How Much Does Uber Eats Pay Drivers Per Delivery?

How much Uber Eats pay drivers per delivery largely depends on their base pay and, sometimes, the per-mile rate. In the U.S., the average base pay per delivery can be between $2 to $10.

While other factors can influence your earnings per delivery positively or negatively, Uber Eats operates a network that allows drivers to know their earnings per delivery. That way, they can decide whether to accept a trip request.

This guide discusses how much Uber Eats pay per delivery, how payments are calculated, and tips that can help you increase your earning. You will discover how and when drivers get paid. 

How Much Does Uber Eats Pay Per Delivery in the U.S.? 


Excluding bonuses (such as surges and tips), most Uber Eats delivery drivers are between $2 to $10 per delivery. Here is break down of what determines how much they earn per delivery: 

1. Base fare 

The base fare (aside from bonuses) is what makes up the majority of your earnings per delivery. It is calculated using a default pick-up and drop-off fee and varies according to location. 

To know what works for your location, check out the company’s city-specific page.  

2. Trip supplement (per-mile rate)

Aside from the base fare, Uber Eats pays a trip supplement to drivers. This is calculated based on the distance you travel to pick up and deliver an order. 

It is simply an incentive to encourage drivers to accept distant delivery requests. Please note that not all vehicles are eligible for the trip supplement. 

3. Promotions and bonuses 

Participating in promotions and activating bonuses can also increase how much you earn as an Uber Eats driver. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can take advantage of promotions: 

  • Boost: Based on Uber’s discretion, This guarantees higher rates within a specific period and location. It is mostly available in areas with high demands and multiplies your total earnings with the boost quantity (2X or more).
  • Surge pricing: Like Boost, Surge pricing appears in busy areas (with high demands). These areas usually appear in red and add only a dollar to your earnings per delivery. 

Note: Should you be in an area eligible for both Boost and Surge pricing, Uber Eats will choose the promotion with the highest money value. 

  • Uber Quest: You can earn extra dollars when you achieve a trip goal within the set time. This is a promotion driver with less flexibility should target. 

4. Tips 

Customers may decide to tip you after delivery via the app or cash. Uber Eats allows drivers to accept and keep 100% of their tips. This can periodically increase how much you earn per delivery. 

5. Waiting time 

Uber Eats drivers also get paid for any delay before pickup. This accumulates 2 minutes after arrival and is usually charged at $0.60 per 1 minute 30 seconds wait. 

5 Ways You Can Increase Your Earnings as an Uber Eats Driver 

Aside from using promotions and bonuses, these are practices that can increase your earning potential as an Uber Eats driver: 

1. Prioritize short and quick trips 

While Uber Eats pays per-mile rates or trip supplement for distant deliveries, it does not apply to every driver. As a result, it is better to stick with shorter trips with little or no limitations. 

2. Refuse low-paying requests 

Uber Eats allows drivers to choose which request they would like to accept. Feel free to decline a delivery request you suspect won’t be worth your time. However, be on the lookout for your acceptance rate while you do this.

3. Hang out in cities with high demands 

How much you earn per delivery primarily depends on your location. Big cities such as New York and Chicago are usually where the action is because they are densely populated and have numerous restaurants. 

4. Time your availability 

You don’t always have to be available as an Uber Eats driver. With experience, you can predict the high-demand hours and stick with them. 

For example, Friday evenings and weekends usually boast more late-night deliveries than business days. 

5. Use a route planner or optimization apps 

Route planner apps such as Google Maps and RoadWarrior can help you save time, plan multiple stops (for batched orders), and deliver orders quickly and faster. Remember, more deliveries mean more money. 

How and When Do Uber Eats Drivers Get Paid? 

Uber Eats drivers are paid via the app. They can withdraw their earning weekly and directly into their bank account. How long it takes for your earnings to be processed depends on your bank. 

Alternatively, drivers can use Instant Pay to withdraw instantly and up to five times daily, provided they are okay with the $0.50 fee withdrawal fee. 


Does Uber pay for petrol?

No, the driver’s responsible for paying for gas or fueling his car. 

Who pays more between Uber Eats and DoorDash?

DoorDash pays its drivers more than Uber Eats. The difference in earnings is about 25% to 33%.

Can you do Uber Eats and Uber Driver at the same time?

Yes, you can do both. You only have to register for one of the services and activate the other. 

Wrapping Up 

An Uber Eats driver averagely earns between $2 to $10 per delivery without promotions and bonuses. This range can increase with incentives such as Surge Pricing and Boosts, provided you are in the right location at the right time. 

Other practices that can increase your earnings include prioritizing short and quick trips, using route-planning apps, and declining requests with low pay. 

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