FedEx Express Saver Vs. Ground: Similarities & Differences That Can Aid Decision-Making

FedEx is one of the world’s most popular and reliable shipping companies. The company offers various shipping services to address the needs of its customers. FedEx Express Saver and FedEx Ground belong in this category. 

While both services share some similarities, like tracking features and weight requirements, they differ in speed, cost, and reliability. 

This guide further explains what both shipping options mean and their similarities and differences. Also, if you want to find out which service is right for you or your business, I suggest you read until the end. 

What is FedEx Express Saver? 

FedEx Express Saver is an expedited shipping option that delivers packages within 3 days. The service suits customers who need to ship their items within a limited timeframe. 

It is faster than FedEx Ground but not as fast as FedEx Overnight or FedEx 2-day delivery. 

What is FedEx Ground? 

FedEx Ground is a shipping option that delivers packages within 7 business days or more (depending on the package’s destination). It is suitable for customers looking for affordable shipping for non-urgent packages. 

Similarities between FedEx Express Saver and Ground 

Before discussing the differences between both services, let’s look at what they have in common:

1. Pickup and delivery services

FedEx Express Saver and Ground offer pickup and delivery services, making it easy for customers to ship their packages without leaving their homes or offices. 

You can log in to your account or contact customer service to schedule a pickup or delivery. 

2. Package weight and size 

Both shipping options accept packages up to 150 pounds and 108 inches long. Please note that additional fees may apply to packages that exceed these limits. 

3. Tracking services 

FedEx Express Saver and Ground offer tracking services. This allows you to monitor the progress of your package in real-time and receive notifications via email or SMS. 

Differences between FedEx Express Saver and Ground 


1. Delivery timeframe 

FedEx Express guarantees delivery within 3 business days, while Ground delivers within 7 business days or more. 

2. Cost 

FedEx Express Saver is generally more expensive than FedEx Ground. This is primarily because it delivers faster than Ground. 

3. Service area 

FedEx Express Saver and Ground have different service areas. The former is available to customers globally, while the latter operates in the contiguous United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. 

4. Speed and reliability 

While both services are reliable, FedEx Express Saver is faster and more reliable than FedEx Ground. This is because FedEx Express rarely fails to deliver within 3 business days, and you can demand compensation for late deliveries. 


Which FedEx delivery is the fastest?

FedEx First Overnight is the fastest delivery option on FedEx. This service guarantees delivery in most areas by 8 am the next business day. 

Can FedEx deliver without updating?

FedEx rarely delivers packages without providing real-time tracking updates to customers. However, there are times when this update can be delayed, usually due to a long travel period. 

How many attempts does FedEx make?

FedEx will try to deliver your package thrice. An unsuccessful attempt means collecting your parcel at the nearest FedEx facility before it is returned to the sender. 


FedEx Express Saver and FedEx Ground are two of FedEx’s most popular shipping options. Choosing between both services depends on your priority, budget, and timeframe. 

FedEx Express Saver is the right option to ship or receive a package within 3 business days. However, if your package is not time-sensitive or you are looking for an affordable shipping option, FedEx Ground should suffice. 

Other factors you should consider when choosing between these shipping options are the size and weight of your package.

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see what it means when FedEx says a direct signature is required for a package

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