this service will no longer be available. Therefore, before the day of delivery is ideal.

I hope you found this article helpful. While tracking a UPS package, you may come across other updates, one common update is “UPS tracking number invalid”. You should see this article on UPS Tracking Number Invalid to see the meaning, causes, and solution.

Thanks for reading.